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We Bloody Murderous Writers

Many times, we worry about how to make characters as realistic as possible. There is a great deal of advice out there, including some tips I’ve shared with students and readers. 690 more words

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A character's Story and the All Important Session 0

Last year I realised I’ve been running games for a quarter century. Now that’s a bunch o’ time. When I started playing, all revolved around what you wanted to play – backstory was not a big deal, nor were the dynamics of how a group was formed. 966 more words


How Real Are Your Characters?

Besides the physical challenges of being a writer and the obvious release it gives any megalomaniac tendencies you might have, writing also challenges the psyche. As a prolific writer, you have written several stories—fiction, of course—with characters you have either modeled on real-life personalities or whom you have created completely out of nothing. 370 more words

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Welcome back to my little corner of the Yawning Portal. Today I want to help you create life! But not really, I mostly want to talk about how to construct believable non-playing characters to populate your campaigns. 1,157 more words


Key Figures of Castle City

Last week’s crap has left me with a bit of bitter taste in my mouth, so while Project Tynir is on the backburner for a while, I do want to talk about another personal setting I’ve been messing around with. 668 more words



Allow me to give you a little overview of the main character of my fantasy book, Numen Magnus. I named him based on the Latin language with “Numen” being one of the words for “God” and “Magnus” being one of the words for “Great”. 58 more words

This Game Has No Class!

By Quintin Baker, Lead Designer, Age of Ninja. 

When I first set out to create a tabletop RPG I wanted it to be something that was fun, and interesting. 397 more words

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