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People on the Highway

Today’s tale is called: Slow Lane

The roads this morning are odd.  There are no obstructions, no accidents, no inclement weather or even the aftermath of bad weather; yet speeds are topping out at 40 miles per hour.  515 more words


Darby Duffield

One morning Darby ‘Duffi’ Duffield woke up and looked in the screen of her fathers first generation globe television set: the one  with the antennae broken asymmetrically and a mound greasy pizza crusts piled on top, and thought, very slowly and deliberately the single most important thought of her life. 833 more words


Character Profile - Lysander

Lysander started off with a small role in Palatine. He is the hapless announcer who gets a shoe flung at him by an enraged Statilia Messalina. 263 more words


Character Profile: Jade Valentine

Jade Valentine is a seventeen year old high school student in her final year of grade school. A member of the drama club and track team, she does well in most subjects in school, but really shines when she can let her creativity loose and dreams of one day becoming a published author. 219 more words

Jade Valentine:Sorcerer

Cast shots

Name: Zahra Merali
Reason for casting: Fit the image of Katherine Bloom out of the people auditioned

Name: Hannie Alboni
Reason for casting: I was looking for someone tall enough who’d fit the picture of both Max Hastings and Samuel Blake – in that they could look unassuming, but also capture your attention if they wanted to.

A Level

Sheira Vreid

Name: Sheira Vreid

 Age: 26

 Gender: Female

 Occupation: Member of RADAR

Race: Human

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Physical Appearance: Tall, lean with short black hair. 118 more words


Character Profile and First Scenes of the Script!

Here is the first and second scene that I wrote up for the script along with the character profile.

The action is heavy in detail but not too heavy because I thought it would be useful to the actors and the film has little dialogue: 22 more words