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A Rant About Jaime Lannister, and Why He’s Indicative of Game of Thrones’ Problems

Game of Thrones had absolutely gone to… if not crap, then abject mediocrity. Gone is the masterful adaptation of the novels of the first four seasons, successfully taking the well-realised characters and strong themes and embellishing them with immersive acting, costume work, and set design. 1,036 more words


Lizzie McGuire: Sam McGuire works for the Secret Service?

Ever wonder what exactly is Sam McGuire’a job? Where does he work? What does he do? We see him come home wearing a suit and carrying a brief case, but we still don’t know what he does for a living. 124 more words


Edith Crawley: Enneagram Type 4

I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan, have been for about two and a half years now. I’m also a huge fan of personality theories, especially the Enneagram. 1,253 more words

Underrated Characters

Character Study: Viktor Nikiforov

Hello, everyone!

I see a lot about Viktor in context of other characters, but nothing on the man himself.

Here to change that, I bring to you a close analysis of Viktor! 1,222 more words


SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI: From Loser to Leader 

It is pretty typical for a shonen anime to have dream-driven, fierce and fighter type of main character.  It is pretty atypical, on the other hand, to have wimpy loser kid to be the main lead of the story especially if the plot focuses on adventure and fight. 671 more words


Haruno Sakura: Behind the Beliefs

It is common among fans to like a character that has the qualities of a realistic men or women. However, these types of characters were commonly overshadowed by a more unrealistic, perfect… 666 more words


Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

With Voldemort fully revived, the universe of Harry Potter has changed into a grim world. A corrupt government, a torturous teacher and an undefined link between Harry and Voldemort’s mind is definitely not helping to lighten the mood in this book. 328 more words

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