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My fan art illustration of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. #Skeletor #He-Man #MastersoftheUniverse

My fan art illustration of Skeletor from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise. Skeletor is the archenemy of He-Man and is a muscular blue humanoid with a hood over his bare-bone skull.  48 more words

David Jernigan

My fan art illustration of Patrick and Spongebob as adventures. #Spongebob #Spongebobfanart #loadofbarnacles

My fan art illustration of Patrick Star and Spongebob SquarePants as old school role playing adventures. Made the illustration just for fun when I was working on illustrations for a client ( That is no load of barnacles).  36 more words

David Jernigan

Character Sketches: The Lurker

I finally had time this Saturday to sit down and draw another character sketch. This is The Lurker, the third protagonist in my novel.

I used the same method of copying an upside-down photograph using oil pastels. 176 more words


Character Sketch #1: Roe Larsin

*This character is NOT up for grabs. I have decided to start a story here on the blog, where I will actually be posting my own original story. 534 more words


Toronto Lester

Toronto Lester

Toronto Lester

Toronto Lester

Basic Facts

Full Name: Toronto Clarence Lester
Date of Birth: June 16, 1990
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White English Canadian… 191 more words

Canadian Boys

On the Edge

So much to learn,
So much to see and feel –
The dreams of her imagining
Turned real

She’s seventeen,
And worried she might fail —- 11 more words

Original Poems

The Image of Ineptitude

The image of ineptitude,
The picture of uncouth,
A maladroit incompetence
Grown fine and strong since youth —

The ideal of ungainliness,
An overflowing lack — 14 more words

Original Poems