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Final Boarding of Flight 702 (24 /30 posted)


A new section will be posted at the bottom in black. Anything from previous days will be colored in Blue (hopefully makes the new stuff easy to find for anyone actually reading it. 10,477 more words


Totem : Chapter 13

My father’s boat had a crew of 5 including himself. Six if you included me hiding behind the nets. My uncle was there with him and so were his sons, my cousins. 752 more words


Laughing At You

Something interesting to share… In a current trial run for a story about bringing Austenian times to the present… “The Expectations of a Gentleman’s Daughter” is just the start or something interesting… Here’s a sneak peak!!  1,809 more words


Berserk Is The Greatest Manga of All Time: Chapter 3

Yeah we’re continuing with this series, where we go through all of the berserk chapters until the golden age arc starts, because I really like that early stuff as well! 580 more words


The Horn of Heimdallr Chapter 6 Excerpt - Bea Meets Ratatosk

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my first ever publicly-released excerpt from my YA fantasy novel, The Horn of Heimdallr. This is an excerpt from an early chapter in the book. 1,085 more words


Irises blooming in Mt. Piños' mountaintop meadow: 9-10 June 2018


It’s easy to forget how quickly the chill sets in at 7500 ft. when the sun goes behind a cloud or the breeze stiffens. 1,910 more words

Field Trip Reports

Excerpt from Rose of Dancé

Rose of Dancé by Erika Sams

This is a sample of the first chapter, before editing, to give you a better idea of what you would be supporting if you choose to back the Kickstarter. 2,561 more words