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The Four Pillars of Fiction Part 4: Dialogue

So you got your plot, your characters, and the setting?

All that’s left to do is make these people talk, and following in the principle provided in this blog series, what they think and say needs to serve a purpose. 763 more words


It's Sunday, Hop To It

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I gotta get stuff done. Don’t you know it, my laptop’s power cord has a tear and needs to he replaced ASAP. 137 more words


Unspoken Celebration

I watched a friend last evening as he photographed a lovely sunset casting its paletteĀ of colors over a lake just beginning to slumber. There would never be another display of day’s end quite like this one, and he had the serenity of spirit to know it.

Can we start again?

Last week I went to see a fantastic production of ‘Jesus Christ, Superstar’ which was performed in the magnificent surroundings of Lincoln Cathedral in the UK. 275 more words

Shrews on work

B.G.Snyder 1991

The sky is our limit.