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Writing Your Story from the Middle––Part V

How do you create a “mirror moment for our lead character? Ask your character a series of questions, and their answers will help you create their “mirror moment.”  398 more words


The Trouble with World-Building... Twice

Man, I thought world-building was tough. As much as I love going into the details of a place and its people in my stories, even I must admit that it can be a lot of work. 385 more words

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Friday Write-Day: Recalibrating NaNo Goals

Writing has been slow again for me this week. I’ve written a total of 4,400 words for NaNo — a rather pitiful showing considering my initial goal was 30,000. 324 more words

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

#booksforwriters Creating Character Arcs

What’s a story?

Most people would say it is a series of events that happen. Plot. Conflict. Climax.

You know, all that Freytag’s Triangle stuff from middle school language arts. 623 more words

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The Power of the Character Wound

We’ve talked about the character wound on PsychWriter before when I explored the negative core belief. We know it’s a painful past event that changes who your character is, a thinking pattern rooted in their past. 891 more words


Signs Your Historical Female Character Needs a Stronger Role

by Amanda Mae Downey

Not too long ago, a colleague of mine was very excited to tell me that he was writing a book. When I asked him what it was about, he immediately confessed to not writing female characters. 1,392 more words


Writing Your Story from the Middle––Part I

It’s a radical concept. Generally, the middle is the hardest place to write through. I’ve already talked about keeping the middle from “sagging” in your story. 407 more words