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Casting Acorns

May is quickly winding down like that roll of toilet paper your cats are disassembling in the bathroom, but there is just enough room for one more double-ply idea from my readers to satisfy you from top to bottom on Prompt the Squirrel Fridays!  1,842 more words


Coming Up With Memorable Names

Coming up with names for your characters is so important. You want these namesakes to stand out and embody the very essence of your characters. Of course, there are some genres that tend to use common everyday names, but a lot of writers seize the opportunity to use more flamboyant names like Phillius McFlinn – because why not? 292 more words



  • How is the woman feeling? How do you know?
  • Why is she feeling this way?
  • What is her job?
  • Does she enjoy her job?
  • Why do people go to work?
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How Many Steven Universe Characters Do You Remember? http://ift.tt/1qPjmca


Hayden And Lucian

I want to have a short aside to talk about these two because in Silently Screaming this is, by far, the most important character relationship and it has been since Hayden’s creation. 476 more words


The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest

My exams have just finished, and what better way to celebrate than doing a book review? (Don’t answer that question). I realise I haven’t done a book review in bloody  921 more words


#LifeBooksWriting Blog Challenge: How I Create Characters

This week’s blog challenge is called character inspiration. Sophia Valentine of Lifestyle and Literature created this challenge (see graphic for topics and dates if you have a blog and would like to participate. 953 more words