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I'm Back With Some Updates and Images Of The Graphic Novel!

Seriously, it’s been awhile…

It’s not that I’m lazy, I just didn’t have much to report last time.

So here’s the full update. I got rid of Google Plus, because I didn’t need it anymore and they kept censoring my posts. 402 more words

Graphic Novel

Character Sketching: Dungeons & Dating Websites

The first book I wrote (that has still gone unpublished, a-boo-hoo) came from the desire to summon a character into literary being that was so chaotic and anti-authoritarian (yet ultimately harmless) that he would rip through whatever situation I placed him in and get me to a finished manuscript. 848 more words


Bimblespottin Sketches #3

Hurrah! I found my sketches, nestled deep in the undergrowth of the animalistic recycle bin.

Time for some Bimblespotting!

So these sketches are based upon the third story in my Bimblespottin series:  86 more words


Lavender Sketches

Isn’t it just great how your blog just *clenches fist* deletes half your stuff?

So yes, here I am re-posting the sketches to go with my very first story I ever posted on my blog,  102 more words


Bimblespottin Sketches #2

Ah yes, more re-posting because my blog is in a conundrum.

So these pictures are based upon the second story in the Bimblespottin series: The Harrowing Happenings of Howie Dorough… 123 more words


Bimblespottin #1 - Sketches

Upon examining my Bimblespottin project, it would appear that the sketches for my three initial stories have, well, imploded and ceased to exist. And upon googling the problem, of course, absolute computer coding gibberish came up, so it is simply easier to post the sketches again! 117 more words



Tis the time, I’ve now reached 200 WordPress followers! Thank you!

I’m really enjoying sharing my writing and illustrations on here, and have met lots of lovely people. 104 more words