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Hello SE Readers. This post is going to sound like I’m rambling but bear with me. I do have a purpose for it, and it does relate to writing. 711 more words

Story Empire

Brainstorming Resources

Given how rich a world Steve Jackson created for In Nomine, I am consistently surprised by how few actual options there are for Resources. In this post will list out several categories of Resource I think should be part of the game, and whether or not they are. 858 more words

In Nomine

3 Things to Avoid When Writing a Romantic Relationship

Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you who wait until the day after to celebrate because of the sales!

Because I know you like to avoid the high price tag that this holiday sometimes brings, I have decided to put together a list of the plot devices that I like to avoid when pairing off the couples in my stories. 1,858 more words


A Little Randomness Into the System

For the first time in a long time, I’m sitting down at the gaming table not as a GM, but as a player. Courtesy of my SoCal Gaming Club, the… 1,631 more words

Character Creation

I want to write: An Immortal Character

When creating characters for a story it’s easy to just identify them as just “that (fill in the blank with some kind of mythical being)” and then make up the rest of their traits like they are human, but this leaves out a lot of potential story material. 2,090 more words



One of my favorite characters from Numen the Slayer would be Tristan Ballows. Tristan is a hunter loyal to House Magnus and is one of Numen’s oldest friends. 54 more words

Thoughts on Character Creation - 1

The character creation is pretty straightforward as is.

I am not sure however, whether or not I should include certain elements into character creation. Specifically sub-races (Satyrs, Nartaki, Oni, etc.), as well as the Edges and Flaws system. 136 more words

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