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My First Experience With D&D: Goblins Screams and Flames

Tabletop games have never been my strong suit.

I have always wanted to try my hand at Dungeons and Dragons, but as a kid, I was embarrassed what people would think of me. 1,425 more words


Creating Characters

Creating characters. It’s a thing that most of us try to do whether its half-assed or full of thought. It’s a way of injecting a little bit of ourselves into a narrative where we otherwise wouldn’t belong.   639 more words


Writing Wednesday: Meaning of Writing

What does writing mean to you?

For me, it is the sun just peaking over the edge of the horizon during the winter months. It feels like a brief pleasure that seems to find a way around the rigid corners and endless to-dos of the day. 90 more words

Character Creation

Update 3.2: New Mode and nerfing the Blessed

In the wake of the utter destruction of the Undying Horde, I still have more stuff to do. We beta’d the Blessed, and discovered that they were WAY OP (over powered, for those of you who don’t do the initials as much). 114 more words

Legends Of Albadyn

New Class: The Blessed

A shower of light and magic rained down on the Bandits, obliterating two of them and making another fall over unconscious. A small village should have posed no problem for men as craven as they, but they hadn’t counted on… 275 more words

Legends Of Albadyn

Character Backstory: Description vs Discovery

My favorite thing to do in all of gaming is to make new characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tabletop rpg, a video game, or even a board game that allows different builds, rolling up a fresh character is my ultimate feel-good moment. 615 more words


Space Thriller Designs

Lately, I’ve been exhausted. This means that my brain is stumbling over some of the very minor details that probably nobody really cares about other than me. 270 more words