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Negative Nellies

Negative Nellies

We all know them, and may even consider some of them our friends.  We have some in our families, on our jobs and we encounter these type of people in our daily lives – Negative Nellies!  220 more words

Life Lessons

Pixar Rules of Story #21: Know your Characters (part 2)

   by  Profound Whatever 

You gotta identify with your situation/characters, you can’t just write “cool”. What would make you act in that way?

Rule #20 is pretty much a bed-fellow for… 517 more words


Dear Daughter

Dear future daughter,

Here are some things to remember. You are too fat. Or is it too skinny? The world will label you, discuss you, and eventually crush you if you let it. 278 more words


DayBreaks for 7/27/2015 - God's Mirror

DayBreaks for 7/27/15: God’s Mirror

I’ve got one and so do you. In fact, just about everyone I know has one. It’s that reflective thing, called a mirror, that hangs over the sink. 449 more words

Christian Illustrations

Plan Every Day - Those With Whom We Spend Most of Our Time

Character creation is an important part of developing a story. It’s one of the key elements of fiction, right up there with plot and setting. A unique character can make a stale plot seem new again. 1,078 more words


Space Barbie - Futurama Edition

I love to poke around the Character Editor/Tailor in STO; sure I enjoy playing Space Barbie and creating new costume looks for my toons, but to actually make fun toons using Cryptic’s extensive customization options. 352 more words


DayBreaks for 7/24/15 - Where to Start Your Biography

DayBreaks for 7/24/15: Viewing Your Biography

From the DayBreaks archive, July 2005:

Have you ever thought about writing your life story?  Maybe some of you have done it.  484 more words

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