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Playing another kind of warlock in a new RPG, on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I started playing a new character in a new (to me) kind of fantasy RPG based on Palladium’s system. Our DM uses a different kind of character generation for games like this, where we role-play our character’s childhoods to determine our stats. 778 more words

Wreck-free Sunday Post

The Idea III

Whew, a robust character creation system that allows for just about anything a player can imagine is a process all its own. To that end, this will likely be the last In-Between character generation post for a bit 1.) I am knee deep in writing up the powers section, which should cover magic, psi, cyber, martial arts, and super powers; 2.) college starts up in a week and once that gets going i will have to put personal writing on the back burner…sad writer indeed. 1,041 more words


The Idea II

Continuing work on the character generation system, here are the attributes, and how to define attributes for a character using the initial idea, presented here… 1,435 more words


The Idea

As I wrote here, I needed to create a more robust character generation system to work with the mechanics that I have been working on. 1,361 more words


Beat to Quarters - Character Generation

As I said when I was talking about figuring out Nobilis, I created a multi-page character generation guide for Beat to Quarters so everyone could generate their characters faster; you… 9 more words

Historical RPGs

Clockwork and Chivalry - Character Generation Summary

Below the fold is the summary of social statuses, professions, and factions in Clockwork & Chivalry, as I promised in my Nobilis post. I handed it out to my players so I could help everyone generate a character at the same time with some speed, as opposed to having everyone sit with a book. 784 more words

Historical RPGs

Design Diary 4: School of Hard Knocks

Gather round for story time with Monkey, as he tells you about his first role-playing experience, “…there I was a monk in a swamp at the end of the party line. 614 more words