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Alucard (Castlevania)

Alucard is usually known as the son of Dracula. Dracula fell in love with a human and Alucard was the result. In the Castlevania storyline however (Mirror of Fate), Alucard is the son of Gabriel Belmont who went off to defeat Dracula but failed. 98 more words

Character Bios

Good personality

I am a firm believer in personality affects a characters actions, thoughts and feelings. As I think of each major player in my stories I tend to reflect back upon my favorite, time tested and effective personality assessment; Myers-Briggs! 56 more words


Picture worth 1000 Words

As I started writing this book series, I began looking around for character inspiration. Quirks, traits and attitudes were easy enough to come by (dealing with people on a daily basis gives me a wealth of that to draw from). 98 more words


Paladins Lore Is Finally Coming To The Realm Alongside Highly Anticipated Grohk Skin

I may be a week behind on this amazing news but Paladins: Champions of the Realm is finally getting in-game lore! Bits and pieces of lore and character interaction have been pieced together through voice lines and scanning the new maps. 297 more words