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Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #4

Bio #4, here we go!

Name – Reaper Officer Angela Moon (The Reaper Officer is part of her title in case you were wondering. I’m not just going to name a character “Reaper Officer”, that would be dumb. 640 more words


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #3

Without much rambling this time, here’s the 3rd bio.

Name – Kaz Harrison (I’ve been having an internal debate as to whether or not Kaz is his actual name, or if its just a nickname for Caspian… He would go by the nickname because Caspian is a HORRENDOUS name) 755 more words


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #2

If you read my previous art post, you should in no way be surprised I’m doing another character bio…

It’s Alex again. Just like I said. 787 more words


Art Post - Night Fox Character Bio #1

I’m drifting back into the “I’m bored and I can and this is also my blog, so I can post whatever the hell I want” phase. 874 more words


Character Profile - The Gangsta Known as Sean Pierce

Sean Pierce – Code name “Tetra” – age 21

Possible Theme Music – Tomba ft. Shay – (Warning -Dubstep) “The Goblin” https://stageinthesky.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/tomba-ft-shay-the-goblin.mp3

Born - February 14, 2188. 1,047 more words

Rock Kitaro

Dan Grove

Daniel Grove, the Seventh Second, was the son of world-renowned broadcast journalist Gardner Grove. He had a twin brother named Ken. His mother’s name was never revealed, and she died when Dan and Ken were infants, meaning that Dan never knew his mother. 139 more words

Dan Grove