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DayBreaks for 5/23/18 - Defining Ourselves

DayBreaks for 5/23/18: Defining Ourselves

From the DayBreaks archive, May 2008:

Just who, by the way, do you think you are?  I mean, who ARE you?  405 more words


DayBreaks for 5/22/18 - A Premature Death

DayBreaks for 5/22/18: A Premature Death

From the DayBreaks archive, May 2008:

How long do you expect to live?  Chances are, your answer will depend largely on how old you are right now.  387 more words


Paquito Answer for the Day 41

Hola! Been so long and no words can describe how grateful my feelings are in getting back in the mainstream after that very time consuming odds I’ve had the past weeks, but anyway here’s a piece of simple but worthy of your minutes before you hit the bed or going to your workplaces… Happy Reading! 223 more words


DayBreaks for 5/17/18 - How Do You Smell?

DayBreaks for 5/17/18: How Do You Smell?

From the DayBreaks archive, May 2008:

When we were touring Kennedy Space Center, we went to the International Space Station assembly facility.   509 more words

New Testament


Another level of living and success in our endeavors is often only available through sacrifice. Don’t reject the word success just because the world uses it but define it in God’s terms. 248 more words

DayBreaks for 5/14/18 - Robbed of Joy

DayBreaks for 5/14/18: Robbed of Joy

From the DayBreaks archive, May 2008

There was once a man who had lived a long time.  Someone once asked him what it was that had robbed the most joy from his life.  481 more words


Too many people are going into financial and spiritual debt…spending money and resources they haven’t earned, to impress people who wouldn’t love them for who they really are. #Evonika❤ღ❤️