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Valentine's Day and Christian Marriage

Dinner Topics for Valentine’s Day

My, how ironic! History repeats itself! Saint Valentine was persecuted by the Roman government, and eventually martyred, because he performed marriages and ministered to Christians.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

Lent: Not Only a Time for Sacrifice

By Garcia Barnswell-Schmidt, M. Div.
Lower School Chaplain

The term Lent is derived from the old English word Lencten, which means long days or spring. 404 more words


Some inspiration for your Tuesday Musings

So, I’m still working on creating a routine for writing and posting, and the frenzy of the end of the quarter last week (after more than a full week of snow days!) did not help. 503 more words

Character Education, Integrity, and Thomas More

Dinner Topics for Tuesday

Integrity: Foundation of a Christ-like Life

Tad R. Callister

Integrity is the courage to do right regardless of the consequences and the inconvenience.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

February is Fairness (Character Ed)

Submitted by Natalie C. one of our fabulous librarians:

The TDSB Professional Library has created an updated resource list of JK-12 fiction and multimedia materials supporting the… 188 more words

Education: Character, Behavior Repair, and Charles Dickens

Dinner Topics for Monday

Character Education, Behavior Repair—“By Any Other Name. . .”

“It is easier  to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.” (Ezra Taft Benson)

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