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What makes a character memorable?

If you have ever written fiction, or simply wanted to write fiction, you’ve come up against one of the most important questions in writing; how do you make memorable characters? 502 more words


Alex Bailey

Alias: Alex (real name)

Friends: Connor Bailey (twin brother), Jack, goldilocks, mother goose, fairy godmother (grandma), queen red riding hood, rook (ex-boyfriend), Arthur (boyfriend?), etc. 59 more words


Two Worlds - Chapter 47

Benjamin Gold

Location: London, Earth, United Commonwealth of Colonies

Ben’s long, powerful legs allowed him to pass the other soldiers and civilians scattered around the floor in conversation or reading the latest memos on their PADs with little effort. 2,806 more words


Character 1 - Sabin Baska

I’ve decided to do dailies again. My minimum goal is a month but I will be happy if I make it beyond that. My longest daily spree was three months two years ago. 144 more words


WT&TT: Five Things People Said That Changed My Writing

To be clear, the “my” in the title is not me, but the original author of the post I’m sharing.


  1. Mind the spine…
  2. 26 more words