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Future Plans and Current Wanna-be Projects

Here’s a quick update of where I am in life, what I’d like to tackle this summer, and what my future fun things are!

Future Fun Things (that affect my blog): 697 more words

29 Ways To Be Creative

Character Tuesday: Charlotte Hennisey

This is the character sketch for Zaire’s roommate! I could not be more excited about this story, really. Zaire and Charlotte are going to have so many roommate troubles, but they’re great friends. 424 more words


The Turning Point. . . and Character Sketches

Tonight I made lasagna, baking powder biscuits, and, again, salad. Although, I don’t think the salad should count since it is a pre-mixed bag. Because I grew up saving money, I still always immediately grab the most inexpensive ingredient I see at the grocery store. 519 more words

Leonard Doesn't Dance: A Bird of Character

In between racing around madly organising for our auction this coming Saturday, (I refrained from using hysterical capitalisation there. Did you notice?) I have REALLY enjoyed ( 312 more words

Art Projects

Meanwhile, In The Real World

Cassandra writes far better than
I ever, ever could;
But keeps most of it in her mind
Where it does little good

Abiding with her cigarettes… 77 more words

Original Poems

Character Tuesday: Zaire Davis

So my friends and I had an idea, late at night and possibly stolen from somewhere on tumblr, for a TV show in which a pansexual and an asexual live together (if you don’t know what one or both of those things are, trust me when I say that Wikipedia will help you out. 326 more words


Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, I finally made my parents, sister, and dog characters in my world. Digital collage was added over watercolor. Enjoy your families this Mother’s Day and always!

Children's Illustration