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Characters Summed up in five quotes: Sporus

Characters summed up by five quotes.
Sporus, who seemingly cannot be summed up in one line quotes.

1) Sporus curled on the floor beside the couch, holding onto the emperor’s limp hand, playing the role of the concerned wife, wiping a damp cloth across his beloved’s brow and sighing with worry. 287 more words


Characters summed up in five quotes: Nymphidius Sabinus

1) The Prefect could deflate the cheerful atmosphere of a room merely by entering it

2) Then he marched out, for Sabinus never merely strolled or ambled, he moved as if permanently under the watch of a cudgel-happy centurion… 75 more words

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People on the Highway

My morning commute totals about eight miles round trip.  Take the kids to daycare then head back to the basement office.  It is quick and pretty boring.   881 more words


Character Profile -Artemina (Mina)

Artemina, Mina to her friends is an attendant to Empress Statilia Messalina.
She holds the title of Keeper of The Towel, a job she has got via a sexual relationship with Epaphroditus. 210 more words

LJ Trafford

A little from here, a little from there

One of the characters in book 4 is a Canadian lawyer who has become disillusioned with the law only a few years after taking the bar. 250 more words



  1. Name: Jarred Seifner.
  2. Age: 24.
  3. General physical description: Tall, lanky, messy brown hair, green eyes, light skin, stubble.
  4. Hometown: Neo-Brisbane.
  5. Type of home/ neighbourhood: Inner-city ruins, an apartment in the city.
  6. 484 more words

Leah Adams

Name: Leah Adams

 Age: 28

 Gender: Female

 Occupation: Police officer

Race: Human

Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance: Broad shoulders, slightly overweight, chocolatey brown hair, pale face. 66 more words