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Character Interview - Young

Mr. Foong, welcome back.  Since this is an autobiography rather than a work of fiction, I’m going to let you pick and choose which questions you wish to answer. 1,612 more words


Character Interview - Michael Field

Steve, welcome back.  I presume this is Michael with you today?

Welcome to Pukah Works.  So glad you both could stop by to chat.  Mr. Fields, please do not be shy, there are several folks who I know want to get to know you better. 1,008 more words


Character Interviews: Miles (The Society)

Time for another character interview. The questions come from the same source as always, and as usual, the interview would take place immediately before the start of the story. 490 more words

Character Interviews

Character Interview 101

I was recently working on a guest blog that gave me the option of doing a character interview. A character interview? What is that? It’s when the author does a mock interview with a character from their book and has them answer as if they were a real person. 201 more words


Ten Questions for a Fictional Character: ___________ of The Rival

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!***** This post contains information about my story The Rival. If you haven’t read this story, click here before reading on.

As Aurora’s apartment building comes into view, I see a hoard of people swarming the pavement below. 705 more words


Character Interviews: Emily (The Society)

I had planned to take a longer break from these character interviews, but Emily rounds out Ledia’s best friend group (although I’ve also done Huritt already who isn’t a part of that), so I wanted to go ahead and do hers. 720 more words

Character Interviews

Character interview with Becca Martin, from A Journey of Faith

Good Morning everybody. As I promised in my last blog post, today I am here with Becca Martin. Sheis the protagonist in my novel entitled A Journey of Faith. 1,381 more words