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What's in a Name?

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Lauren Mayhew

Whenever I start to write something new, I get really excited about choosing names for my characters. The only problem is, I’m VERY picky and it can take me days – literally days – to find a name that fits my characters perfectly. 380 more words

What's in a Name? From a Writer's Perspective.

Did you all see the supermoon eclipse last night because that was fantastic! Zoe and I had a blast and she got to break out her reflective vest—something she hasn’t worn in a long time. 771 more words

Part-time Writer

I Know It's A Weird Name, But...

At some point soon people will hopefully be reading my novel.  (Release date is set for September 29th.  Yikes!)  And, when they do, I’m sure one of the first things they’ll ask themselves is “what’s up with that name?” 504 more words

Rider's Revenge

13 Sept 2015: What's in a Name? And where to find one?

Inspiration tends to come in the strangest of places … at least it does for me.  While cleaning out the lost and found at work, I came across the following book.  183 more words

Jennifer Geoghan

What's in a Name?


I run into this brand of hot sauce in Wal-Mart (at least in Louisiana), and it always gets me thinking about brand names, book titles, and character names. 411 more words

Cajun Pepper Sauce

What's in a Name?

One of my greatest pet peeves is when I’m reading a science fiction or fantasy novel where a character’s name is clearly not a name used in our world and I a) can’t figure out how to pronounce for whatever reason or b)accidentally mispronounce it for however many books in that series until I find the correction. 583 more words

Part-time Writer

That awkward moment when authors know what they're doing

Some characters are as famous as their author. Or even more famous, the scheming little buggers.

Honestly? It takes me eons to come up with a proper character for my name, one that my pickiness doesn’t tear apart. 804 more words

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