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Bento #17: Owl Bun Snack Bento

I have to say that I’m enjoying these little snack bentos. They’re easy and quick, and it’s fun to think of how many little details you can squeeze into a smaller package. 107 more words


Bento #16: Plants vs. Zombies Snack Bento

All plants, no zombies. That’s how we roll around here.

I’m constantly late to trends. At this point I think it might be something in my psyche, if not my DNA, that makes me ignore things until everyone else is way past the point of caring. 184 more words


Bento #15: Bear snack bentos

And I’m back!

If you’ve glanced at my Instagram you’ve probably seen how beautiful my vacation was. We actually spent more time drinking coffee with cousins and aunties than lounging by the Aegean, but it was a great trip no matter where we were sitting. 244 more words


Bento #14: Deadpool

Can the Merc with a Mouth handle a BLT with fries?

It’s not a taco, but I think he’s up to the job. 245 more words


Bento #12: Totoro Avocado Salad (I.e, Totorocado)

It’s a grown-up lunch with a touch of whimsy today. I had half an avocado to eat and a lunch to make. So a Totoro avocado salad bento was made – a.k.a., Totorocado. 301 more words