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Review: Night Boat to Tangier

I’m back to the Booker Prize longlist with Kevin Barry’s Night Boat to Tangier. The synopsis of this one sounded excellent to me, but my expectations may have been a bit too high- the book didn’t quite live up. 1,277 more words

An Interesting Character Study: Macbeth

Macbeth is certainly one of Shakespeare’s very interesting characters. 

Macbeth and his wife present an interesting study of power, control and submission. A proven warrior, he lets not only his imagination, but also his wife’s, run away with him, and completely submits to her manipulation and taunting. 122 more words


Quentin Tarantino's Revisionist History

Over the weekend I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is supposed to be director Quentin Tarantino’s last film (but he keeps signing on for more films). 1,262 more words


LeGuin, Ursula. Lavinia.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2008.

LeGuin was best known, of course, for her innovative, highly intelligent science fiction, but she also produced some very poetic historical fiction. 278 more words

Character Study

Kirby, Jessi. Things We Know by Heart.

NY: HarperCollins, 2015.

This is a new author for me, and this is not her first book, but I’m impressed with both her style and her ability to construct an unusual but convincing plot. 335 more words

Character Study


I was looked up to by so many in the community
The de facto leader of sorts for them
I was there to show them the way and to learn about the town… 88 more words


The Immersive Story of Sark Souls 3

May include spoilers, though I try to avoid them.




I’M A CASUAL GAMER. I have been since I got my first gaming console. It was a Sinclair Spectrum (48k!) And yeah, that might just have revealed my age to those of you old enough, or informed enough, to know what that is. 1,395 more words

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