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Journal 0002

Boop. So not much to really talk about. Oh well, here’s my journal post anyways! 629 more words



Like many other EVE players, I have more than one account.  A couple of my favorite blogs to read ( Merchant Monarcchy and Markets for Isk… 544 more words


Son of Grey, Thomas’s life mentor. Whenever he’s not busy working on the family farm, he goes out exploring, both around and just outside of the village.

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Lost Character Summary Sawyer

Sawyer is played by Josh Holloway.

Sawyer’s real name is James Ford, but he prefers to be called Sawyer. From the very beginning Sawyer and Jack but heads on many things. 267 more words

Lost Character Summary Jack

Jack is played by Matthew Fox.

Jack is the main character, and is mainly the leader. From the very start he took charge, started helping people, and immediatly people started looking to him for answers. 202 more words

Plot Challenge of the Week

This week’s plot challenge is actually going to be a character challenge. I promised more variety, and I intend to deliver. So, for today’s post you have to work up a basic character sketch based on each of the pictures below. 79 more words

Writing Challenge