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Seize The Day

The time is always right to turn your Passions into an Opportunity that can ultimately change your entire Life once you learn to seize the day and stop waiting for all the planets to be in the perfect alignment for YOU to do whatever it is that motivates you to get up each mornings for more than a mere paycheck.  106 more words


Deepest Connection

Since I woke up with the sun blinding me, there’s been a tightness in my chest. I laid in bed for several minutes, feeling very nostalgic. 285 more words

My First Crush

Perfection walked into my life in third grade. Suddenly, the four year age gap didn’t seem to matter, for Adam’s presence vanquished such petty discrepancies. 286 more words


What the “Huzz” Is All About!

So many of you have asked via social media about some congratulatory comments made on my timeline, and then a few made by me (calling Stephen “The Huzz”) 653 more words