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Henry "Hal" Sharp

  1. Codename
    • Freeze (?)
    • Cryon (?)
    • Black Ice (?)
  2. Age- 25
  3. Species- African American Inversion
  4. Status- Unregistered
  5. Hair- Black Fade
  6. Eyes- Ice Blue
  7. Body- Athletic
  8. Powers …
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Brandon Snell

23/3/2017 - beginnings

His rhetoric was flawless, there was no denying it. Nobody could argue quite like Sandrec. He could bend others to his viewpoint with one sentence. Most times this would be along the lines of ‘this is the way of things now.’ We could never compare. 72 more words


Meet A Character - Rolf Offenstath

From my first book…


Rolf Offenstath sat down wearily in the wreckage of what used to be a house, he guessed. He’d never lived in Berlin, but had attended one or two May Day celebrations in his time with the Hitler Youth.

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David, David, David where are you David.

Don’t ask me where that came from. I’m also tapping out the tune for Peter and the Wolf as I search images to represent this guy. 1,496 more words


Steven "SWAT-Spider" Kessler

  1. Codename- SWAT-Spider
  2. Age- 35
  3. Species- Irish Inversion
  4. Status- Unregistered
  5. Hair- Short somewhat unkempt Ginger. Patchy Beard
  6. Eyes- Green
  7. Body- Muscular, old scars under beard
  8. Powers (Steven) …
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Brandon Snell

Character Profile: Jordan McMahon

To make The Heart Wants What It Wants a bit more accessible and interactive, I have constructed profiles on the main characters from this novel for your entertainment. 417 more words