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Assignment 2: Character sketch

He stared at the job application on the screen. He’d arrived at the ‘relevant experience’ and ‘education’ section. Well, that was just great… He let out a weighty sigh, stroking his stubble pensively. 520 more words

Session Zero Part 10: Group Template

Everything is going great.  All of the players have come together and created characters, where there were none.  They have tied their characters to your setting.   495 more words

Character Creation


Imagine this scenario:

Your brother is a heroin addict who has tried multiple times over the span of a year to get sober and each attempt has failed. 1,517 more words

Session Zero Part 9: Life-Altering Conflicts, Final Thoughts, and Names

As we begin the wrap up character creation, we get to a seminal moment in our character’s life.  We have been building to the idea there was a life-altering event that changed everything. 493 more words

Character Creation

Session Zero Part 7: Law Breaking, Love & Loss, and Life & Death

In Part 5, your players learned some bits about where and who you their characters are from.  They learned some of the habits and quirks they have picked up in your years in the realm.   516 more words

Character Creation

Daily 2

I had forgotten I already mentioned this big deal. I am a little worried about jinxing however I clearly wasn’t in the post before that. So! 78 more words

Session Zero Part 6: Opinions, Beliefs, and Hobbies

Last time, we found out about your relatives and how deeply tied your family is to the campaign location.  We learned personal information you probably do not tell most folks.   207 more words

Character Creation