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How To Name Your Character

One of the things many authors and screenwriters struggle with is naming their characters.  It is one of the first things I do with a story idea – often before I even write out my beats.   678 more words


Character names

People often ask me why I choose to write fanfiction over and above original fiction, and I usually give them the same answer: because I’m rubbish at coming up with character names. 501 more words

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What's in a Name?

One thing I love about storytelling is the malleability. Rewriting my historical series has become an exercise in this. My intention was to spruce it up, minimize things like punctuated dialect, and bring it sophistication that comes from growing in the writing craft and simply living. 420 more words

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Character names - decisions, decisions!

Being indecisive?

Am I the only writer who is indecisive when it comes to my character names?

I don’t have any children, and yet I firmly believe naming a child would be far easier than naming a character in a book! 321 more words


Pity the author's spouse

Because the author’s spouse must beta-read five versions of the same story and give thoughtful, useful feedback every time.

Because the author’s spouse must politely ignore when the author is staring into space. 142 more words

It isn't you - The joys of character naming

One of the fun parts, but also one of the big challenges of writing a contemporary novel, is naming your characters. In my opinion, my rules if you like, the names must suit the characters, not constantly distract the reader due to being silly or having way too many syllables, and not be similar to the names of famous people. 428 more words

Kissing The Scorpion

Flesh and Blood-A Scarpetta Novel-By: Patricia Cornwell

Welcome to Review Friday

Book Reviews from an Authors Perspective.

Everyone in our household reads, most of our books, we check out from the Inglewood branch of the Nashville Public Library System, Friday evening the night before our weekly trip I decided to see what they had new. 1,012 more words

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