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Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s still surprising to think about it: Spider-Man has been rebooted three times now. Three. Despite being in movies for only fifteen years, it feels as though Spider-Man has been web-slinging for a lot longer than that. 811 more words

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Learning! -- Writing Weaknesses

One thing that sucks about the aspiring writer’s process of growth is learning to deal with your weaknesses. Obviously, everything anyone does will involve personal strengths as well as weaknesses, and writing is no different. 634 more words

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Character Motivation

Just type “character motivation” into Google and you will find hundreds of thousands of hits, most of them having to do with how to create (or not to create) motivations for you fictional characters. 894 more words


Phoenix (Germany, 2014)

Directed by: Christian Petzold. Prior to embarking on a big trip to Europe, I decided to bump up my European films, as you’ll see in the next few posts. 412 more words

On the Potential to Change

This started out as a conversation on Twitter. Since I have longer thoughts, I’m expanding on them here.

There was an interesting profile in the Washington Post this morning called “ 993 more words

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Learning! -- One-dimensional Characters

One problem that many a novice writer stumbles into when taking their first forays into novel writing is characters that are too one-sided. This is especially bad for main characters, who get a lot of the spotlight. 838 more words

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