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The ties that long constricted her
Are there of her own choosing;
The method to her gladness; whether
Using or abusing

And now she sits beside a man… 61 more words

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Deep Background

The list of questions we had to answer for the characters we played in high school drama ran to three closely-typed pages. The worksheet was a copy of a copy of a copy, its print gravelly and blurred. 398 more words

Character Sketches


It was time for a new look.

When I started this blog a few years ago, I was using it as a learning and teaching tool for a social media marketing class. 146 more words

The Poet Transacts

He heard: “You’re just a poet. Write your words
of common things, within your daily span:
Don’t try understand what’s past your reach;
Do not essay to plumb the depths of man.” 32 more words

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you the sun

love, you the sun,
the seaside, and the showers

the moments teem
within your fullest powers

and joyfulness, in rapture

love, you the sun,
that words can never

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