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How to Make Characters Sound Different

I think making characters “sound”, for lack of a better word, different when they speak is a lot harder in genre fiction than it is for other forms of fiction. 1,229 more words


We’re are going create a character in the continuation of a previous post.

So why not sit back for a few minutes as we create a brand new character. 2,318 more words


Compelling Antagonists

Compelling characters make a story go. For a while now, I’ve written about and referenced Ursula Le Guin and “The War Against,” highlighting my desire to tell stories that focus on the evolution and make up of my characters as opposed to some war they have been fighting for ages. 540 more words

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Fate of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Part 4: Unleashing the other strangeness (long-running campaigns)

This is my fourth and final blog post about adapting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) to the roleplaying game Fate. I’ve previously discussed systems ( 2,435 more words


OTTER Update Three: Vital Statistics + Character Creation Methodology

Here we are again with another update; you may have noticed that this update includes the material (Vital Statistics) from the last update. That’s because I want my readers to have one file that will help them generate the core of their character quickly and easily. 170 more words

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #46 - Developing Minor Characters

Your MC (main character) has dreams. That’s good.

They are motivated to make those dreams a reality. That’s great.

But what about 182 more words

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