[Art/Story] Character of the Week - Zevida the Pale

[[ I know absolutely nothing about Guild Wars lore so hopefully the picture makes up for it. This week’s character is Zevida the Pale, a charr ranger. 501 more words


Marvel Character of the Week: Hawkeye (A.K.A. Clint Barton)

The Marksman

Barton was only 14 when he joined a carnival and attracted the attention of the show’s star Jacques Duquesne, the Swordsman. Duquesne trained Barton in the art of throwing knives, but quickly realized the boy was a natural at archery and turned him over to Trickshot, the carnival’s archer. 199 more words

[Story/Screenshots] Character of the Week - Raleth Surana

[[ This is the Raleth that exists in the Dragon Age games. He is my canon Warden, an elf Mage. I lost a lot of my old screenshots when my old hard drive failed, but here’s one I snagged from another post! 707 more words


Marvel Character of the Week: Captain America (A.K.A. Steve Rogers)

Sorry, I forgot to post this! Here is the Marvel character of the week- er, the next two days. :-/

          Living Legend of World War II… 383 more words


Hello friends and happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am EXHAUSTED. Just everything about me right now is exhausted so needless to say I’m quite happy that this week is finally over and I can’t wait to sleep. 827 more words


[Story] Character of the Week - Imralion Sunsorrow

[[ Imralion is a blood knight and the brother of Linarelle. He met Aeramin while training in Shattrath and they have been together since. Here he’s spending some time with his nephew. 580 more words


Marvel Character of the Week: Thor

The Asgardian God of Thunder

Thor was the god of thunder, the beloved champion of Asgard and a figure of worship among the ancient Norse. He loved his people so much that he triggered their destruction in the end battle of Ragnarok, finally breaking a repeating cycle of futility. 213 more words