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Trusting the Scoundrel: An examination of Reyes Vidal

In this post, I want to take a look at one of the most divisive, and therefore arguably one of the most interesting characters in BioWare’s… 1,007 more words


Sansa is important. Get with the program.

This article popped up on my Twitter feed today: Strong As Sansa

I LOVE THIS. So glad that Sansa is getting some love. I have talked about Sansa… 3,730 more words

Character Analysis

Plotting out the chessboard: who was where and when during and before the Rebellion?

At least once a month, if not more on /r/asoiaf someone asks…

Hey guys – does anyone know why Benjen Stark took the black?

I mean, House Stark had just been decimated and sure, Ned was married but he only had one (legitimate) son and his wife was pretty pissed with him for bringing home a bastard… wouldn’t it be more prudent for Benjen to hang around, get married and supply some spare Starks?

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Character Analysis

Why It Was Good To Make Cortana Evil

I had been looking forward to Halo 5.

The year of its release, not a day passed where I didn’t check to see if there was some new piece of… 1,086 more words


Character Analysis

Florence Pageau

Hello! As usual, here is a complete analysis of the characters for part 4 of the book. Enjoy!

Elliott has now returned to the Riviera since Isabel and Gray are living in his apartment in Paris. 617 more words


Character Analysis

Justine Cantin

Greetings! As you may have noticed, there are several other characters that have been introduced to us in the story. He is a complete description and analysis of them, as well as one for characters that have been there since the beginning. 849 more words

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