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I Am the Captain of My Soul


A brief poem by William Ernest Henley, 1849-1903,  sums up a fundamental foundation of character;  Be the man you can be, rise to the occassion, no matter what the time or the fashion. 215 more words


A simple trick for writing dimensional characters.

Writing characters is a varied art form and there’s a million ways to develop characters that are “great” “dimensional,” “original.” Here’s a trick I like to use: 364 more words


Paquito Answer for the Day 17

Long standing records are bound to be broken in due time. The departure of Kevin Durant from Oklahoma Thunders created a wide room for his partner Russell Westbrook , big time. 132 more words

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Living in Opposite World

When my kids were young, they used to play a game called Opposite World. The goal was to say the opposite of what they really meant. 1,146 more words


5 Killer Tactics to Avoid Traffic Jams

Traffic is now like an air we breath that becomes a general part of our daily life, and it is causing millions of losses in terms of generated incomes accumulated per single day. 410 more words

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The Random Analyzer

We can never be the same again… and nobody wanted to go back to anywhere near the dangers of challenging circumstances. Randomly we accepted the fate of being what it is to be someone like we used today.. 159 more words

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DayBreaks for 11/25/16 - The Games People Play

DayBreaks for 11/25/16: The Games People Play

The 1960’s pop singer Joe South wrote a song that had these words:

Oh the games people play now… 347 more words