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Chapter Seventy-Five

I wondered why I was putting on makeup. It wasn’t like anyone else would see me at Mẹ’s burial.

Fr. Hien did a great job with getting me in touch with the cemetery. 1,199 more words


The Voice

Every now and then I catch myself in the way I’m talking, or the words I’m using, or how others are reacting to them. And I think–who is this person talking like that to other people? 2,906 more words


Chapter Twelve: Inno, Apa, and Dis

Skwalli flew overhead, surveying Kayme’s progress. Anx had found himself clinging to her back in absolute terror of what they were doing. Kayme, meanwhile, was determined to reach shallow water and soft sand. 1,490 more words


Project: TheirWorld - Chapter 002: That University Assistant Life


Project: TheirWorld – Chapter 002


That University Assistant Life


The Enclave

Dassah planned on slipping quietly into the white and blue office where she worked, but her attempt was unsuccessful as she found herself staring into the amused doe-like eyes of the assistant that she shared her room with. 3,148 more words


Chapter 8

Instant gratification and speedy commerce isn’t limited to social media posts and Amazon purchases. No, fans calling for a coach’s head on a pike is happening more quickly every year as well. 701 more words


Bachelor Chapter 86

Here is Bachelor Chapter 86.

TOC for “Bachelor”

Don’t forget that sharing with people you think will like any of the things I write will be quite helpful. 88 more words


The Knight - 1

As wrought iron gates squealed shut behind him, Guiscard adjusted the lacing of his doublet and produced a scribbled itinerary. The warmages at Seven Towers School had many answers, and not one of them had anything to do with his questions. 1,331 more words