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The 4-part apology ~ Do it right!

Growing up comes with taking responsibility of our actions, both good and bad. Learning how to apologise when you have done something wrong, in a sincere manner, shows that you are becoming mature and are taking responsibilities for your actions. 576 more words


The Atlantic: parental pressure...

I am forever pushing back against the demonization of parents. Many of us are doing the best we can, or at least the best we think we should be doing. 105 more words


Christian Books: CS Lewis, and Mere Christianity

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Expert Children’s Book Reviewers tell us there is a great dearth of good literature for children and young adults. They are not being taught about God in schools, or even the Universal Morality that Lewis refers to.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

Finding Strengths in Your Child's Weaknesses (Part 1)

When we see faults in our children’s character, our feelings can range from annoyance to serious concern. Perhaps you have been trying to fix particular attitude problems your kids have, but although you’ve lectured to exhaustion, the issues persist. 818 more words


Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Parents, would you believe this?
Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you. I am a grandmother. I went to elementary school in the 1950’s, before the Supreme Court decree in 1963 that God was no longer allowed in the schools. 411 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

Cultivate Empathy in Your Students

By Naomi Drew and Christa M. Tinari

What is empathy? Roman Krznaric, author of Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It, defines empathy as, “the art of stepping imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding their feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actions.” Based on studies conducted by neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, and child psychologists, we know that empathy is an innate human ability. 1,037 more words

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Socrates on Today's Youth

*Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Socrates

So you’re worried about the youth of today? This seems to be a common concern throughout history. 346 more words