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What You're Really Saying When You Say: "My Character Wouldn't Do That."

“My character wouldn’t do that.”

We’ve all been at a game table where someone has said this. Maybe you were the game master, or another player, or even  712 more words



The skills of an assassin is undeniably lethal whether if they are killers for hire or just kill for the fun of it. Their profession would require them to be proficient in the use of firearms, edged weapons, poisons, and stealth. 82 more words

Stealing Character Concepts (without being a jerk)

I’m pretty sure lots of people know that feel when you see a new character and just know that if their gender were changed, they could be your character’s clone. 488 more words



One of the main characters of my sequel series will be the archetype for a hero who is arrogant, reckless, and impulsive. The reason for his haughty personality derives from his intense power and gives him a sense of invincibility. 76 more words

Character Creation: 3 Ways to Develop Your Character

Characters are one of the most important aspects of storytelling. But how do you go about developing the right characters for your story? This question seems to be one of the more popular questions on writing forums and it’s easy to see why. 671 more words


Point To You (Point Buy Characters, Countdown to PaizoCon 8)

When getting ready for an organized play event, we get to face a love it or leave it reality… Point Buy stat generation. In the name of fairness, it is well understood but to those of us who may be used to broader possible highs (and lows) Point Buy can require different thinking. 572 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

How I Create New Characters?

I enjoy character design more than anything else. I feel like the characters are the most interesting part of a story because they are the driving force behind it. 840 more words