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Scout: BSA and Baden Powell

101st Anniversary of Scouting!

(At least in America.)

(The Scout pledge is to stay morally straight.) It is such a great program for boys. If your sons can be involved in church based troops where traditional values are honored, it is well worth it.

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Character Education in Spain: Problems and Potential

One of the developing trends in education, internationally, over the last few years, has been the renewed attention to the moral dimensions of education, and more specifically, to character education. 706 more words


George Washington Character, Book Review

Dinner Topics for Monday

Character Education was important to George Washington; he worked hard on it himself.

Being George Washington by Glenn Beck is an insightful treatment of the life and service of this magnificent Founding Father.

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Cinderella Girls

Teacher: “What do you think of when you think of the word ‘primary’?

Student: I think of the word primer.

Teacher: Okay, and what is primer? 1,069 more words

Modeling Digital Habits

In December, NPR cited a Common Sense Media survey claiming that parents spend on average almost nine and a half hours in front of a screen every day.   204 more words

The Rise and Fall of DARE

by Honolulu Mother

According to this article, DARE has seen its funding mostly dry up in recent years as education departments finally took notice of all the evidence that it didn’t actually work: 151 more words

US Constitution Series 2: Quotations from Founding Fathers on Virtue

Dinner Topics for Wednesday

The Founders’ Basic Principles: 28 Great Ideas that changed the world

From The 5,000 Year Leap—A Miracle that Changed the World… 565 more words

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