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What's in a Name?

One of my greatest pet peeves is when I’m reading a science fiction or fantasy novel where a character’s name is clearly not a name used in our world and I a) can’t figure out how to pronounce for whatever reason or b)accidentally mispronounce it for however many books in that series until I find the correction. 583 more words

Part-time Writer

Wobbly Characters

A few weeks ago, I launched the first of an intended series of posts about breaking the reader’s suspension of disbelief. Then a deadline happened. 1,389 more words

Friday Fun - Choosing Character Names

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments. 489 more words

Friday Fun

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On Naming and Diversity, Part II

Yesterday I talked about my discomfort with Louis Sachar giving his main character a made-up, generically ethnic name in his new novel, Fuzzy Mud. I wanted to talk about making up names in fantasy too, but that post was getting way too long, so I decided to write a Part II. 1,550 more words


On Naming and Diversity, Part I

Last week I read the transcript of an NPR interview with Louis Sachar, author of the incredible Holes. His new book Fuzzy Mud just came out. 1,074 more words



My purpose in starting to blog was to discuss writing and to gain insights that might help in creating my own works of fiction.  Somewhere along the way I seemed to have morphed into the political arena.   661 more words

A rose by any other name...

Lest I drag us down the rabbit hole about people who don’t use commas and don’t capitalize verbs in title-capped headlines anymore (!), let me pivot to a topic that has been in the news quite a bit over the last week: character names. 369 more words