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Naming Characters

I’m just going to get into it right here. These are a few rules I follow when I name my characters.


Seriously Write: Names by Carol G. Heilman

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

How does a writer of fiction name his characters? 

Does he pull them out of thin air? Not likely. 

Join Carol G. Heilman on the…

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Sandra Ardoin

Inventing Names for Your Characters

via Inventing Names for Your Characters

When I invent names for my characters, I try to keep the names simple, so my readers can promounce them, and so I can remember them. 16 more words

Unique, beautiful or strange; how do you select the best name?

Naming characters can be hard. Is for me. I worry over them like newborn babes.


Just how important is choosing the right name?

Turns out very! 328 more words


20 Places to Find the Perfect Character Name

Much like naming a baby, naming a character is tricky: will the character grow into its name? What if it doesn’t? How will their name impact their story? 234 more words


Writing About Edna With the Egg

I’m waiting for a call and I’m sitting in one of the big green grandpa armchairs watching the snow fall on the frozen harbour. I have an optimistic hope that by the time I get home there will be enough for at least one race down a hill somewhere. 268 more words