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Random Ability Generator

Randomly generates six ability scores, between 5-18, listed highest first. Re-roll as desired. A great tool for for players in a rush and DM’s with NPCs to build.  43 more words


D&D Sky Pirates 0 - Starting Up at the Mall

My husband, after checking out the FLGS’s Dungeons and Dragons (D&D or DND) night and dragging me with, got roped into being a Dungeon Master (DM). 427 more words

Tabletop RPG

Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Coriolis - The Third Horizon

I spent a relatively enjoyable, though somewhat disappointing, game session with the Sunday gaming group yesterday.

The two players, Tammy and SteveR, are currently working on getting ready to start their… 246 more words


Point Buy VS Rolling Dice

It has been several months since I’ve taken my usual seat behind the DM screen. I hope to fix that relatively soon by running a game or two online for some friends. 521 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Sample Character Creation Index, Version III

Over the years, I’ve created a heck of a lot of characters for various roleplaying games, showing the character creation process of said roleplaying games, but that I’ve only really indexed them once on the blog. 264 more words

Rpg Hut

It Builds Character #5: Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Welcome to the fifth in an occasional series called It Builds Character in which I use the character generation rules of various tabletop role-playing games to create a character and attempt to flesh them out into something distinctive. 2,667 more words


7th Sea 2nd Edition - Part One

You know, for about a second I considered writing this entire post in ‘Pirate Speech’ but then I realised that would be amazingly annoying.

Anyway, onto the fun part. 3,952 more words

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