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The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Assassin

Name: The Assassin

Age: 45

Description: Imagine a giant in pitch-black iron armour, whose footfalls shake the earth that she walks upon. Imagine a thick oiled coat with water sluicing off, back into the river from which she emerged. 380 more words

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The Men and Women of Bridgetown-The Mayor

Name: The Mayor

Age: uncertain, although historians have found records of his activity at least two centuries prior to the writing of the Survival Guide. 527 more words

Character Bio

Day 3: Getting to Know Thy Characters

Oh, the sweet, sweet nostalgia of that cramp you get in your hand from writing too much. How I’ve missed you so.

Today on Day 3, I had to create a crap load of character bios. 342 more words

Writer's Challenge

Rayne (Bloodrayne)

Rayne is a dhampir. She has been around for hundreds of years. Although she was created by Kagan to serve in his elite vampire army Rayne has spurned her figurative “father” and she spends her time hunting down underlings who serve Kagan in attempts to destroy Kagan himself. 200 more words


Character Bios: Sidney Gaterling

A quintessential geek fantasy. Most of the time Sidney is unassuming and meek, but when he gets his hand on a sword he becomes AWESOME – he can fight monsters, save the world and rescue the girl. 885 more words

Character Bios

The Scottish Pre-Production Journal, Entries 8 & 9

February 15, 2016
Journal Entry #8

Snow Day! No class today.

February 19, 2016
Journal Entry #9

Another snow day, another day of compression. Today was the last day of our pre-production journey; next Wednesday, we start rehearsals. 519 more words

Grad School

The Scottish Pre-Production Journal, Entry 7

February 12, 2016
Journal Entry #7

• Character Biographies – Presentations

I had a bit too much fun with my character biography for the Gentlewoman. After a rousing warm-up game of “Bunny” (the game is hilarious madness, I tell you: madness), we all went into the center and presented our character biographies. 243 more words

Grad School