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For this part of my project, I met up with a friend from back home that studies scriptwriting at BU and I thought this would be a great advantage to my work, to have a specialist in the field to help me brainstorm a story for the play. 896 more words


TK Agent/Mage


Has access to the widest variety of psychic powers and affinities. From telekinesis and devastating energy attacks, to low-light invisibility, barriers, and limited healing abilities. 8 more words


The freelance project I’m working on is very serious, with no colour … so I wanted to draw something completely different today! I’ve had an idea for a short, or perhaps a series of shorts, in Flash. 17 more words

Character Design

Animal Designs

Stay tuned for more of these in the near future!

Warlock/Sanctioned Arcanist

+++This is your hired help?? Good luck I guess… Anyway, this is what I could dig up:

+##(…)+///e treated with the utmost caution and scrutiny. 93 more words

Daily Drawing 61

Really dig how this lady Frankenstein cat lady came out.