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Vacuum People Suck 

Vacuum people.

Everyone knows one.

They suck the joy out of others.

They suck the life out of others.

They just plain suck.

No one wants to be around a vacuum person.  341 more words


Beginning from the Ground Up

In our microwave world that wants instant results, we must know its OK, perhaps even preferable to grow slowly. Let me encourage you today that if you feel you are moving at a snails pace, at least you eventually do laps around the person refusing to move off the couch. 544 more words

Reuben Egolf


“Sancho: ‘This city will destroy us. We need sun. We need air.'”

— Walker, A. A. (2014) Licentia, Thin Man Press 9 more words



Is ambition a good or bad thing? My response is something of a cop out: I don’t know; it all depends. How would you answer? Like many words, … 651 more words

4 Steps to Changing Your Thoughts

Our thoughts determine our feelings and our feelings determine our actions.

If we want to live positively we must carefully choose what we think about. The Proverb states: “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” It’s been said, “You’re not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.” Mohandas Gandhi wrote, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. 550 more words

Summertime changes


First of all, my whole class graduated!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the proclamation and I’m exciteeeddddd! Finally a new change in my life, new school, new subject, new people, … Tomorrow is prom and I will tell you all about it after that and I’ll talk about my date too. 339 more words