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"Out of the Shadows" Book Blitz & Giveaway!

Hiya peeps! I’m sharing a new release today – a young adult urban fantasy, with quite the synopsis! Check it out, and feel free to peruse the character bios before you enter the giveaway at the end of the post! 1,397 more words



Warra has only a handful of details from her early childhood: the idea that her birthday is sometime in the spring, a human father who travelled frequently and for long periods, an affection for flowers, and the persistent sense of taking up too much space. 986 more words

Character Bios

Adwyn Piersym

Adwyn was born in the city of Gardos, crown city of Agmund. He is the son, and second child, of Archmage Barius Piersym and the General Samantha Piersym, the legendary Rosethorn herself. 1,542 more words

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A glacial shift allowed the smallest fraction of air to brush against his skin, causing his eyes to open and for consciousness to return to him for the first time in centuries. 183 more words

Character Bios

Isstor Grimmhammer

Isstor Grimhammer spent his early years in comfort, if not luxury, tucked away in a quiet corner of the Undermountain somewhere below the Northern Reaches. His father, Banain Grimhammer, would come occasionally to visit with him and his mother, Mishann, but spent most of his time away from their stronghold. 2,023 more words

Character Bios

Inferno Bio Summary

Here’s a post for the hottest member of The Pack. (Forgive the Pun)

Inferno is a valuable asset to The Pack, just as every Member of the group is. 134 more words

Character Bios: Rowan

Can’t do Emily without doing Rowan next.

As always, you can find this on the character bios page. If you have any more questions about Ro, or suggestions on who I should draw next, drop them in the comments.