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General Ursus

Another commission I was lucky enough to work on. The client wanted my own take on the Planet of the Apes General. I had to do some studies on the helmet, since that was the one thing that would give any clue as to who this was. 57 more words


Hula Cat!

Today I’ve got a cute illustration of a cat dancing the hula. I’ve been experimenting with brushes and using colors for shapes instead of relying on lines. 10 more words



Two little lemurs haunting the forest


Metal Gear Rising 2nd Anniversary!

Last week, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance celebrated its 2nd birthday!

Hey, everyone!
It’s Kenji Saito, director of MGR.
In order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my brainchild, I decided to play through it again recently for the sake of nostalgia, but man, I suck at parrying nowadays, haha. 216 more words