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Wisdom for the Day

A person’s character is determined by his motives;
Oh the joy of living from right motives!

Every sin is actually a double sin;
1.  Leaving the right2.  88 more words


Finding Your Passion in Life

As a college student who is graduating in about a year, I’m faced with the difficulty of job searching. During this process, I found myself looking at a wide variety of jobs that are related to my two majors. 337 more words


Life essentials: character > talent

This is the lesson that most of us know, but don’t like to be reminded of. This is the concept that sets apart the worship one-hit-wonders from the legends and forerunners. 216 more words

Manuscript Separation Anxiety (MSA)

So you made the brave choice of going on vacation for two weeks. That angry demon called Writer’s Block had been present during all of your recent writing sessions, causing you to assume that perhaps you’d spent too much time with your manuscript. 1,694 more words


Overwatch's D.Va Is So Good Now

(Source: kotaku.com)


Last week Overwatch got a big update with a new character and a bunch of balance tweaks. The new sniper Ana… 890 more words


Tournament Report! July 23, 2016 - Constructed OP Event

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I decided to use another thematic team for the event this past Saturday. This team focuses on Justice League characters doing some retaliation and overcrushing. 770 more words

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