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So I promised one of my players a short discussion on multiclassing in 5e, along with some guidelines into what is involved in doing so. First, one of the things I like about 5e is that the combination of race, class, and archtype fundamentally removes some of the reasons for multiclassing that were found in 1e. 1,374 more words

Campaign Development


These northern female warriors evoke the spirit of the lion.

New character class with special powers.

Edit: Original file had a mistake mentioning CON instead of CHA. 11 more words

Set 1

Circle of the Well and the Black Circle

Here are a couple of new Druidic Circles, one because my spouse wants a Druid Circle that plays up the “animal friendship” aspects of being a Druid and the other because I wanted to come up with a version of an old NPC variant that I had in my 1e game… 888 more words

Game Design

E3 2015: New 'Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2' Gameplay Details

New gameplay details for Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has been revealed during EA’s E3 press conference.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will contain 6 new character classes and will be the first game in the franchise where the plants are on the attack against the zombie horde. 96 more words


En Khoda Theos Kirk - Part 2

So, I was hoping that there would be rules for Elemental Domains in the Elemental Evil adventure and was disappointed. That said, one of my players is playing a Dorje of the Great Dragon of the Air so I’ve been coming up with Domains for these four Domains of the En Khoda Theos Kirk. 632 more words

Game Design

Necromancer vs Necromonger

— I’ve always used the term Necromancer interchangeably with Necromonger. And, in fact, I liked necromonger better. It sounds more cool. Honestly speaking, I don’t really remember where I heard the term for the first time, I think it might have had something to do with Riddick, but it’s been so long that I’m no longer sure. 872 more words


Phoenix People

— I like creating different races, and different people of said races. For now, take this race concept, we’ll see what I do with that. And for some reason, i described this character class in first person. 599 more words