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Current Progress on Project DOLI as of APR. 24.2015

I am glad to say that the film’s finished layout assets have been compiled into an assembly animatic. I was able to have a look at how the shots would cut together. 152 more words


Sleepwalkers Gifs (pt. 4)

Here’s a gif of Felton materializing into the Nonicom Realm. I only made gifs with interesting animation. I probably wont post any dialogue gifs


2015 Moleskines - part 22

Three more moleskine sketches to round out the week.  Have a good one everyone!

Can anyone guess who the last sketch is a study of?  Bonus points if you know the awesome artist.   7 more words


A New Character

Working on a project that I will announce next month. She’s a concept for the main character. I still have somethings to work out with her… but so far so good.


Drawing Tablet Follies

I tried out my new drawing tablet today. It sure is different from drawing on paper. I’m not used to looking at the computer screen while I draw. 66 more words


30 Mutants!! Day 23: Super Shredder

Or if you’re Michael Bay, “normal” Shredder.