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Tailors to Queen of England design ultra-luxurious Gundam cosplay outfit with jaw-dropping price

Savile Row suit maker recreates anime villain Char’s military uniform, and it costs far more than three times what a normal cosplay costume does 404 more words


30 Days of Anime Challenge: Day 24 - Best Anime Antagonist

Char Aznable, in my opinion, is the best anime antagonist.  As the primary antagonist of the main (early) part of the Universal Century timeline, Char has proven himself one of the most iconic anime characters ever. 669 more words


Path of the Red Comet - A Look at the Son of Zeon, Char Aznable

How many anime characters can be said to be more iconic than Char Aznable? I’m sure you could name a few, but there aren’t many. Char is the most recognizable character of one of anime’s biggest franchises, a franchise that made all of the shows we watch possible. 2,225 more words