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5e - Warlock Patron - The Shadow King

The Shadow King

You have made your pact with one of the Lords of Shadow, powerful, liminal beings who dwell in the Shadowlands and beyond. Wise and ancient, selfish and patient, the Shadow Kings work behind the scenes, neither of the Light or the Darkness, to survive against threats from across creation. 284 more words

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Get Some Class!: Fighter

Fighters! We all know one, we all have had our skins saved by one and we all have played one… and instantly regretted it because your job is to literally get the crap kicked out of you. 539 more words


5E- Barbarian Path - Path of the Demon Hunter

Path of the Demon Hunter

While most barbarians are from uncivilized tribes, some subjects can inspire even the most civilized of people to the same levels of rage. 171 more words

Game Design

The Warden Class For Original D&D

I spent some time tweaking my version of the Warden class, which I’ve created for S&W White Box and Labyrinth Lord, and  now have… 80 more words


5E - Ranger Archtype - The Ranger Knight

Ranger Knight

The epitome of the wandering “knight errant” of the wilderness, the Ranger Knight is actually quite comfortable with civilization and will move from rural, to urban, and then to wilderness with nary a concern save for the most effective way they can protect their charges and combat their enemies. 289 more words

Game Design


So I promised one of my players a short discussion on multiclassing in 5e, along with some guidelines into what is involved in doing so. First, one of the things I like about 5e is that the combination of race, class, and archtype fundamentally removes some of the reasons for multiclassing that were found in 1e. 1,374 more words

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