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A foreigner to her homeland, she tingles with anticipation over the fact that she stands seconds away from her first step into the culture that she always believed she would love. 273 more words



She rises, always, late or early

And the greenest day will envy her for beauty

For what her strength has seen, her eyes do not yet know; 16 more words

Original Poems

Character Sketches: Miss Hannah 1 by Sarah de Buck

Most character sketches by the wonderful Sarah de Buck, this one the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Cabaret, Miss Hannah herself.  Currently i’m toying with the Cabaret having her name in it, (Miss Hannah’s something and something appropriately descriptive Cabaret) but it’s not… quite… coming to me. 258 more words

Good Old Gamorrean Guard

I illustrated one of the Pig Guards from Jabba the Hutt’s Palace in Return of the Jedi.  These big pig men are called Gamorrean guards.  My brother thinks they are out of place in the Star Wars universe.  49 more words

David Jernigan

Nighthawks: A Writing Project

I first saw the painting Nighthawks when I was a kid. It was a featured poster in the new shop in the mall, where you could purchase an image of Spuds McKenzie driving a Porsche, or Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’ framed in black plastic while you wandered down to Orange Julius for a smoothie. 126 more words

The God and the Dreamer

AN: Find more about these characters via the ‘Characters & Their Worlds (The Fallen Father).’ A small character sketch of Zalafa, Ynalda of Dreams, to try and fit into his head-space a bit. 2,922 more words


#1 A Convo About: Character Sketches

As my first podcast,  I want to concentrate one something I am familiar with as a way to work around some of the stutters and stops in my speech. 132 more words