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Specific elements in fairytales and morals

-The characters occupy the whole complex of thinking, acting, and performing of a position within the family and society, names are rarely used in a folktale, characters function according to their status within a family, social class, or profession and they often cross boundaries or transform themselves. 631 more words


Mortal Kombat Evaluation: The New Kharacters -- Part 7

Kira — 

I was the first of Kabal’s recruits. I had stolen away to the mountains of Afghanistan, selling weapons to terrorists — disguised as a man.

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“…The glow in space had LaRain speechless. The space kart took off and she left Earth’s orbit. “It’s a human!” two soldiers shouted. LaRain is captured and taken captive. 56 more words


Fundamental Attribution Error!

Fundamental Attribution Error

Last time I talked about sonder — that idea that every person you encounter is living a life as rich and complex as your own. 782 more words

Writing A Novel

Character Drawing: Viveca

This character belongs to a Wrimo from the YWP.  I had fun drawing her, mainly because I’ve never drawn a character with that pose and disposition before, so it was a fun new thing. 23 more words


Such a Pity

My mother had the love and wisdom to introduce Jim Henson’s film ‘Labyrinth’ to us as children.  It’s pure magic.  For those of you who don’t know the story/need a refresher, here’s the synopsis: 3,041 more words

Gravity Falls OC of mine

My evolved idea form of my previous idea (“Betty” < original idea, I’m scrapping, kinda)

Gravity Falls