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Trudvang Chronicles

Greetings Programs.

It’s been a while, my fault entirely, I’ve recently started a new job and have been taking some time to adjust to the role and find a new routine etc.  3,101 more words

Roleplaying & Boardgames

Sunday Afternoon Gaming Cancelled

It’s another Sunday morning. The Thanksgiving Sunday, to be precise.

I will not be gaming with the Sunday afternoon gamers today.

Aside from the fact that Tammy is on call this week, I’m feeling somewhat blah, to be honest, having developed a cough that comes and goes, and I’m not sleeping well due to the pain in my left shoulder. 67 more words


Torg Eternity: Character Generator, Update

While I am quite behind on my various writing projects, I haven’t been completely idle! I’ve been working on completing my Torg: Eternity character generator… 392 more words


Where Should My Character Take a Dump?

No, I’m not going to get scatological on you here, I’m talking about dice rolls.  Particularly, rolls that you’ve made to generate the ability scores for your character. 1,653 more words


Turning Generated Scenes into a Novel Format for Plotting

Here is where I am at:

Step 1.

Novel word count is divided into three parts. Each part is then divided into Novel Scenes using a randomly generated lengths specific to average novel Beginning, Middle, and End lengths. 331 more words

Fuzzy Scene Generation and Choosing One of the Six Emotional Arcs

Today I worked on randomly generating one of the Six Emotional Arcs.  The class allows the user to specify one of course, but will generate one for you if you don’t supply it. 241 more words

Creating a bias towards character generation.

While working on my Fiction Generator and creating Characters I noticed that I was indeed getting a randomized type of character. This ended up not being realistic and so I started working on finding a way to make the randomized character be biased towards generic. 248 more words