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really there

she seems an always quiet girl,
a different type of circumspect:
a beauty, but a distant one,
with visions few would e’er suspect

for people who’ve their eyes outside… 22 more words

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10 Things To Know About Your Characters

I try to keep a thorough character sketch on each character I write. Sometimes it’s a little bit difficult and I get halfway through a novel and realize there’s something in a character’s past I hadn’t accounted for. 182 more words

Diatribe of A Put-Off Woman

Why do men try to hold hands with me on dates?
It’s such a turn-off.
I mean, I know they’re supposed to make
The first move and all.

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Times Square Pigeons

Two sisters, eighty plus years old I know.
They talk of NYC back in the day:
When they were twenty-somethings, starting out,
And had a dream, and so had made their way… 81 more words

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The Wisdom

She’s out among this world, but she
Is not really part of it;
That book that so absorbs her, well,
You know that she must love it… 22 more words

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Girl Reading

The book she read was ‘Ethan Frome’;
The smile, though, was all her own —
A library of innocence
And literary

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Solution Saturday: My Characters Have Taken Over (HELP)

Starting to plan out a new novel is sort of like sitting down to plan a vacation. By the time you’re on your way to the airport (by the time you start writing), you’re convinced you have everything figured out. 513 more words

Meg Dowell