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Writing for liberation exercise: self observation

A common writing exercise is to go somewhere – say a park – and write what you see, based on the five key senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, and texture. 200 more words

Writing Exercise

Show, don't tell!

“Show, don’t tell.” This is a particularly common advice from any writing teacher, but what does it mean exactly?

Showing something, like a feeling or a trait of the character’s personality through an action, instead of just describing them, is much more interesting and vivid for the reader, who will more easily feel as he or she is inside the story, watching what’s happening or taking place, instead of merely reading about it. 275 more words

Para Escritores / For Writers

Why Young Doctors Should Give Moonlighting A Try: 7 Curious Discoveries

To take things slower, or to take a slightly different path doesn’t mean you’ve settled for less. It only means you are brave enough to be non-conventional. 594 more words


Character Interview: Baxter the Shiba Inu Interviews Nana D from Academic Curveball (Braxton Campus Mysteries)

Last week, Baxter interviewed Kellan Ayrwick, the protagonist amateur sleuth from the Braxton Campus Mystery series. This week, Baxter’s cornered Nana D, Kellan’s lovable grandmother and sidekick who is the queen of sarcasm in his world. 3,136 more words


Purple Flurple - MA - Adobe animate/illustrator, messing with vectors

Meet Purple Flurple, he’s a mess, I will probably eat your eyes out with a spoon if you come near him with a lemon. 

We messed around in Illustrator in Tegan’s lesson today, learning an easy method to create vector characters in illustrator and then exporting them into animate. 11 more words

They Tried To Outsmart God

What? Outsmart God?

To outsmart someone means to use cleverness or intelligence to defeat someone, or gain advantage over someone, by trickery or deceit.

The prophet Daniel describes how the chief rulers and senior officials tried to outsmart God (Read about this fascinating bit of history in Daniel chapter 6). 860 more words


Warlord Morki: Blood and daggers, 8

Morki and the four survivors walked for another week before they saw their home in the distance.
One one far side of the mountains, there are the inhospitable lands of death, and then far, far away, there lies the great, mysterious peak known as the Heavenspire. 563 more words