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Let's talk about colors... part 2.

So, now that I’ve covered the basics of color schemes and how they can be used, I’m going to go over how you can come up with some color palettes of your own using online resources, and then finish up with a few examples from games. 1,284 more words

Art Design

Quick Character Headshot

Hi guys, this is a quick little digital sketch I did tonight. A char of mine, Gabe.

Digital Art

Character Concept Design 2

My work in progress for a outfit design for one of my characters. A historical costume/outfit database was used for reference in the early stages. Further rendering is in progress.

Character Design

Mini-Project: Insect 03

This is the final piece for the insect project I decided to combine the old idea I had before with the new pieces I did and have the moth holding a staff. 20 more words


Sky Brood

Here is the last of these nocturnal creatures I’ll be doing. The eyes have been so much fun to work on. I used a combination of 6 colors in this one. 109 more words