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What’s in a name? (or how I jump-start my character making machine)

I’m going to introduce you to a new character. In fact, he’s so new I haven’t actually created him yet.

Yeah, I’ve kinda ripped off what Steve Vai said before he wrote a song in front of a live audience on… 2,285 more words


What I Draw

My art consists of the things I enjoy most. I love the creepy cute and pastel goth styles, they’ve had major influence on what I like to draw. 171 more words


Revelation Online Classes and Character Creation Introduction

Revelation Online is a 3D Oriental Fantasy MMORPG developed by NetEase, the second largest game company in China. Revelation Online features endless flight, gorgeous graphics, numerous pvp modes, and a variety of classes and races to bring you explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery. 311 more words

Character Creation

Origin Story: Randulf

This is a type of post I’ll do occasionally in which I discuss characters I’ve created. I’ve had fun coming up with backstories and translating them into game mechanics, so I thought others may be interested to read them. 970 more words

5th Edition Dungeons And Dragons


Check out the details for this week’s challenge here.

The rich aroma of sweets and fresh baked break mixed with coffee wafted through the open glass door. 430 more words

On Writing

Stellaris - didelis bet netuščias kosmosas

Paradox Interactive yra turbūt vienas mėgiamiausių mano PC žaidimų developerių/publisherių. Kuklūs švedai visada darė their own thing ir turėjo tokį aiškų ir tikslų savo kompanijos žaidimų visuomos kaip brendo matymą, kokio kartais neturi vieno žaidimo autoriai. 245 more words


Methods for Character Building

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me what my methods were for creating my characters. Admittedly, the question caught me off guard. However, it’s an excellent question. 573 more words

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