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How to Use Metaphor to Support Your Character's Arc

From the stories we tell to the way we grasp abstract concepts, figurative language is an integral part of the human experience. We equate objects to one another, changing an emotional struggle to an injured bird. 829 more words


There's a great new editor in Cybertown, and you found her!

How many times in the past hours days weeks months have you wondered why your favorite dizzy blonde wonkerific blogger hasn’t been posting as frequently as she used to? 633 more words


Fan Tribute to Harry Potter

I came across this compilation this evening when I was supposed to be working on my thesis and outline for my final paper but was instead scrolling through Facebook. 171 more words


16th July, 2016

So the long haul of editing begins in earnest.  After a rather hilarious reading at my writer’s group of the development of my protagonist and her relationship with Mike, I realised how clichéd it was. 321 more words


Impulsive Responses Agitate Fire

I think everyone deals with opposition some point in his or her life. This includes dealing with difficult people (to be nice). What is the best way to deal with difficult people or a difficult person? 442 more words

Lies - 5 Tips to Master The Perfect Character Arc

I confess… Instead of reading the half dozen books I already have on the go, I accidentally (ok, on purpose) opened a guilty pleasure novel. And no, that’s not a sexual reference, you filth-bag, I meant my fave genre – YA fantasy). 1,364 more words


What makes a great character arc #amwriting

Characters are not robots, and they need to have emotions if we are to identify and invest in getting to know them. A character arc is where the character grows or transitions. 548 more words