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the changing face

she draws because

the world is not

what it should be

© Alexandra Smirnova | Dreamstime.com – Sunset and Lake

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She has gradually given bits of herself away — to her children, her friends, and now her grandchildren, each receiving portions of a beauty she had little time to enjoy when she was younger. 34 more words

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Anzo and Lydia Sketches

Anzo, on the left, belongs to my friend, and Lydia, on the right, belongs to me. They are a couple and so I figured I’d post their sketches together, even if they were separate entities in my sketchbook.


Character Sketches


Jeremy Finch is the older brother of Scout Finch who is the narrator of the story. He ages from 10-13 over the course of the book. 407 more words

Character Sketches


Astrogony she’s studied long:
The origins of worlds and stars —
The heavens greet her with a song
In timeless mystic reservoirs

A dance among celestial climes, 34 more words

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The moonlight in a child’s eye,
The winter of a story told;
The stars, that seem to clarify
The meaning of both light and cold… 37 more words

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Limpid, tremulous

Limpid, tremulous,

Redolent, and effulgent,

Yet contumacious

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