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Malibu Lagoon Bird Walk Report April 22, 2018 Happy Earth Day

A beautiful day at the Lagoon as spring migration tails off. Maybe it’s a little earlier than usual this year. We had few ducks and shorebirds, but just enough for the edification of the ten or so new faces we welcomed to “our” lagoon. 250 more words


Part 74 - The Takedown.

The Knight ran, Francis bumping and jolting wildly up and down on her back as they headed around the Source.

It turned with them, swiping with its free claw and roaring. 1,024 more words




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Cupid vs Cerberus ~Part V~

Cupid vs Cerberus

Nadine (OC) || Im Jaebum (GOT7 JB) || Mark Tuan (GOT7 Mark) || Shin Jihyo (OC)

Alternative Universe, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

PG || Chapter… 2,887 more words

Alternative Universe

Chapter 14: Recipe

Mornings were usually calm and relaxing at the pastry shop. Today, however, was anything but.

It started with the drawer handle breaking and went sharply downhill from there. 1,507 more words


Part 73 - The Source of your Demise.


Adelaide, Francis, Lydia, Alexis and the Knight did so. The Source vaulted the steps in three great bounds and gave chase.

Throwing herself to the left, Adelaide dashed down an aisle, the sounds of the others’ footsteps pounding behind her. 990 more words