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Doki Doki: Devolution Done Right

BY LM HATTER – FEB 14 2018

I have anxiety. Like really bad anxiety. Like on-two-anti-depressants, in-an-intensive-outpatient-program anxiety.

So when I pulled open Doki Doki Literature Club… 1,145 more words


Character Arc

Readers identify with the first relatable character they meet. Let that be your protagonist, the main character. For a story to be interesting, something has to happen to the protagonist. 310 more words


When is writing a novel like doing homework?

When I first started teaching creative writing to high school students, I had no idea how much time writers spent not writing. Or, worse,  552 more words


Arcs, Developments and Desires

Question 1:

  • What do you want more than anything?
  • What would you never do under any circumstances whatsoever?
  • What would you do if you had to choose between the two?
  • 3,234 more words

Character Development Part 2

For the last couple of weeks, you’ve been working on creating character profiles. Well, maybe. You might have said, “Why do I need to do this?” I know. 654 more words

Fiction Writing

Shame: The Driving Force for Your Character's Actions?

I was spending some time trying to figure out one of my main character’s motivation recently. I knew her backstory, and I knew it was driving her current choices, but darned if I could figure out why. 982 more words


IX.III. You are the main character

Taking Storytelling classes online and learning about character development has got me thinking about how we all play a part in a real story. Much like a fictional character (or rather the other way around), we, too, have our own wants and needs; We all have goals we are trying to achieve in life and things we need to help us grow and achieve what we want (or might even change our course), and also, of course, our survival needs. 495 more words