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A Monday Moment: Garend

Garend is a minor character in “Pursuit of Power” who needed a little fleshing out. He’d disappeared halfway through the story, so I came up with a reason why. 539 more words


Grade My Selfie

If you looked at my report cards after kindergarten you would see a mediocre or below average student at best. You would read…”Rachel does not always do her best, she requires additional reminders to complete her work.” “Rachel needs to grow up.”” Rachel enjoys school, but needs to work on being more responsible and a better lister.” I was told, I didn’t work hard enough to meet my full potential. 385 more words


[History Repeated] The Only Way

It would feel like a long time as the edges of consciousness are dazed the darkness clearing up a after this time, Kane lay in the dirt, mentally checking himself he sat looking around his eyes sat staring down toward Elvera Castle, it took a moment before he figured what was off, the town was much less populated than the last time they had visited. 3,384 more words


[Circles & Lies] A Fall Into History

The Inn was all be deserted by the time she arrived only Anya and Heart remained as they ran the evening duties of cleaning, Anya as ever kept a keen eye on Heart and Heart absently performed his own routines snapping his attention up as Aishani entered followed by Sasnistra. 1,488 more words


[Circles & Lies] A Dragons Plan

From the outside the temple sat nicely among the other buildings of Emerald City, tall stone and set against the side of the moment, as Aishani and Sasnistra entered this is where the similarity ended, the walls were draped in blood red silk, banner ran the length of each hall and up into the roof. 910 more words


7 Things to Look for in a Partner

We have many choices to make in life:

  • Subjects to study
  • Career to choose
  • Money priorities
  • Values to live by, and
  • The kind of person I would like to spend the rest of my life with.
  • 213 more words


The quality of courage remains one of the most valued in any community. It’s not always recognised and does not always make itself obvious and known to all. 331 more words

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