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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #11) Toshi Shinozuka, SHSL Occult Club Leader

Well, this is the bittersweet ending to our anthology of character bios…but don’t worry! We still have Shinozuka here to cover, and after him, you’ll get to meet everyone in the prologue I’ll be posting tomorrow! 596 more words

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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #10) Chou Futabatei, SHSL Barista

Hello all and welcome to the next to last Hyper Danganronpa bio before the story is posted on the 20th! And to celebrate such a thing, here’s Teshima’s necessary Kirigiri/Nanami sort of stand-in/love interest, Futabatei Chou the SHSL Barista! 379 more words

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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #9) Kanae Fujita, SHSL Poet

Welcome one and all back to the Hyper Danganronpa character bio series, where I write character bios and draw concept art that I’m 100% sure that no one will ever see. 495 more words

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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #8) Hisoka Erizawa, SHSL Maid

Hey all, forgive me for having this review come out, like, two/three hours late–Erizawa here doesn’t deserve it. And speaking of Erizawa…Erizawa.

Erizawa Hisoka (Hisoka Erizawa) 436 more words

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Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is the main character in the Tomb Raider series. She is an adventurous and bold explorer who follows in the footsteps of her father as an archaeologist. 212 more words

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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #7) Shuuji Uehara, SHSL Striker

Another day, another Hyper Danganronpa bio! The picture for this one isn’t complete shit either, so lucky us! Let’s not waste any time–let’s get right into it. 203 more words

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(Hyper Danganronpa Bio #6) Sachiko Shimizu, SHSL Street Performer

Welcome! Hyper Danganronpa bios again! Insert long diatribe using only slightly different language each time here! Proceed to bio!

Shimizu Sachiko (Sachiko Shimizu)

Title: Super High School Level Street Performer… 231 more words

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