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Parenting: Teaching Courage

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

What does a Chicken have to do with courage? See this post:

Parenting Value: Courage

Methods for Teaching Courage

Richard and Linda Eyre… 633 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

Let’s Go to the Movies! Using Film to Teach Leadership

By Mariam G. MacGregor, author of  Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens

Movies are engaging tools for introducing and discussing leadership concepts. Dozens of movies—both classic and contemporary—portray strong leadership themes. 670 more words

FSP Author

Apologetics and Hot Revival

Ravi Zacharias is one of the ministries that most inspires me. Let me relate, very briefly, his report for this month:

As I travel…the downward slide is huge and sensitivities are at their peak…Yet, as we arrive to venues to speak the auditorium are full, often without not enough space for the occasion. 117 more words

Bible Teaching & Study


I am often asked “Are you busy during the summer”  While Rain of Hope is extremely busy during the school year administering youth programs, the reality is that the summer is just as busy.  641 more words

This is Big! You are Going to Want to Share This (I Certainly Hope So)!

When I published my first book in 2010, I thought it would help a few teen mothers who might stumble across it and encourage them and actually show them how to graduate from high school, go to college, and beat the statistics. 791 more words

3 Things Students Want to Hear

What messages do we send to our students? As an educator, I have all sorts of ideas about what I believe my students should hear and see throughout their academic day.   96 more words

Hello world!

My name is Nadene Hunter and I am creating this website as part of my Librarianship Specialist AQ course. I am creating this as a resource tool for staff to have at their fingertips. 24 more words

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