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Tiana: The Workaholic

Aw, crap. I’d really like to imagine that race doesn’t matter in analyses like this, but with recent events in pop culture about white people appropriating/out in out ignoring the effect of black culture…I feel I should be up front about some things. 571 more words

Disney Princesses Analysis

On finishing a book

If you are like me, when you finish a book, when you close the cover for the last time, you immediately begin reflecting. Depending on the book, you may be marveling at the plot twist at the end; you may be thinking about all the red herrings the author dropped in your path to steal your attention away from the real culprit; you may be thinking about how much all the characters developed and changed – for the better or for the worse; you may be simply picturing that last scene that was described so vividly. 443 more words


Midnight: Analysis

This episode tends to split the audience. Many love it, many hate it. I personally adore this episode. My boyfriend hardly remembers it. I have put together reasons why I believe it to be such a good episode. 315 more words

Character Analysis

Strong Female Characters: Korra

For those of you that don’t know, Korra is the main character of the phenomenally successful cartoon series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Following on from… 1,828 more words

Strong Female Characters

Rapunzel: The Recluse

I feel I’ve come up with a kind of rhythm with this series. Yes, the movie is interesting. Yes, the writer’s tried with this character, but (like the worst surprise-party-planner of all time) I shall reveal to you… 501 more words

Disney Princesses Analysis

Strong Female Characters: Wyldstyle

For those of you that don’t know, Wyldstyle is the main female character in the phenomenally successful 2014 film, The Lego Movie. The plot revolves around a seemingly ordinary little Lego man who is mistakenly identified to be the Special: the most important, most interesting person in the Universe, master builder, and sole saviour of the ENTIRE WORLD (no pressure). 1,831 more words

Strong Female Characters

Sigma Force series character analysis - Seichan

I’ve stated in previous reviews how my favorite type of characters are the ones who start out as the “villain,” and then have a transformation. I love the process of someone realizing their previous ways are hurtful and detrimental to the world and themselves. 905 more words