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Decode URL encoded strings on OpenBSD

alias urldecode='$PYTHON -c "import urllib, sys; print urllib.unquote(sys.argv[1] if len(sys.argv) > 1 else sys.stdin.read())"'


When characters have to get their own bloody way...

I was a third of the way through writing ‘Blackwood’ when this woman galloped into the book holding a bloody sword. I tried to ignore her but she kept waving her sword around until I was forced to write her in. 76 more words


Habit and what seems to be character

Habit is powerful, it shapes your life. It becomes how you see things and how you do things. Often they are habit, not characters because I have seen people changed under very stressful circumstances and live a better life, by developing better mind habits. 349 more words

A new you ....

Dear Moon Child,

You have come to a point where you have to make your own decisions. You have grown and I have seen you blossomed. 63 more words


The Daily Mix.... by, Michael Hawke

“Illusionary News”:  President Trump refers to the news as ” Fake News”. He is right about this, however it begs further defining. Not all news is fake, just a whole lot of it. 240 more words


Who is your favorite character in the book you are reading RIGHT NOW?

Hello there, yes you. Don’t click away now. You might as well finish what you started. lol. Anyway, I’ve got a question for you guys. Who is your favorite character in the book you are reading right now, and why? 97 more words



The speed and power of trust.

Why not be first ? Why not take the 1st step ? Why not take a chance ?

Others may need to see you do it first.

Bring out the “bigger YOU”.