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Performance Culture

Note: culture is too broad of a term and includes factors, preferences really, that have little bearing on success or failure…hence…

Performance Culture-the common demonstrations of shared beliefs and behaviors of a group as they adhere to organizational strategies for success. 18 more words

Character And Mental Toughness

The Hidden Cause of Success and Failure

Success or Failure is the result of strategy, culture-character, or luck. An individual, school, team, or business, frequently fails to reach its potential b/c they spend a disproportionate amount of their time and effort on strategy and in doing so choose a lack of efficacy over the culture-character components vital to their success. @CoachBillMoore

Character And Mental Toughness

Toxic Narcissism-The Enemy of Character

I wrote long ago that the enemies of character are ignorance, apathy, and justification. Shortly thereafter I added narcissism to the list. While narcissism can be relatively harmless it can also rise to levels of toxicity in some individuals. 2,508 more words

Character And Mental Toughness