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Warning: Spoilers for both the anime and manga.

Bakugo at first glance can seem to be a one dimensional character but he is far more complex once you rip off his flesh and get to the bones beneath. 1,744 more words


“I am Reaching, but I Fall”

or, A Rumination on Javert’s Downfall

I wrote, while half-asleep, this… essay? rant? at 2 AM this morning… hence the incoherence.

I’m focusing on the musical and the movie here, because I’ve only read an abridged version of the book, and that was years ago. 1,612 more words

Les Mis

Hidden Character in "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning

Hidden meanings and ambiguous statements, each word is chosen to reveal some aspect of the speakers’ character. A dramatic monologue is a poem where an individual speaker talks to his audience describing some event or moment in his or her life which reveals features of their character, they may not have meant to share. 567 more words


Character analysis of Albus Dumbledore

-Professor Dumbledore was an extraordinary wizard with a great thirst for power, but also with a very open mind and heart. He was flawed and he was great, but even though I haven’t seen the… 169 more words

Harry Potter

The Brothers Baratheon

If ever there was a family that needs some SERIOUS therapy, it’s the three sons of Steffon and Cassandra Baratheon: Robert, Stannis and Renly.

We cannot discount the destructive influence on the elder two of witnessing their parents die at sea in a storm. 5,363 more words

Character Analysis


The idiot hero is possibly the most annoying trope anyone can use in fiction. The idiot hero is incompetent, they are always in the way, they cause more problems than they solve, and overall the story would be better without ’em. 796 more words

Wake Up The Amarendra Baahubali In You

Amarendra Baahubali.

The on screen crush of almost every girl and woman who’s a fan of the Baahubali movie series.

He’s set the standard for men so high nearly every bachelorette’s eyes are scanning for a similar majesty, similar confidence, similar wink, similar smirk, and similar charm. 896 more words