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a pilgrimage

Way off the roads that make up maps
Her grandfather is buried;
They found it on a summer day,
Out in the country, far away, 153 more words

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Character Sketch -- Peter

If he were to notch the states he’d visited like kills on a gun, the number would be thirty and eleven more. But he carries no gun, only a guitar, a pack, and a little dog. 161 more words


Just A Dad For Show

You’re just a dad for show
That’s all you ever effing were:
Pretending that you care
So much about both him and her

No you cannot be bothered… 20 more words

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{ the wintertime she knows }

this is the wintertime she knows
these are the hills of her delight
this is her pathway to the stars
these are the nights that make things right… 27 more words

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Meanwhile, In The Real World

Cassandra writes far better than
I ever, ever could;
But keeps most of it in her mind
Where it does little good

Abiding with her cigarettes… 77 more words

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