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#CharacterInteractions - Heavensgate, Where Sanity Is All In The Mind

In the Heavensgate series by Leo Kane, the main protagonist, Jacob, battles for his sanity surrounded by supernatural enemies and allies as he struggles to free the Keeper of the Forbidden Book. 1,860 more words


Fictional Characters

Hi gang,

Lisa Burton here. I'm Craig's personal assistant, and the spokesmodel for his writing career. If you're into labels, I'm also a robot.

Craig went camping this weekend, and doesn't know whether he can find an Internet connection or not. 550 more words


#CharacterInteractions - Maca of Don - Part Two

Part One

Anna stamped her foot. “I was being a good Frau. Now do you see why I won’t marry you? I will not go through years of no love, no conversation, except suddenly the thought occurs and then there is another baby, and silence grows in the house because you are certain that the baby can’t be yours. 1,571 more words


#CharacterInteractions - Maca of Don - Part One

“It was kind of ye to invite me to your pleasant study”.

Would you introduce yourself, please?

“I am Llewellyn, Maca of Don, 1,489 more words


#CharacterInterviews - The Last Immortal

Today’s Character Interview comes from Indie Author Jenna Whittaker. Jenna is an Australian author who has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels for as long as she can remember and just published her first novel a year ago, (and three more after that in relatively quick succession!)  She loves writing, as well as her artwork–she even does commissions for portraits of people, their pets, books, anything related to books–covers, bookmarks, book plates; even portraits of the characters! 511 more words


#CharacterInterviews- Lost Time and Missing Yesterdays

Please allow me to introduce author Terry Marchion, who lives in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the US.  Aside from drinking too much coffee, he’s an avid sports fan, loves science and ancient roman history.  633 more words


#CharacterInteractions - Of Manic-Depressives and Catmen

Today I’d like to introduce fellow Author Matthew Snee, creator of superheros and aliens from near and far who, through the magic of Character Interactions, he has brought together for the first time.    941 more words