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Mastering Blend Shapes

One of the elements of production I had not expected to find myself dealing with was the blend shapes for the boy character, as this had been a job that was expected to be completed alongside the rigging task that Scott had offered to complete. 829 more words

Creative Futures

Blog 7

Going to create a lava base for my creature, maybe sculpt some splashes of magma and stuff.  I also need to texture the mouth a bit more.

Modelling the Boy Character

One of the biggest challenges that I have been presented with this semester has been the task of creating the boy model for the animation. 2,571 more words

Creative Futures

Creature Pitch: Elementals

Physical Level:

  • Ancient (Exact Age Unknown)
  • No gender
  • 15 feet tall
  • Weighs 3 tons

Social Level:

Its an autonomous creature, so it really has no feeling towards any social interaction. 154 more words

Character Modelling

Week 2: The Body

I got most of the body done, now I have to make the head and the neck and connect them. Also,  I need to add just a few more shaping edge loops around the inside of the leg, it looks a bit wonky. 53 more words

Character Modelling

Stylized Character Assignment

Physical Age: The character is in their mid twenties. Male. He is around 5’ 10”. Weighs about 150 pounds. He is Caucasian. He is extremely active, as he is the male chosen by his tribe to represent them in kingdoms far from home. 369 more words

Character Modelling