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Demon of Quickness

Ripaa, the Quick © 2015

Ripaa, is a demon that possesses the ability to invade your mind through dreams. He initiates his victims with an overwhelming psychosis, drawing them to him through a dream-like sleep state. 128 more words


Revisiting Voice

This is one of the most beautiful photos I have ever found of the Clarence River and Susan Island near Grafton. It draws me back to the places of my childhood. 550 more words


So sweet, with a mean streak

I call them “writing concepts,” even though they’re derived, existent, and applicable off of paper — I just call them that because I’m burning to apply them to my writing.   526 more words


My Characters Have Too Many Names!

(the struggle is real)

I’m currently working on a military sci-fi novel (and I do mean a ‘novel’, not a ‘story’ – I’ve planned this all out with a colour-coded, chronological spreadsheet and everything), which draws a lot of inspiration from the Mass Effect and Battlestar Galactica universes; namely that everyone has surprisingly light bespoke power-armour, and everyone has a callsign, a sort of military nickname that is a constant identifier when things like rank are suspect to change. 361 more words


Things I Suck At, Volume II: Character Physical Descriptions

On more than a few occasions, my critique partners have told me they struggle to visualize my characters. Reviewing my work, it’s not hard to see why. 749 more words

Writing A Novel

Liebster Award Tag

I love that name.  I have no idea what it means, but the German-ness of it is just so fun.

Anyway, I considered myself tagged by my dear friend Tracey.  1,384 more words

Character Interview: Mary Walker

Welcome back for our Character Interview series.  Today, Marcia has returned with Mary from her book Perfect Match.  Mary, by any chance do you have a different name or a nickname you prefer? 739 more words