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Tales of the Firewing: The Build Up of Antera (Journalister)

If you are interested, there are a few stories that I have been working on and building up to that I have posted on Journalister. When you post your works on Journalister, each entry is protected from being copied, and thus stolen, by any other user on visitor on the site. 71 more words



The stories that I got hold of and wrote down are not happy with me. They have been grumbling for quite a while, but I didn’t understand what they wanted. 131 more words


A Fabulous Dilemma

When I wrote my first book, I got within inches of the finish line and quit. I couldn’t be bothered with the edit, most likely because I believed this was a pointless hobby and no one would ever read it. 508 more words


A - Z April Challenge - It's A Theme!

I can blame my post of yesterday (Perverts and Weirdos) for helping me decide on a theme for A-Z April 2015. When I signed up I went with the “Adult Content” classification just in case. 153 more words

Isabella's Random Life

A Box Full Of Ashes - The Trouble With Vampires

A lot of writers talk about process, and mine goes like this – SHUT UP AND WRITE. I seldom talk about what I’m working on as I find it kills my desire to get the thing finished; it’s like I’ve already got my storytelling jollies by telling it and then there’s no more satisfaction to be had in writing it out. 3,309 more words


Tough Bitches - The Female Touch in my #Horror #Writing @jackrollins9280

Up until recently, I’d been rather naïve on the subject of feminism. I admit this, expecting a slew of negative comments, but hopefully you’ll stick with me and get my thought processes. 1,026 more words



Does anyone here have a peticular thing that they have a massive fangirl about!?

I do!

Though I have millions and I can’t write every one of these on this post, otherwise it would probably be 50 paragraphs long, my fangirl moment that has happened again recently is ( drumroll please )……. 92 more words