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Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Dave

There are some characters you love.  There are some characters you want to spend all your time thinking about.  There are some characters you don’t get to write about, but you fall in love with and wish you could give them more time in the story.   202 more words

Modern Persuasion

The Friday Muse - The Man With No Face

He lives among us. He eats with us. He sleeps with us. He breathes the same air as we all do.

Only he’s not us. 266 more words

David N. Alderman

Character Profile: Ethan

Since I was born, I could feel it. There, just out of reach, the pull reached through the veil. Our souls straddle the planes of existence and to be bound by this one was maddening. 159 more words


Getting to Know Modern Persuasion: Meet Elizabeth

I am not sure we all have an Elizabeth in our lives.  I am pretty sure we might not want one.  In the original Persuasion, Elizabeth is just a snob.   189 more words

Modern Persuasion

Character Profile: Kirk Gleason

Kirk is definitely one of Star’s Hollow’s most active citizens. He’s held an impressive 62 different jobs in the seven seasons we’ve known him. Click… 323 more words

Gilmore Giveaway

The Power of One: Love, Kindness, Joy

From work to volunteering, Trish Guthrie does more than her fair share of work while setting at ease the people around her. Everyone in and out of the  church depends on Guthrie. 626 more words

Character Profile

Procrastinate to Fuel Your Writing, Tip #1: Chocolate Wars

Some insist procrastination is a dirty word. But I say, “One writer’s procrastination is another writer’s research.”

Have you ever left your keyboard in search of a snack, and found yourself staring at the inside of the fridge (for the umpteenth time that day) and not finding anything worth eating? 363 more words

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