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The Shadowlands (Environmental Effects)

So, when the party travelled to the Shadowlands, they discovered that it has rather grievous effects on non-natives. Being so close to the Realm of the Dead, this creates a drain on those not born to it. 797 more words

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5e - Prestige Class - Luminous Order

There was about fifteen years where I wasn’t running D&D for my fantasy campaign world, instead I was running my own home-brew rules. Now, much of what came out in that time-frame was dreck and did nothing to convince me that I was missing anything, but there were a number of modules that were interesting and had a lot of potential. 1,046 more words

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[Circûmflex] Messing around with spellpoints in an OSR-style system

This last week I have been sick. With lots of time on my hands I have been working on a version of Labyrinth Lord that is more suited for playing on… 1,431 more words


For Honor - Brutal Melee Combat! 

via LevelCapGaming

Watch and listen as LevelCap reviews For Honors Melee combat system.

For Honor is an upcoming action hack and slash video game in development by Ubisoft Montreal and set to be published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 37 more words


5e - Warlock Patron - The Shadow King

The Shadow King

You have made your pact with one of the Lords of Shadow, powerful, liminal beings who dwell in the Shadowlands and beyond. Wise and ancient, selfish and patient, the Shadow Kings work behind the scenes, neither of the Light or the Darkness, to survive against threats from across creation. 284 more words

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Get Some Class!: Fighter

Fighters! We all know one, we all have had our skins saved by one and we all have played one… and instantly regretted it because your job is to literally get the crap kicked out of you. 539 more words