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From Exiled Plunderer to Quixotic Mastermind:  A Comprehensive Analysis of Euron Greyjoy - Part Three

Part 3 of 3:

At last we’ve reached the final part of the essay.  In Part One, we looked at Euron’s exile from the Iron Islands and the locations he visited on his route back, as well as his likely residence in Qarth and the source of his information about Daenerys and her dragons.   9,585 more words

Secret Identity

Character Analysis: Cersei, the Mad Queen

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Repost of a theory I posted to /r/asoiaf

Superficially, Cersei is the Mad Queen. Paranoid, with delusions of grandeur, and meeting more than enough criteria from the DSM to get a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder, Cersei appears to be Westeros’ answer to the cliche “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 5,541 more words


Sansa: Ned's naive daughter

This is something I posted on /r/asoiaf way back when… now that I’ve made a blog to consolidate all my ASOIAF theories, I’ve copied, pasted and updated it.  1,205 more words


Character Analysis: Creed Diskenth

Creed Diskenth is the leader of a group called the Apostles of the Stars. He is 23 and likes beauty, intelligent people and has a slight obsession regarding Train Heartnet and himself. 1,030 more words


Strong Female Characters: Juliet Capulet

For those of you that don’t know, Juliet is the leading lady of William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Set in 16th-century Verona, the story centres around two young lovers whose families hate each other, and as you can imagine, it really doesn’t end well. 2,847 more words

Strong Female Characters

Making Sense of Madness: Verses of the Fool Patchface

Perhaps no one in A Song of Ice and Fire is met with as much confusion as Stannis Baratheon’s fool Patchface. Most people think he’s creepy, he appears to be spouting utter nonsense, and Melisandre claims he is… 8,197 more words

Secret Identity