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Strong Female Character: Lizzie Bennet

For those of you that don’t know, Lizzie is the main character of Jane Austen’s hugely influential novel, Pride and Prejudice. Often regarded as the quintessential romantic novel, Austen’s tale of the romantic misadventures of the Bennet sisters has been hugely influential on the modern romance novel, and several adaptations have been made in the two hundred or so years since it was published. 1,904 more words


Strong Female Character: Princess Leia

For those of you that don’t know, Leia is the heroine of George Lucas’s original (and best) Star Wars trilogy. The story follows her attempts to lead a rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire and bring balance to the Force – and also make out with 1970s Harrison Ford when she finds the time (and also her brother, but let’s not judge – it worked for Cersei Lannister). 1,517 more words


A Walk in His Shoes - Character Analysis

Some people say you can tell a lot about a person’s character by the shoes they wear. Smart, polished, sleek…this guy means business. Maybe his crisp white shirt or his tailored black suit gives it away. 216 more words

2nd Year - Fiction

Am I a Good Person? // The BoJack Horseman Story

Who, exactly, is BoJack Horseman? He’s obviously important if the whole show is named after him. Penguin Publishing hires Diane Nguyen to ghostwrite his autobiography – but what’s his story? 695 more words

Batman Character Analysis: He ain't crazy but he is complex

I haven’t done a character analysis in a while, so I thought it’s about time I did a character analysis for our favourite guy in black, Batman. 2,465 more words

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A Heart Stopped.

Miss Havisham is a peculiar character in Dickens’ story, “Great Expectations.”  She is described as an old, shriveled woman with sunken eyes and pale, yellow skin.  496 more words


Strong Female Characters: Clara Oswald

For those of you that don’t know, Clara is the latest companion on the British television series, Doctor Who. The Doctor – a time-travelling alien who flies all around the universe in a disused phone box (just go with it) – is always accompanied by a human companion on his adventures, and Clara is the latest one to take the helm of the TARDIS. 2,141 more words