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Chapter 08 - No leafs clover

Something pushed them from behind.

Henry slips and turns trying to get a grip.  His legs hit a rock but he manages to hold on to something.  471 more words


Chapter 13: Opportunity

T/N: I saw that it was Chinese New Year on the 16th of February. Another post told me it was on January 28th. Regardless, Happy New Year!  2,015 more words


Not a Contract Marriage [Bab 4]

Eunbi menghapus air matanya kasar setelah membanting pintu. Dia tidak ingin menangis lagi. Tidak!. Tapi air mata sialan ini seolah tidak ingin berhenti.

Ini bukan hal baru hwang eunbi. 1,579 more words

Cho Kyuhyun

Excerpt from Mile Marker 139 (WIP)

If turning forty was supposed to make Russ feel age’s sudden grip on him, he is glad he still has his usual energy.  His schedule doesn’t allow for him to stop of the rest area by mile marker 139 in Ohio this week.   391 more words



“I suppose that Frank’s a nice man,” said Constance to her very part-time assistant Janet Goody. “He stayed with me for half an hour when we got back yesterday and told me the story of his life! 1,278 more words


Center Stage


Aethra was just supposed to be a city, and in most respects it was. It was a world on its own, a universe to those that lived in it, and heaven in hell for many of them, depending on their respective situations. 668 more words


Part 53 - Hey! Wait! ...

“Director,” Amadeus grinned, “so good of you to join us.”

“You traitor,” the Director hissed, “not that I’m surprised. You always were too damn smart for your own good.” She pointed at the guards, “fill them with bullets.” 1,020 more words