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Two Minds- Character Profile

To understand our characters more our group created a character profile for the femme fatale and antagonist of Two Minds.

This Character Profile was created by Rory McNamee and his blog posts is linked here- 26 more words

Two Minds


Turn the following object into an interesting character, provide traits, likes/dislikes, and a background:

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Goal: Full character profile, 200+ words

Source: https://freephotos.cc/objects#220994

Character Profile.

Name: Rose Canduss.
Age: eighteen-nineteen.
Hair: bright red and shoulder long.
Hight: nearly six feet tall.
Background: Rose the daughter of a Lord follows his killer through a portel to the Wereding woods where she is saved from her fathers murderer by Eloo an elf and Kye her lover a werewolf nurse her back to health and lead her through the world of magic and she meets elves werewolves trolls and dragons and learns that she has magic in her blood and she learns that she must save her sister Robin from dark magic users. 29 more words

Character Profile- Two Minds

I created a character profile for our protagonist of Two Minds, this helped us plan around the character, in turn writing storyboarding and scripts. Furthermore, the character profile meant our actor could have a deeper understand of what we wanted the protagonist to be like. 22 more words


Lily Oliver

Will be updated as story develops! Growing and changing along with the character. 7 more words

About Ann Williams

This is the last character that I’m profiling from my upcoming NaNo…

First Impressions
Name: Ann Blakely Williams
Age: 30 years (Apr. 5)
Occupation: innkeeper… 315 more words


Responsibility (8.2)



Miracle wrote up the petition. It was surprisingly well drafted, and it only alerted Michael to the fact his friends might have talents he had no idea about. 2,152 more words