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Captain America

I’m glad Captain America isn’t a Nazi anymore. Mostly because he’s supposed to be an aspirational figure representing America as She Should Be, instead of America as She Is, but also because whenever I go on a diet, I am only able to stick with it by convincing myself that if I drop some pounds, I could get a start on becoming Captain America, and I’m not skipping that donut if it means I have to be a Nazi. 4.8/5


Simnanigans 12 - Spaceships, how do they work?!

Auryyn and Theron take an early morning dip in the pool, and Theron’s got something on his mind…

Theron: There’s something missing, and I don’t know what it is… 502 more words


Fast Time At Griffin High Character Profile: Dionne Davenport

Hey classmates, want to come hang out with the cool kids? No, me neither, let’s just laugh at their profiles instead.

Dionne Davenport is making her High School entrance as part of Fast Times At Griffin High event. 345 more words

Family Guy Addicts The Quest For Stuff

Numenera: A Rhapsody in Green.

On the outskirts of Ellomyr lurks a Stealthy Jack who Hunts Abhumans.


Nai lay in the undergrowth watching the Margr encampment through the scope of her pellet bow. 1,173 more words

Roleplaying Games

Some OK memories: Pokemon Red - 'Just five minutes, Mum! I'm in the middle of a battle!'

Ah Pokemon! The franchise that has a 10 year old kid wander the land without supervision and capture animals so you can satisfy an old man’s OCD collectionist fetish. 1,200 more words


Your Story

What if you were a character from a book or a movie, one that you really loved?

LivingĀ in this cozy neighborhood with untimely walks to the nearest garden, everyday bus commutes, and fast-paced thoughts constantly racing with the city trains. 207 more words