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This is Zhaal, the second of two characters I designed for a class in school. He’s… a liiiittle bit more slinky and untrustworthy than his big bro, Serkan. 18 more words

Character Design

A character I did for a Character Design class in school. :) This is Serkan, the gruff, silently passionate leader of a colony of reptiles. He doesn’t get along very well with his brother, Zhaal. Haha.


INKTOBER // Day #3

Inktober // Day 3

Inking is still somewhat of a pain for me. I’ve been doodling with it the full day and the notion that there isn’t a ctrl+z to back me up makes it a tiny bit stressing. 93 more words


Children illustration

I love drawing and painting children. After all they are mini versions of us adults, and although not quite transformed into their adult selves, they have an irresistable cuteness that reminds us of our own  beginnings, and the amazing nature of being a human being, in all its splendour. 325 more words

#Inktober 1, 10/2

Time for #inktober and cute sweaters! I’m going for the ‘every other day’ posting schedule.

Here goes!

Different Methods

Watched an interesting YouTube tutorial for digital painting the other day.  The guy painted in black and white (grey tones) and used gradient maps to add and adjust base colors.   61 more words