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New endeavors: Involvement within a large project

I thought that looking into finding some external work would help me toward up skilling but also giving me a bit of a confidence boost by socializing with different individuals working towards the same goal. 368 more words

Year Two

Slow Learning

So it’s been three weeks since my last post here, which is a little mind boggling, because this model still isn’t finished! Asides from just from feeling quite low due to my current joblessness, my progress has been hampered somewhat by my own rubbish workflow. 277 more words

Dinosaur, Raaaar!

This week in the sketchbook we have this little doodle of a space exploring lady on a planet full of dinosaurs. Award winning narrative, right there. 275 more words

Face Practice

I’ve been using the concept art of our character Evan Nott to get a little practice in with my face modelling. Still very rough and needs a lot of work but I’m enjoying myself, at least. 53 more words


I'm Not Dead, Just Living.

It’s all right, I’m still alive, I’ve just been suffering from a hefty dose of life. About two months ago I blogged about how I was looking to find work to help support myself as a creative snowflake. 391 more words

Maya first Modelling Tutorial 2014...

This is the first in a short run of modelling and rigging tutorials designed to help this years student through their first Maya project of the year. 34 more words

Character Design

Low-Poly Hand Study

I finished the hand I’ve been working on – it’s now unwrapped, textured and rigged, with transformations locked and controllers included for clean animation. It’d be cool to take this into ZBrush one day and add some really cool details such as raised veins and proper wrinkles, then maybe bake a normal map. 8 more words