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Living for others
Can define or delimit

Being true to herself
And the way she loves
Can only expand and enlighten

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I Knew Them When

I knew them when
The fields were gold,
And hours filled
With guiltlessness

I knew them on
Their wedding day:
In youth, with all
Its weightlessness — 26 more words

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Monk Sketch

This is another one of the drawings I made over the summer break.  I felt inspired to create an Eastern monk.

David Jernigan

Drawing Spaces

He placed his heart
In drawing spaces;
Pen-and-ink caught places,
That held surprise,
As the world was
Through his eyes.

But the voice cutoff… 58 more words

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7 Essences - 1

The first: in fall,
A gathering for fun;
Her newly single,
Gentle and aloof,

And I, a troubadour,
Or kind of sentry,
Who sang on balconies, 71 more words

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Painters Paint

At eight years old,
And lacking much like talent,
I look around the class
At other kids:

The girl beside me,
Tight black hair and brilliant, 139 more words

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Tuesday’s Child

He sat at this table,
Years ago,
Writing her letters
In a densely symbolic language
Only the two of them
For every real love… 67 more words

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