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The Daydreamer Awards

I just discovered that I’ve been nominated by bubbakavangha to do this. When I seen my name I was like “What I was nominated for a thing!” So that’s really cool and exciting, also thanks for nominating me :) 645 more words

My Life

Character Profile Template

This is an extensive character profile sheet that I use. Feel free to use it all you want. You can tailor this for your story, adding or removing bits that don’t apply. 578 more words


The Phantom of the Opera

So I’ve become recently obsessed with this musical after seeing it in person about a week ago. I remember when the movie came out in 2004, and loving it then too, but that was mostly for the music. 3,565 more words



Every morning when he wakes up he looks at the pillow she used. There is still an impression on the pillow.  He tries to find her sent still lingering in the room. 716 more words


Ignis Fatuus Character Profiles: Renier

I hath returneth!

Affiliation: None.
Age: 23
Rather than having power over a single force, Renier can instead absorb the souls of those he slays at a great cost… 112 more words


The Ignorance of Blame

I’m not angry. I’m not afraid or hurt or concerned about what I want. Not anymore, anyway. Mostly.

Sure, I’m frustrated and I’m crying but that doesn’t mean I’m sad. 158 more words

Alyssa Burkett