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Developing the Character's Journey

As you may remember from last week, I recently tore apart an old MG and began making a new draft from the remains. So there I was, 14,000 words into this draft, when I realized the first few chapters didn’t really mesh with where the story seemed to be wanting to head. 297 more words


The Sticky Business of Character Arcs by Lizzie Hermanson

I have recently completed the first draft of a new WIP, and my fab crit partners (*waves* to The 22s) pointed out that my heroine’s character arc was off. 1,036 more words

Lizzie Hermanson

Top 10 Rules for Writing for TV

  1. Know your audience

In order to have a successful television show,
you need to know what demographic you are writing for. If you want to write a children’s show, you have to direct your content and themes for children. 837 more words

Character Arc

Romance Where You'd Least Expect It

Hi, SEers. Staci here.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and many of you who know I write romance might think it’s only fitting that my scheduled post falls nearest this holiday. 1,281 more words

Story Empire

Is Christian Grey capable of changing?

This past weekend, I watched 50 Shades of Grey and saw 50 Shades Darker in theaters. One of the main conflicts within this series seems to be whether Christian Grey is able to change in a way that Anastasia Steele can handle being in a relationship with him. 584 more words

Character Arc

Importance of Developing Characters

When it comes to entertainment such as movies and television shows, the development of characters is an essential aspect of the work as a whole. Without character development, there is no growth and nothing is learned. 385 more words

Character Arc

3 Top Personality Tests to Nail Your Character

We all want characters that are complex, relatable and realistic. It’s a tall order but definitely achievable, although it does take a little time and thought. 670 more words

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