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Class: Spacers


You’re all alone in The Void, unless you’re a Spacer. Devoting their lives to understanding the universal force (magic), Spacers spend years in deep meditation, learning to manipulate the fabric of the universe. 190 more words

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Class: Medic


When the dust clears from a blaster fight, the last man standing is probably going to need some patching up. Enter the Medic, a trained healer and scientist who knows the human, alien, and cyborg body like the back of their hand/tentacles. 238 more words

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Class: Diplomat


With so many planets and peoples out there in the void, someone has to work at helping everyone get along. Diplomats pass messages between people, working as liaisons for governments and groups. 163 more words

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Class: Mech(anic)


Traveling through space is not easy or cheap, and when you get a broken flux capacitor or a shorted out warp coil, you’re going to need a Mech on hand to keep your ship in the sky. 156 more words

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Class: Merc(enary)


Mercenaries (or “Mercs” for short) are soldiers for hire. Like pirates they are loyal only to their own code and cash, but instead of working for themselves mercs rent their services out to the highest bidder as assassins, thieves, fighters, hired muscle/protection, bounty hunters, or drivers/transportation. 128 more words

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Class: Cadet


Noble and brave, members of The Intergalactic Force are highly trained warriors and fighters. Equipped with strong military grade armor and familiar with blasters and combat, they can hold their own in a fight and then some. 162 more words

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Class: Pirate


Loyal only to themselves and their thirst for profit, pirates roam the galaxies in search of easy to make cash and resources. Pirates may have crews or operate on their own, but it takes more than one person to run a ship and many more to take over some else’s. 93 more words

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