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Arno Dorian (AC:Unity)

Arno is the main character in Assassin’s Creed Unity.¬† He is a little uncertain of his true path…and his methods are often frowned upon but he will definitely get the job done. 22 more words


Let's get it started in here

I have returned from my short hiatus with very little plan other than to push out content soon, so I am starting with character bios. 458 more words

The Chronicles 2016

Who is Sam Peters?

The first shot of Sam Peters is a fleeting yet prominent one. He passes Kate Church, the leading hero, as the pair of them go about their daily routine. 816 more words

Character Bios: Damian Hassler

He’s like a movie action hero… with the creative imagination of a ten year old boy. Some say Damian can make anything into a lethal weapon, and he certainly does try. 635 more words


Character Bio: Abigail Sparrow

Initial Age: 15

Gender: Female

Birth-date: 2087

Death-date: N/A

Summary: Nicknamed “Little B**ch” affectionately by her older Brother, she is a huge bundle of trouble in a tiny body. 575 more words

Perpetual Zed

Character Bio: Cletus Sparrows

Initial Age: 17

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 2084

Deathdate: N/A

Summary: He is a very intelligent young man. He’s not what you’d expect for a genius¬†who goes to a very prestigious private school though. 230 more words

Perpetual Zed

Fio (Metal Slug)

Fio is the second playable female character in Metal Slug. She has a revolver as a default gun instead of the normal pistol.