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The Last Dirt Road

The last dirt road he ever drove
Was on his uncle’s funeral day;
The fields were green, the sky was white,
The air was full of clover hay… 79 more words

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Why Should You Save Everything You Write?

I save absolutely everything. Always.

The above picture is actually my stack of journals, starting in the year 2000 and spanning through today. I was 10 when I started writing, both fiction and in journals, and I have maintained the “wordsmithing” – and the paper hoarding – habit for the last fifteen years. 904 more words


The Fallen Prince

If he was everything they thought he’d be,
He’d be a better man than he turned out:
A waste of such potentiality,
So many demons never put to rout… 79 more words

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Green Eyes

From girlhood on up
She’s known she has the power
To look right through you

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Miss Characterized

When she discusses politics,
She will describe the views
Of others who oppose her.
Though, it seems, she might confuse

Exactly what they mean with what… 38 more words

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Between sips and


She has a rigorous program of



Breaking hearts

And watching Bollywood films


When she is completely alone

She tries all the dance moves… 9 more words

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She brings alive the spring...

She brings alive the spring, gives summer, heat
Makes autumn blush, and regal winter, pale
She lightly tells the truth, and shuns deceit
And leads to wonder like… 69 more words

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