Disney Princess of the Week:Rapunzel

Hey, Disney lovers! I hope you guys had a great Easter. I know I did. My family went to church ,and then went to my grandparents house for lunch and had a Easter egg hunt and opened our Easter baskets. 214 more words


Disney Princess of the Week:Ariel

Hello,Disney lovers! This morning, I sadly had to where my winter coat. I really hope it will warm  this week, and that it will be warm or hot!( My fingers are crossed.) So,anyway, here is the Disney princess of the week: 183 more words


Character of the Week (1)

This week’s character of the week is Donna Yates.

Although Donna was initially introduced as an ‘in-your-face loud mouth’, her character has massively developed over the past few months. 109 more words

Character Of The Week

Disney Princess of the Week: Cinderella

Hey, Disney lovers! It was the first day of spring on Friday, and weather is getting warm where I live, and I am very happy about that! 207 more words


Disney Princess of the Week: Belle

Hello, Disney lovers! It’s another Monday! Last Monday ,feels like a long time ago to me. It really does. For the next little while, I will have a Disney princess of the week. 189 more words


Character Of The Week: Final Week Of The Program!


Hey Everyone! Their is no better character I feel to close out the program with than the lovable Baymax! I chose Baymax for the final Character of the Week because I feel like as CPs we can all say, we are satisfied with our program.

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Character Of The Week: Week 14


Hey Everyone! Since Character Of The Week falls on Christmas week, I thought it was only fitting that Olaf would be this week’s character. I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas or which ever holiday you may be celebrating!

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