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Smells Like Teen Angst

It has been awhile since I posted.  I did some sketching today at a school meeting.  We were forced to watch a film about teen angst, even though I work with elementary kids.   24 more words


in love and mist

a morning comes, in love and mist, alive —
the habitat of all its absentees —
she’ll rise to breathe again and fail to thrive… 87 more words

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Fast Flash Friday: The Writing Sketchbook Project And Prompt #1

Hey everybody!

I know what you’re probably thinking…

It’s Friday, what in the name of butt-monkeys almighty are you doing posting things?

I had that same exact thought yesterday, but I decided, “Meh, I’ll do it anyway.” You never know who you might help or inspire with what you say, so I figure that this is worth a shot. 329 more words


a sketch of Harold

Harold’s ears pointed upwards, sharp enough to skewer a falling leaf. His skin had grown sallow and green-hued from shunning the outdoors in daylight and too many hours in front of his computer. 439 more words

Hearts Are Full Of Fields

You know her angry, critical;
A person certain, full of pride –
But once, there was another her;
From time long past and distance wide — 86 more words

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Space Invaders

It’s sad that no one knows that he at one time protected the whole world from invasion; but real heroes, he’s realized, rarely get the attention they deserve. 33 more words

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The ties that long constricted her
Are there of her own choosing;
The method to her gladness; whether
Using or abusing

And now she sits beside a man… 61 more words

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