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Terejad Gat-hir: Character Bio


Terejad is a redheaded assassin, hardened to the feelings of the world. Terejad says little and thinks only of practical purposes, caring nothing for the feelings and emotions of others. 121 more words


Moss Ridgerock: Character Bio

Moss (Moss Sauce)

Moss is a rambunctious, short, young goblin full of confidence and bravery. Always eager to rush into battle, Moss will do anything and everything to protect his friends from harm. 146 more words


Tabetha: Character Bio

Tabetha (Tabby/Tabs)

Tabetha, sometimes called Tabby (Or Tabs by Nalydar), is an exuberant young elf girl with unnatural dark hair and tan skin shared only by fellow elf, Nulgath. 89 more words


Josh Arstar: Character Bio


Joshua, or as friends know him, Josh, is a travelling minstrel with a humorous (but serious when needed) personality. Josh is always happy to help and makes new friends easily. 74 more words


Nalydar Green: Character Bio

Nalydar (Nal/Nally)

Nalydar, also called Nal (Nally by Tabetha), is the goofy, sarcastic and generally all around fun guy. He’s the default leader of the A-Squad but his leadership seems to get them into more trouble than out of it. 62 more words


Master Bio Sheet

There are dozens of character bio sheets out there if you look for them.  A simple Google search will pull up pages upon pages of them… 480 more words


Character Bios [Brief]

Note: While efforts were taken to minimize spoilers, this list best serves as a reference for readers who’ve lost track of existing/already introduced characters, those who have already appeared.   639 more words