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Scars & Souvenirs Contracted! A Work In Progress Announcement

I have been too quiet for too long, so first up on the Agenda, SCARS & SOUVENIRS, my emotional thriller collection is finished and contracted so you can expect to hear more about that soon. 334 more words

Xara Drax-Sarine

Member of the Ne’tra Vhipir Clan

Born: 37 BBY

Species: Half Zabrak, Half Human

Hair: Red/Dyed Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’9″

Build: Athletic

Character Bios

Kerr Sarine

Member of the Ne’tra Vhipir Clan.

Born: 50 BBY

Species: Human

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown (Right eye damaged, wears an eye patch)

Height: 5’10”

Build: Athletic

Character Bios

Populating the Circle Bar Ranch

love creating characters, and those who populate the Circle Bar Ranch Series are my favorites. And, since Give the Lady a Ride was my first published novel, all the characters are also dear to my heart. 616 more words

Linda W. Yezak

The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Assassin

Name: The Assassin

Age: 45

Description: Imagine a giant in pitch-black iron armour, whose footfalls shake the earth that she walks upon. Imagine a thick oiled coat with water sluicing off, back into the river from which she emerged. 380 more words

Character Bio

The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Mayor

Name: The Mayor

Age: uncertain, although historians have found records of his activity at least two centuries prior to the writing of the Survival Guide. 527 more words

Character Bio

Day 3: Getting to Know Thy Characters

Oh, the sweet, sweet nostalgia of that cramp you get in your hand from writing too much. How I’ve missed you so.

Today on Day 3, I had to create a crap load of character bios. 342 more words

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