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Thundering around

Writing about Thundercats got me into thinking. Thundercats is a beloved cartoon involving cat humanoids and artistically speaking, at least for some characters so far, one of the generally better ones to boot though one argues the writing helps. 113 more words

Redesigning Women: Tigra

The concept behind her is interesting, but the presentation is generally quite boring. One might argue it’s got to do with the technologies and indeed it generally did play a part. 265 more words

Tsukiuta: Shun and You

Been testing with backgrounds every since the Christmas night light inspiration. This time I tried it with bunny snow sculptures. the background with the buildings with simple shapes were easy to make so that it doesn’t distract the viewers from what I drew. 10 more words


Soccer Spirits: Malcolm Fan Art

Tried to apply for the Soccer Spirits 3rd fan art contest. Too late to realize that my drawing didn’t exactly look similar to their original character. 18 more words


Soccer Spirits: Damien

Going in the order of the posts I have made on Instagram, I don’t feel like i’ve improved ¬†especially on this fan art drawing.

Digital Painting

It's the presentation

I remember somewhere at 4thletter that there’s a problem with the way Tigra’s presented. To summarise it, she has a rather convoluted backstory (she actually started out as a properly costumed vigilante known as the Cat and became a monster and got associated with other cat monsters) and that she looks silly. 256 more words