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Freedom of Speech Facts: Even in National Anthem Protest in Football Game, First Amendment Rights have Choices and Consequences

For Constitution Day, Freedom of Speech Facts:

Even in a National Anthem Protest in a Football Game. . .

First Amendment Rights have Choices and Consequences… 1,020 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

How Full is Your Bucket?

This week, we were continuing our focus on citizenship. As we know, part of being a good citizen is to follow the golden rule and to “build others up”. 453 more words


Charlotte Mason - who was she, and what is her relevance?

Who was Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason (1842 – 1923) was a teacher and educational writer who lived and worked all over the UK. Orphaned at 16, she taught both as a governess and as a classroom teacher. 1,439 more words


Teaching Heroism for 9/11 Remembrance Day

Teaching young students about 9/11 is something that has always been a “hot button topic” for me. Do I spend the time talking about the horrific acts that happened in our country and try to explain how it felt to have lived through the day? 353 more words


Critical Thinking: Defining Biblical Worldview, Judeo-Christian Culture

Critical Thinking Skills:

Defining Biblical Worldview, Judeo-Christian Culture

Worldview: What is Yours?

Stacey Long

American Family Association

“I grew up in a Christian home and made a profession of faith at a very young age, but when I got to my teenage years I began to digress from that,” said David Wheaton, radio host of the… 1,906 more words

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Parenting Tips: Teaching Peace

Dinner Topics for Wednesday


Parenting Value: Anger Management


Richard and Linda Eyre

“Calmness. Peacefulness. Serenity. The tendency to try to accommodate rather than argue. The understanding that differences are seldom resolved through conflict and that meanness in others is an indication of their problem or insecurity and thus of their need for your understanding. 422 more words

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