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A couple of nights ago I was sitting outside at night star gazing enjoying the sounds. I love listening to the traffic and other night sounds. 188 more words

Switched at birth - #10

Greetings from Peru. I’m beyond excited today, since my class had the opportunity to practice our English speaking with a native British man from Yorkshire, we were able to ask him many questions about his visit to our country, his musical knowledge and his life back home. 1,166 more words

'Living Like A Vampire' by Jacky Dahlhaus

Living Like a Vampire (Suckers Book 1)

A dangerous virus brings deadly consequences to a small town in Maine. During Black October, faced with the threat of being turned into a super-strong blood-sucker, schoolteacher Kate naturally decides to get out of town. 200 more words


The debate on the PC in an RPG

So, I have been thinking ( like always) about Roseguard. While I am sure it would never be made into an actual game, I do think about the mechanics of it as an actual game. 191 more words


Anagram map and MARIO map of Vancouver transit! / Canada is an unhated nation!

From Reddit: Here’s an anagram map of Vancouver transit stations, now outdated because of the new Evergreen Line.

From Translink and Dave’s Geeky Ideas: Here’s an updated Mario-themed Vancouver transit map for 2017, including the new Evergreen Line! 10 more words


Why I stopped watching The Walking Dead

I stopped two years ago, in fact, halfway through season 5, after discovering I didn’t care much anymore about what happened to characters, since killing them for shock value was more important to the showrunners than bothering with an actual arc. 701 more words