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Project "Heroes Must Die" : The Network of Masks - Thieves Guild of Gothic City

“Novus Ordum Mundi…or something…no wait, that’s right…” — Network of Masks Motto

Who are the Network of Masks?

An organization of ambitious but mostly bungling brigands, the Network of Masks are the flashy and theatrical resistance fighters with barely a clue.

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Muse Moment: Character Profile – Zachary Thomas

This week features another Biography of another protagonist in my Mentor Access Project. Like always, thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy it! 232 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

The Baby

Name: The Baby

 Age: Indeterminate

 Gender: Female

 Occupation: Daughter

Race: Human

Relationship Status: n/a

Physical Appearance: Light-skinned, curly long lashes, wide dark eyes, a squashed nose, huge cheeks and a chubby body. 19 more words


Character Profiles: Interview with Criminalist Conrad Ward

Hello, RPD Series readers! This is the fourth installment in a series of questionnaires o rinterviews – character profiles, if you will – answered by the men and women of the Riverdale PD and Calera County Crime Lab themselves. 2,349 more words

Character Profiles

Bot 889 (The Character)

Name: Bot 889

 Age: Twenty

 Gender: Assumed Male

 Occupation: Guardian of Blatancy founder’s daughter Amina

Race: Sentinel Robot

Relationship Status: n/a

Physical Appearance: Can change appearance. 259 more words


Muse Moment #5: A Quick Glimpse at Aeris Wong

As I will be working on my Mentor Access Project for a good part of this year, I thought it would be nice to share some of my “off-cuts” (for lack of a better term) which can complement the story. 248 more words

Joelyn Alexandra