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Character Bio: Sans The Skeleton

(This post contains spoilers for Undertale. If you plan to play this game then I’d advise you to finish it first and then read this. Oh, and you’re welcome Alex) 1,236 more words

Character Bios

Character Bio: Sora

(Contains spoliers for most of the KH series. You have been warned)

Name: Sora

Age: 15 (Kingdom Hearts 2)

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Strengths: 1,366 more words


Character Bios: Archmage Lávásena

Archmage Lávásena Pentalus

Considered, behind Valundus Lithis Valanaeus, as one of the best mages currently living, some even claiming she surpassing Valundus in many ways, Lávásena Pentalus is well regarded for her magical knowledge and dedication to her craft. 1,037 more words


The Men and Monsters of Bridgetown-Pride

Name: Pride

Age: as old as Bridgetown itself

Description: Pride sits tall on a pillar of bedrock, carved into stairs though he has no need of them to ascend. 403 more words

Character Bios

The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Hooded Priest

Name: Benjamin Grey

Age: 36

Description: Imagine a man that towers over even the tallest people in Bridgetown, dark skin that makes his face inscrutable at night and a pair of gleaming segmented gauntlets that turn his fists into potent weapons. 450 more words

Character Bios

The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Judge

Name: The Judge

Age: 54

Description: Imagine a man in his prime, who is creeping ever closer to that age when the body can’t perform as quickly as it used to, and the mind is starting to dull. 424 more words

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Character Bio: Solid Snake

(This post contains spoilers for most of the MG/S series. If you want to complete the games yourself I’d advise against reading this)

Name: David… 1,041 more words

Character Bios