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Blog Update 5-23-2017

Another day, another update. And this one thanks in part to the lovely folks at Reddit.

Quality of Life Overhaul

  • Remember how I was going back to do some good ol’ fashioned editing?
  • 229 more words
Brandon Snell

New Character Profile page: Ropak

There’s a new character profile up for the character introduced in this month’s Wandering Fortunes chapter, Ropak! He is of mysterious origins with unknown parents and is sometimes lazy. 88 more words

Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos

Clay Jensen - Welcome to your blog

“Clay, Helmet… your name doesn’t belong on this list but you need to be here if I’m going to tell my story.” Clay acts as the protagonist for 13 Reasons Why and his listening of the tapes paints the vivid memories leading up to Hannah Baker’s suicide. 828 more words

Kathy Preston

  1. Codename- Granite
  2. Age- 33
  3. Species- British Inversion
  4. Status- Registered
  5. Hair- Light Brown Ponytail
  6. Eyes- Brown
  7. Body- Short muscular with rock patches embedded in her skin…
  8. 139 more words
Brandon Snell

~Blog Tour~ Need You Dead by Peter James

Hi everyone,

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Need You Dead by Peter James and I’ve got a character profile to share with you all. 740 more words


Day 4 Challenge: Character Dating Profile

I decided to do a character profile on a character from one of my recent reads, The Bear and the Nightingale. I really loved this book and how fantastical it was, I thought the main character of the book would be a great inspiration for this post! 125 more words

Reading Challenges

Sheri Holland - Welcome to your blog

Sheri Holland has a dark secret, hidden behind her sweet and infectious smile is a truth she would rather did not get out. With each tape being gradually revealed through the episode, we as an audience have to wonder what involvement Sheri is going to have. 939 more words