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Character Bios: Maleo

Just what everyone was waiting for, Maleo!

As always, you can find this on the character bios page. If you have any more questions about Mal, or suggestions on who I should draw next, drop them in the comments.


Character Bios: Rafaela Loxwell

Steely, long serving captain of HGA November Squad. She demands strict control, especially over herself.

Rafaela Loxwell was born in 1968 into a wealthy Brazilian family. 537 more words

Character Bios

Character Bio: Travis

As requested, Travis! I had a lot of fun with this goofball, trying to make him look silly/fun, but not stupid. Hopefully I succeeded.

As always, you can find this on the character bios page. 21 more words


Character Bio: Marie

About time I finally did Asylum’s sweetheart, Marie! I really struggled with her face, probably because I’m really getting the hang of the tablet and so am expecting more out of myself, but also because she does have sort of that wood nymph vibe going on, and it’s really hard to make someone look young and grown up at the same time. 32 more words


Character Bios: Kain

Kain is finally done! He has easily proven the most difficult, both to sketch and to fill out the questionnaire on, for reasons that will make sense much later in the story. 32 more words


Character Bio: Seth

Good news, Seth fans! Its finally his turn for a bio. …You may or may not notice certain similarities to a center other bio, which may or may not be completely intentional. 61 more words


Character Bio: Nica

New Bio! Nica was MUCH easier to do than Dev. Maybe that’s because Nica’s more personable, or maybe that’s because Nica’s the most “normal” character I’ve done so far. 47 more words