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A Visual for Forgetful Visual Designers

Writing for a character is one thing, but deciding how that character should look another.  Here’s a visual to remind designers of their visualization options. 8 more words

Character Creation

Building Characters (Their Inner Workings)


I will use Skyrim as a base game in this tutorial as it’s currently the game I’m playing and actively working on, but I use these techniques for all open world RPG games. 2,299 more words


Sigyn Face Overhaul Progress

Here is some information and screens on my Sigyn face overhaul. I’ll post some images and the mods I’ve used (or think I used). This will show when I made her originally in 2013ish and also the progress from there. 2,290 more words


5 Reasons to Relive the Original "Mass Effect" Trilogy

Today is the launch of the new Mass Effect game, Andromeda. As a huge fan of the original Mass Effect trilogy, this game is a day one purchase for me that I’m excited to sink the next few weeks of my life into. 1,017 more words



Via: Daily Prompt – Label

Are writer’s quick to judge? If writers habitually sit around in public places, siphoning characters out of their neighbors, are their inspirations founded on preconceptions programmed into their outlook of society? 32 more words

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