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Dungeons & Dragons & The Enneagram

Facebook friend and Christian anarchist Mark Van Steenwyk posted that he would love it if someone took the time to map D&D classes to Enneagram types, including all of the wings. 311 more words


Cabinet of Curiosities: Production Log Four

With all the footage we needed recorded, we met up as a group as soon as we could to plan how we were going to put it all together and turn it into a presentation that would be engaging for an audience whilst also meeting the required criteria outlined in the assessment brief. 481 more words


Background Information

In the setting of Prophecy of Pelagyr, the players live within the fourth era of the Aeledian Empire (Ey-lidian). Three hundred years ago, the Empress Aureliana moved the capital of the empire east, to the Hinterlands. 554 more words

Character Creation

Additional and New Rules

This setting will use Pathfinder as it’s basic foundation for rules, but there are many changes to the common core rules. Situations such as grapple checks, conditions, cover/concealment, etc will function as they do in Pathfinder, and you can find most of the relevant rules at  3,594 more words

Character Creation

Creating a Character for Sunday Thousand Suns RPG Campaign, Part Deux

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up for its (relatively) regular game session.

SteveR is getting us ready to play in his Thousand Suns RPG campaign (or what I hope will be a campaign, at any rate), but we still had a few things to do before we’re ready for the start of the game. 395 more words



Characters gain feats at every odd level, starting at 1st. Remember, if your first level class is a favoured class for your cultural archetype, you get a bonus feat. 13,112 more words

Character Creation

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon of Thousand Suns

Getting ready for gaming on this Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know whether SteveR will actually get us to the point of playing the Thousand Suns RPG game today or not, as we still have some stuff to go over for the game, but I’m looking forward to it. 9 more words