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5 Ways to KILL a Perfectly Good Story

Over the weekend Hubby and I rested and watched movies and we took turns who could pick the film. Hubby loves dramas and war films. I prefer horror and space aliens. 1,854 more words

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Director's Corner: Tracking Your Character's Emotional Arc

Jeanne Cavelos is the director of the Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust, which is in its 20th year of operation.  She was a senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, where she worked for eight years, editing the fantasy/science fiction program, the Abyss horror line, and other fiction and nonfiction. 1,109 more words

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Creating a Protagonist With Depth: Part Five

If you haven’t read the first three part in the series, you can find Part One HERE, Part Two HERE, Part Three HERE…

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Starting Over

In case the writers among you might find a process valuable, I’ll confess that after writing and diligently revising fourteen novels, half of them published, over twice that many years, I still feel like an apprentice. 482 more words

Living As A Writer

Where Does Your Book End...Literally

Many writers start a project with an end goal in mind. Even those of us who are pantsers (write by the seat of our pants) tend to know  756 more words


Lesson Twenty-Two from a Manuscript Red Line: Does your Protagonist “Grow Enough?”

 2015 comment: Pay careful attention to this one. I think this is one of the most frequently missed aspects in first drafts and first manuscripts. 656 more words

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Writing: Mentalism, Emotional Resonance, and You

Writing: Mentalism, the I Ching, and You

Anybody here ever thrown the I Ching?

I know, I know. You’re looking at me now like I’m crazy. 1,414 more words