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Daily Prompt: Assumption Consumption!

via Daily Prompt: Assumption

It’s very easy to suffer from Assumption Consumption; a deadly illness that consumes and eats away a logical mind.  It’s a lethal weapon in the wrong hands! 164 more words

Life And Learning

These few words are my words

Write to recover

or die living the life of another

I disappoint your heart everyday.

I rape it copiously

Hope you  won’t wake up.

Its better to get fucked over if you are asleep or slightly disorderly . 100 more words


Japanese Coast Guard mascot Umimaru turns 20, lends rank to Hello Kitty for cute merchandise

Japan’s Coast Guard has been around for 70 years, and mascot Umimaru for 20 – so it’s high time for a Hello Kitty teamup! 512 more words


Death of a Blackmailer


“I wish could have prevented the unforeseen incident. But, I was pretty late to judge the chain of events. This lateness of mine made all the differences. 3,006 more words


Play Me

When I dont run, I’m stopped. Still and thinking. Remembering. Wondering. The fuzz of anxiety begins to stir then plucks behind my sternum. Unassuming. Scoops down out of my stomach. 176 more words


Move Dem Bones

Tip your head to the left. Now to the right. Now forward. Now back. Turn left. Turn right. Isolate in a circle.

Your neck is just one point of articulation. 168 more words



Problems stops negative thinkers;

Problem starts possibility thinkers.

Problems paralyze impossibility thinkers;

Problems mobilize possibility thinkers.

How do you see problems?
Possibility thinkers are motivated by problems.

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