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Eliza Christie - The Jaguar of August the 18th

Eliza Christie – Age 23, Commander of August the 18th.

Eliza’s theme music – Baby Metal – “Headbanger”


You know those teen movies where the main character is the cute and innocent girl attending a new school where she finds a rude awakening in dealing with a group of rude and mean-spirited popular girls? 1,712 more words

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Meet My Wonderful (terrible) Characters (and yet ANOTHER alternative bookcover--- *sigh*).

Aren’t my updates just wonderfully regular.

Anyway, I want to talk about my wonderful characters now. So. I guess you have no choice but to listen. 534 more words


Anx's Character Bio

Anx was found on Longday Island, home to the Fuzzy Creatures which Kayme made quick friends with. He is a baby amongst his herd. Being young, he is very innocent and often finds himself in situations of great distress due to him wandering into them unknowingly. 342 more words

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Cuddly Toys and Fairy Doors

s summer finally about to make an appearance? I can’t say I moved to the UK because of the weather, but this is just getting stupid now – come on, could we please get a glimpse of the sun? 730 more words

Creating Compelling Characters

Whenever I led writers’ groups, I found writers stretched to the limit. Squeezed between work and family obligations, grabbing spare minutes to write, they bought the recommended writing books that came along, but they had no time to read or apply the techniques the tomes contained. 379 more words

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Justin Character Info

Justin is the character that allows you to see the military’s point of view. Justin has been wandering around with his fiancé Amy since the bombs fell. 230 more words


Kayme's Friends Bio

Kayme’s entire life was filled with the most genuine of genuine souls. These pure and true people were her friends. She had grown up with them, adventured with them, imagined and dreamed with them. 563 more words

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