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you the sun

love, you the sun,
the seaside, and the showers

the moments teem
within your fullest powers

and joyfulness, in rapture

love, you the sun,
that words can never

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The Weak Survive, Too

They told him, “just the strong survive.”
But he does not believe that, much —
A type of mere tautology
Because strength is defined as such… 23 more words

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1: Meet Issica

She had a very short attention span. It was, simultaneously, a blessing and a burden to everyone who had to deal with her. It wouldn’t have been nearly as big of an issue if Henry was still alive. 254 more words

30-minute Sprint

Meet Rosa

Meet Rosa, the main character of my novel Emerald Drive. She is a shy and nervous, 27 year old new high school English  teacher who has always done as her parents have told her. 245 more words



Between the many sailing boats
The made up the regatta,
He heard the lapping of the waves,
An infinite sonata —

The sun was high and glittered wide… 40 more words

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A Good Life

“Oh, no, I’ve had a good life,” what he said.
“It’s beautiful out here, beside the sea –”
I had to smile; he was so endearing: 8 more words

Original Poems

The Tree of Truth

Out in the field of meriting,
Beside the tree of truth,
We walked along and talked when we
Were in the throes of youth.

You spoke of all the people you… 92 more words

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