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Shayna Kae and Christina Lansplex

My character’s love interest was Shayna Kae. But she wasn’t always so.

The early drafts of the book had the love interest as Amazon Knight Christina Lansplex (based on a high school crush). 229 more words


Character Profile - Vicki (Pallister)

And there goes Vicki, after only a handful of stories. She will be missed.

Vicki was from the late 25th century. The TARDIS team met her on a distant alien world where she was being held captive by a sinister weirdo. 230 more words

First Doctor

What’s He Wearing?

What’s He Wearing?

By Natalie Bright

Writing Excuses podcast touched upon a subject I had never given much thought to: fashion.

In an interview with Rebecca McKinney, they talk about how clothing descriptions can add depth to characters and detail to your story. 255 more words


Jacob Taylor

Basic Details

Name:Jacob Taylor
Date of Birth:May 9, 2157
Origin: Terra Nova
Occupation: Cerberus Operative
Alignment: Paragon (75%), Renegade (25%)


Physical Description: … 1,792 more words

Character Profile

Daily Prompt: Survival

Benjamin Spicket was not one of those guys who could be relied on in tough times. When he was a child, no part of him would have reminded you of a cute blonde kid with a penchant for booby trapping a house as a way to stay one step ahead of bandits. 249 more words

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Infernal Hunt Character Study: Elise

We’re now counting down to the full release of the Infernal Hunt books! Infernal Ties is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for just 99c! With that in mind, I thought it was about time to introduce you to the main characters of my beloved urban fantasy series. 352 more words

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Character Profile - Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright

Ian and Barbara, Barbara and Ian. The first humans that traveled with the Doctor. They brought wit, grace, and charm to the TARDIS and made it a better place by their mere presence. 398 more words

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