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God Keeps His Promises

For those who feel far from God or are simply praying for answers to their situations; I want to share a true story that may offer you some hope. 660 more words


Plotting with dialogue

Stuck with your plot? Bogged down in description? Janet Gover discovers a novel way of  building a story.

Whenever a few writers get together, at some point the age old question is going to come up…. 27 more words


Components of Trust

“In a high-trust relationship, you can say the wrong thing, and people will still get your meaning. In a low-trust relationship, you can be very measured, even precise, and they’ll still misinterpret you.” – Stephen M. 680 more words


GifSpam! Golden Harley

I love Harley Quinn’s dress in the nightclub scene in Suicide Squad and someone has made a gif set dedicated to it.

Made by ManofSteel

The Diary Entries

Aunt Agnes and the Accidental Invasion

Aunt Agnes and the Accidental Invasion

By L.T. Garvin

It all started when Ilene Wilson showed up at Dominoes Club saying that her husband, Ralph, had been taken away by an Accidental Invasion. 129 more words


The Hidden Beauty Beneath

Today I worked outside cleaning up for Spring. I spent time clearing leaves, picking up fallen branches and planning what needs to go where from our greenhouse. 333 more words

A Year Of Inspiration