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Creating a realistic character isn’t always easy. As writers, it is important to remember that everyone has a story to be told. For audiences to feel like they are living in a crated world, the characters involved must realistically fit into the scenario they are placed in.

Tips for Character Creation:

Character Jam: pool noodle arms and a day in bed

The day started with a limp; a cane in one hand and a sketchbook in another. Not exactly the best set up for life drawing, but I tried my best! 392 more words


SG Female Eyebrows

If you are tired of the same old standard eyebrows of Skyrim then here’s a mod that offers you more choices to get another look. When creating a new character sometimes the eyebrows makes all the difference in the final look so having a wider range of styles to choose from is always a plus. 52 more words

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Creating Characters - New Video Upload

Hi folks

Today’s video upload is a brief overview about creating characters for your stories.  I hope you find it helpful.

I referred to a couple of useful books in this video.   77 more words

Creative Writing Tips

Anime Trick-or-Treat 2016

Hello everyone, it’s time to return to a (mostly failed) tradition.  Halloween is traditionally a time when everyone starts making videos, blog posts, and AMVs about horror anime.  324 more words




NAME – Selonius Mercer
AGE – 122

CONCEPT (Background / Ordo / Faction etc) Former Witchhound for the Black Ships / Ordo Hereticus / seemingly Monodominant (secretly Istvaanian) 354 more words