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When he was young he knew the stars
By family and name;
What they were called in other lands,
And what those names became — 24 more words

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Beatrix Castle

God must have had a few stiff ones under his belt before setting Beatrix’s DNA in motion sixty-eight years, six months and 29 days ago. If she had been mailed piecemeal as a do-it-yourself assembly kit no one part would stick out as odd, but fitted together she evoked a mild sense of amused wonder. 144 more words



She set a sparkle on her sleeve
Her drab estate to flee;
Then braced herself to face the world,
And you, and me —

She clothed herself in who she was… 12 more words

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walking through the darkness Lyla

home and wanton yearning purchased

semblance of the ordered palate

dirt and toes prehensile shaking

maledictions shared in whispers

bon vivant… 36 more words

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One Cobalt Morning

From dreams of iridescent blue,
she woke to damp and cinder-block,
the stone-gray sunset smeared across
a pane upon a window by
a door with broken lock and splintered wood. 154 more words

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birds feed

the birds feed her —

although, she hands them little bits of food.
the process: mutual.
but maybe you don’t know of what’s
not spoken quite the way she does… 46 more words

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Borrowing Character Inspiration and Traits From People You Know

The million dollar question writers are asked at book talks is this: How much of your characters are you or someone you know?

It’s the question that has intrigued readers with every book or story they read. 609 more words

On Life