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Cold Hell

Some drawings from my comic Cold Hell (well it’s only in french for now so it’s more of Enfer Blanc)


Age of Innocence: Character Four

Project: Age of Innocence

Category: Character Design

Insight: Orphel is yet to utter his first human word. Yet he talks to the insects. He talks about dew drops and rainbow spots and those evil bluejays. 19 more words

Animation Studio

War Bird

Finally I get to post something! I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy with a few projects that I can’t display for the next few months. 68 more words


Nicholas (Nick) Freeman

Nick Freeman is a graphic designer specialising in digital illustrations particularly in ¬†character creation, animation and game development assets and visualFX designs (Freeman 2017).¬† From his LinkedIn profile, Freeman is an African American designer from Orlando, Florida; and first graduated in 2006, with an Associate’s degree in Design and Visual Communication, from the American InterContinental University. 243 more words

Bennardo Santos

Chara Design for a lame contest

There was a contest for the 100 years of japanimation so I drawed that.

I drawed the boy after watching Mob Psycho 100, really cool anime with badass animation !


TFA Femme Zine: Lost

About the TF Femme zine, I planned to draw several entries featuring TFA femmes, and I drew at least 2 sketches last week. Yesterday, I decided to ink the other sketch (TFA Red Alert with her lost hand), seeing that my hands at that time are still fine-ish and not too sore. 112 more words