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George Washington Character, Book Review

Dinner Topics for Monday

Character Education was important to George Washington; he worked hard on it himself.

Being George Washington by Glenn Beck is an insightful treatment of the life and service of this magnificent Founding Father.

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US Constitution Series 2: Quotations from Founding Fathers on Virtue

Dinner Topics for Thursday

The Founders’ Basic Principles: 28 Great Ideas that changed the world

From The 5,000 Year Leap—A Miracle that Changed the World… 565 more words

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Valentine's Day and Christian Marriage

Dinner Topics for Valentine’s Day

My, how ironic! History repeats itself! Saint Valentine was persecuted by the Roman government, and eventually martyred, because he performed marriages and ministered to Christians.

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The Power of Kindness and Other Fine Qualities

Obviously, school is all about learning, which, to the average person, means academics. However, as educators know, there’s so much more to education. From music and art to physical education and shop classes, electives help to enrich and round out students. 348 more words

Whole Child Education

Nurturing this Empathetic Habit - Take it from a Navy Seal #BCSLearns

This year at BCS we have focused on our theme were lean in and lead with EMPATHY always embracing our BCS Moral Compass.  Each month we have embraced a different… 288 more words

Parenting: Teaching Respect

Dinner Topics for Thursday

Teaching Respect

Richard and Linda Eyre

Part 1: By Objective (Be sure to check out the good ideas here)Parenting Value: Respect… 333 more words

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Character Education, Integrity, and Thomas More

Dinner Topics for Wednesday

Integrity: Foundation of a Christ-like Life

Tad R. Callister

Integrity is the courage to do right regardless of the consequences and the inconvenience.

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