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POC and LGBT Representation in My Books

My goal as an author is to create meaningful and quality pieces of literature that can provide good representation and a safe place for POC and LGBT peoples. 359 more words

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Halloween makeup ideas for a spooky night!

Ghosts and goblins spooks galore, scary witches at your door. Jack-0-lanterns shining bright wishing you a haunting night!

Hello my pretties! 

It’s that time of year again and one of the most exciting part of Halloween is dressing up for ¬†costume parties and events. 145 more words

Summer or Winter? (Giveaway Alert!)

My husband and I have a battle going on over who has control of the thermostat. Add to this the fact that my body has its own heat-vs-cold war going on, and you’ll understand why I alternate between my electric heating pad and sticking my head in the freezer. 977 more words

Writer's Life

When Side Characters Become Interesting

A little more than a year ago, I was hard at work on a novella about a main character from my in-the-process-of-editing book trilogy. This main character made new ‘friends’ (if that’s what you call cellmates in prison) who were required to help push the plot along. 569 more words

Writing Tips


  • What is happening in this picture? Describe it to someone who can’t see it.
  • What is the boy doing? Why?
  • What is he imagining? Why is he imagining this while he’s in the bathroom?
  • 73 more words

Prompt: Generalizations

The prompt this week was on stereotypes and sweeping generalizations. The comment “all red heads have fiery personalities” labels all red heads, but when applied to the individual may not be true. 497 more words


Trick Or Treat

Knock knock who’s there generic picture title