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Bento Baon: Tuna-mayo Sheep Onigiri and Heart-shaped Spinach Tamagoyaki

Thursdays are always hard for me. It’s like my body knows it’s almost the weekend, so it makes it extra tough for me to get up in the morning. 158 more words


Sheep Onigiri (Rice Ball)

I saw a how-to on making sheep onigiri from Annathered.com yesterday, so I thought I’d prepare some for my bento. It was quite easy and fun!  171 more words


Bento Baon: My Very First Kyaraben

Sunday nights mean I have more time preparing baon for the next day. I’ve decided to step up my bento game by attempting to prepare my very first… 214 more words


Batman Bento

Yeah, it’s been couple of days since the last post. I am currently in the middle of preparing for a rather big project. I’m keeping it a secret from the hubby, but basically I’m going to make a rack with a special theme. 201 more words

Food Project