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Writing Concept #1

There should be separate books just for world building. Not only does it allow readers a more immersive experience, it allows authors to flesh out their worlds in ways they couldn’t do in the limited space of a novel. 153 more words

Ink Drop

SCM - Krioff - Main Story Review

Krioff is the 11th story I decided to play. I don’t know why I waited so long. Probably because he rarely appeared in the routes of the other gods and when he did, he seemed so stoic and blunt. 1,648 more words


Skull Operative

Another redrawing from 2002.  For this one, I decided to give him a redesign based on a vision I had at the time.  It’s more of an answer to “What if this character was adapted into live action?” I pictured he would look more like an armored tactical soldier with a novelty skull mask and a painted on logo, like the Punisher and Crossbones. 31 more words

Black And White

Words of Wisdom #1

Don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, but I want to point out the errors following are intentional… Some people just won’t get it.


WELCOME TO MARWEN - Character posters

Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome To Marwen gets some cool character posters. Out on November 21.


Connecting Backstories

That morning was dark and cold, with the lights from the gas station illuminating sections of the parking lot’s blacktop. It was a Friday, I think. 669 more words

Creative Writing

Running My First Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Call me Dungeon Master!

Time for a side note already: I’m not sure if this is a “Mandela Effect” thing or whatever, but I’ve been seeing DMs referred to as “GMs” (Game Masters) everywhere recently. 812 more words