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Having Hope

It is really difficult to have a positive outlook on life when the negatives seem to outweigh the positives.  That’s where hope comes into play.  Sometimes the smallest amount of hope that something will improve, someone will see the light, something will happen the way I want it to, or someone will change their attitude can pull me through the most challenging of times, even when the chances of those things happening is pretty slim. 505 more words


Something I've Been Wanting To Ask My Father But Don't Know How To

If These Walls Could Talk, I Would Try To Ignore Them

When my dad was a teenager, he came home one day to find his father hanging from his neck. 914 more words

Personal Improvement

Happy Thanksgiving!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

Directed and written by John Hughes

Just a quick entry this week because writing time is fairly limited as I approach the last few days of… 333 more words


The NaNoWriMo Hole...

I have not actually stopped blogging, but if you’ve ever tried to NaNo…you know it becomes all consuming. ESPECIALLY if you are still living your life at the same time. 1,558 more words


[Finding the Future] Heartfelt Negotiations

It had been a couple of weeks by Kanes reckoning, he and Aishani had set foot from Elcarus Mansion in search of the remaining Everlandian Drow tribes, the journey had been uneventful and they had left Denatarian borders with no trouble. 11,649 more words


Upon Creating "Mister Convenient"

Alone, I sit. My right ankle resting on its counter, left thigh. The clock is running, my income is perpetuating, and I’m scribbling on a legal pad something about fire or something. 420 more words