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Ding An Sich

She first escaped at twenty-three.
A bicycle, a battered van,
A life that she could taste, because
She sampled it, at her own pace and where. 163 more words

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cactus blossom

querulous, affectionate,
maladroit and capable,
patient and intemperate,
soft but inescapable 

very dim and very bright,
soothing touch and derringer,
anvil mind and heart of kite,
cactus blossom character 
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Parvez, sitting in the park,
A conversation ranges wide;
I ask him questions, wondering.
Here’s some of what he said —

“Give your money and your blood, 120 more words

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Accounting for it All: June Update

Similar content originally appeared on rrcampbellwrites.com, home of Accounting for it All author, r. r. campbell.

With 166 days between now and the debut of  589 more words

Character sketch: Mubaraka Hamid

Hello There!

First things first, let me tell who Mubaraka Hamid is.

Mubaraka is Mubaraka. You can’t compare her with anyone out there because she is one of a kind. 442 more words

Character Sketches

Character Sketch: Childerick

Childerick Merovais is the foremost duke in the Imperium. His bloodlines are impeccable, and for many of the Great Houses his claim to the throne is greater than that of the current Imperator Talinissia, whose mother was a foreigner. 969 more words


She’s lovable, and many do:
Her sunny curiosity,
Her wry and skewed verbosity,
Her smile insecure —
She’s lovable, for sure.

She’s lovable, and has a clue: 86 more words

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