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It Builds Character #1: Rogue Trader

Welcome to the first in an occasional series called It Builds Character in which I use the character generation rules of various tabletop role-playing games to create a character and attempt to flesh them out into something distinctive. 2,089 more words


Raena's Foremothers: Jeri Cale

When I first started thinking about the Raena stories, I’d just seen Star Wars.  The only main female character was a princess. She was a kickass gun-waving princess who withstood torture, but she wasn’t the hero of the story. 687 more words

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Sleeper RPG: Orphans of the Cold War

Today we’re going to talk about Sleeper RPG: Orphans of the Cold War, from Death Spiral Games.  Sleeper is a high action RPG that takes all kinds of ideas from across the sci-fi, conspiracy, espionage, survival horror and action genres and mashes them together. 1,842 more words


Small Scale Shout Outs 2: Mutants and Marvels 2.0

Despite the fact that I have been out-of-touch lately I have still been finding new games of all shapes and sizes.  Today I thought I would do a mini-review of a small super-hero style game I recently discovered. 476 more words


Savage Legends Revised Edition

Last week I sent out the final versions of the Savage Legends source book and the Savage Grimoire. There have been some big changes and a lot of new options. 186 more words


Playing another kind of warlock in a new RPG, on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I started playing a new character in a new (to me) kind of fantasy RPG based on Palladium’s system. Our DM uses a different kind of character generation for games like this, where we role-play our character’s childhoods to determine our stats. 778 more words

Wreck-free Sunday Post

The Idea III

Whew, a robust character creation system that allows for just about anything a player can imagine is a process all its own. To that end, this will likely be the last In-Between character generation post for a bit 1.) I am knee deep in writing up the powers section, which should cover magic, psi, cyber, martial arts, and super powers; 2.) college starts up in a week and once that gets going i will have to put personal writing on the back burner…sad writer indeed. 1,041 more words