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Too Many Names? A Tip for Cleaning Up Your Writing

“The Word of Wigaldir calls you!”

“Eternal life in Enga’s arms.”

“Fear not, sinners. Lether the Blessed will bring us to salvation!”

Like the mating calls of jungle birds, voices sailed over our heads, clamoring for our attention. 641 more words


Hard for you to speak sincerely?

It takes the courage to speak a sincere compliment. It is easy to complain and criticize because you are upset and your anger motivates you, but to stand up and call a good job a “good job”… is a truly rewarding pastime.

27 more words

Fairytale Fashion

I don’t write about my job often, but I got to do something totally amazing today and I simply had to share.

I got to be Cinderella, my favorite princess of all!! 93 more words


No More Excuses II

Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.” ― John Wooden,

Last week I shared a story about a young girl who took drastic steps to change the story of her life.

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The Monarch Butterly Project: Real World Leadership

What leadership lessons can students learn from tracking butterfly migration patterns? Plenty, if their science teacher is Julie Frey. Ms. Frey has a knack for turning children into scientists. 597 more words

21st Century Skills

I am Dan-StO, Character-Brick Relations

Character building seems to be the trend lately. We’ve had an amazing stormtrooper, a Jar Jar we could really like, and an UCS C-3PO. And still… 230 more words


Three chomps and a water bomb

Plus a squishy tank. How do people manage to do endless healing in the proving grounds? WTB more mana. Le sigh.

No Blizz, please don’t change a thing, one day I will pass wave 14 all by myself thank you very much. 387 more words