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'SWATSG: Stars and Beyond' Chapter 17

The Guardians watched, stunned, as Sarah slowly lowered Arden’s unconscious body back onto the ground. The former was shaking, still reeling from shock of seeing the scene before her very eyes, which had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. 2,737 more words


Diamanté, more like.

One night, we carried, half dragged, dead Sally, the four of us, down main street to the beach and we laid her out on the cold, hard sand and, beneath the toll of the waves, conducted an ad-lib, ad-hoc psychedelic service to her memory. 1,393 more words

Creative Writing

Texas Chapter Tackles Blockchain and Bitcoin in Dallas, Houston

75 Texas Chapter members gathered this past Wednesday, September 12, in Dallas and Thursday, September 13, in Houston to learn about how blockchain and Bitcoin are impacting the professional liability industry.  49 more words


Chapter 49

I woke up knowing I was going to be facing a very difficult day.  Kimball didn’t say a thing, something I was grateful for, because I was about to face a harsh reality that I knew was coming for a long time, but that was difficult for me anyway.  2,567 more words


Stevie Nicks, Get Me Through This

Hello humans and other sentient lifeforms!

I’m trying this new thing where I write about my life and talk about my feelings but who I am kidding that’s gross and if there was an audience they would be booing very loudly right about now. 161 more words

Chapter One

Southern California Golf Tournament Benefits the PLUS Foundation

It was a gorgeous sunny day at MountainGate Country Club in Los Angeles for the annual PLUS Southern California Golf Tournament. More than 60 golfers, sponsors, and volunteers gathered to support the PLUS Foundation on Monday, September 10, 2018. 195 more words


第21章: Being scared is often a bad thing

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While she was reaching here, all she could think of was the fact that she could possibly meet him. 2,040 more words