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Character Creation

Character creation, two words that for any writer or anyone who has ever role-played or played a roleplaying game (table top, LARP, or video game) is familiar with.   688 more words


Character Portfolio

Timeplan (for both posts):


Looking at other portfolios on youtube and browsing my music playlists for a fitting soundtrack to match the mood of my portfolios. 297 more words

Character Creation

UP!--Tracing Paper spells: RELIEF

Well, trusted followers, even if you don’t illustrate or do artwork, I hope you find this article interesting, it showing a small part of my illustration process. 888 more words

Writer Side Up

STEM and Dragons (Prologue): My War Domain Cleric

The party prepares to roll their character’s stats. Eldadres rolls a 13, 13, 16, 13, 11 … wow these aren’t bad sta- 6!?

I’m playing a Dragonborn Cleric in my friend’s 5e campaign. 1,153 more words


Designer Diary #4: RPG Character Creation

In this post, I continue to discuss rpg concepts and what we decided to do for our roleplaying game, Cosmothea, and why. I don’t know about you, but Character Creation in roleplaying games has nearly always been a blast for me. 1,307 more words


Some new animations

Focusing on animation for now and it seems to be going pretty well. I’m very happy with how these both turned out. For a long time I had been trying to figure out how to create a convincing projectile/rail animation, and with the inspiration of Sandy Gordon on twitter, I ended up making these. 84 more words


The "I Have Never" drinking game as character creation

Last year I was at a houseparty with a lot of roleplaying type people, and among other things we played the drinking game “I Have Never… 1,141 more words

Character Creation