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Ajay Ghale (Farcry 4)

Ajay is the son of Mohan Gale, who was one of the founding members of the Golden Path. When his mother dies Ajay must take her remains back home to Kyrat…but when he arrives there he gets way more than he bargained for.


Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause 1)

Star troublemaker who is a renegade mercenary for hire. Has signature hookshot and a tendency to show off.

Wherever he appears…explosions will probably soon follow.

Just Cause 1:


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #6

Name – Galin (Yes, this is Alexis’s partner)

Age – 600 to 800 (That’s not because his age is unclear to me… well technically yes it is… It’s more because the date of my intended backstory for him can go that far back…) 1,077 more words


Big Boss (MGSV:Ground Zeroes)

Big Boss looks pretty similar to his form from Peace Walker, although there have been some modifications to his suit.

His bio hasn’t changed much from Peace Walker…


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #5

Here’s another bio:

Name – Alexis Loore (Yes, I know I have two characters who are technically named Alex. That was actually intentional on my part, to subvert the fact that in most fictional settings, characters DO NOT share the same name. 549 more words


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #4

Bio #4, here we go!

Name – Reaper Officer Angela Moon (The Reaper Officer is part of her title in case you were wondering. I’m not just going to name a character “Reaper Officer”, that would be dumb. 640 more words


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #3

Without much rambling this time, here’s the 3rd bio.

Name – Kaz Harrison (I’ve been having an internal debate as to whether or not Kaz is his actual name, or if its just a nickname for Caspian… He would go by the nickname because Caspian is a HORRENDOUS name) 755 more words