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Character Design: Language

Good afternoon. I don’t believe there are any pressing issues to attend to in terms of preparation/organization. The main situation at the moment (to the best of my knowledge) remains unchanged. 546 more words


Marshall and Covington

Here are two more characters from my recently completed sci-fi story (the same one with Big Ben the Brontosaurus and Charlotte Elanora). On the left is Elias Marshall, an old Texan dude who likes to dress in all white (even down to his revolver and its holster) and is the curator of the Global Museum of Petroleum and Energy. 93 more words


3D Topology

What is topology?

– A 3D model is a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that define a shape. The layout of these is called a wireframe, the layout of the wireframe is the topology of a model… 384 more words

Character Design

Charlotte Elanora in Full View

Meet Charlotte Elanora, the protagonist of a short sci-fi-ish story I recently finished. She’s an Australian chick of Aboriginal heritage who travels back in time and captures dinosaurs for a living. 66 more words


Big Ben the Brontosaurus

As promised, here is another view of Big Ben, a male Brontosaurus excelsus from a short sci-fi story I recently finished. To reiterate, he was brought to modern times from his native Jurassic Period so he could be displayed in a corporately-owned museum designed to promote a new oil pipeline in the middle of Texas. 83 more words


Tiramisu Fish

Beware of the Tiramisu Fish, the legendary and fearsome creature living in the Ocean of Cream and Cocoa!
A character made for the “Candy People” theme of the Character Design Challenge.