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Friday Night Game Report - Polaris RPG Character Creation

Last night, the usual Friday gaming group met up and created their player characters for the Polaris RPG. All five players, my goddaughter included, were quite eager to go through the process of creating their characters for the game, and are quite looking forward to playing the game. 750 more words


Getting Ready for Polaris RPG on This Friday Night

And so it is almost time.

To quote from one of my favourite tv shows, Babylon 5, “And so it begins…”

That, and a good quote from the game that sums things up: “Humankind was born in the seas and is now coming back here to die” – Vulrick the Mad… 166 more words


Coming soon: Renegade Chronicles compendium

An editor of mine once said, “No one wants to know how the sausage is made.”

He was referring to journalistic processes—the hoops reporters jump through in order to research, interview, and write stories as well as edit, paginate, and publish them. 881 more words


Creating Compelling Characters • Writing A Novel

One of the most important aspects of a good book is properly developed, compelling characters. This is arguably more important than plot when it comes to success (case in point: Twilight) and characters that a reader connects with will stick with them long after the details of a plot has faded. 1,145 more words

Aspiring Writer

Incredible link for creating characters

My brother, Joshua, shared this amazing link with me the other night, and I thought I’d share it. http://www.miniworld.com/adnd/100ThingsAboutUrPCBackGround.html from Beth Kinderman and Nikki Walker. 56 more words


Lylie and Co

Liyl wasn’t an old halfling, yet he was pushing 22 years of age and had made many accomplishments. Some of which included, ridding a town of vampires, dueling other wizards for fame, and just purely being an energetic charismatic wizard. 317 more words


Getting Ready for Friday Night (Board) Gaming

Finished up the Polaris RPG character about 5:32 pm, so it took me just over 2 hours and a bit to get the character done. Not an easy process, but never is the first time out. 120 more words