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Sometimes he plays the bad guy

:/ Louix May 2016. I made his hair white, not sure what is better long or short, removed the warmth off his face to fit a villain role.

Concept Art

A gnome quietly sits in the woods smoking his pipe. With the sunset, the will-o-wisps venture out from there hiding place and investigate the visiter. 26 more words

Character Design plays a very important role in your business

I was reviewing some IP presented to me at a recent asian trade show and realise some of them have a common problem. The characters look like it is for preschool kids (below 6 years old) but the story is actually targeted at 6 to 12. 162 more words

Business Reference

Origins of Aurora

Aurora moved to Manhattan at the young age of 16. Escaping her war torn country which was shriveled with poverty and choking with corruption, she paved her new path in the crime infested streets of New York. 1,028 more words

Animation Studies Project Two


People seek inspiration in a wide variety of way. When I had to create a design for ‘Inspiration’ I didn’t look too far from home. 201 more words


A fantastic figure that I found in the remote corners of mind .The maiden here represents the aspect of male and female energies, white and black, dark and light, yin and yang. 209 more words

Fashion Illustrations