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Interviews From The Writers' Desk: Lady Geneva (A Dream Not Imagined Blog Tour)

Whew, that title! Today I’m participating in the blog tour for A Dream Not Imagined by Shantelle Marie Hannu. I had the pleasure of interviewing the stepmother in this Cinderella retelling. 945 more words


Fictional Friends

Book Characters Who Are Actually My BFFs and Just Don’t Know It
by Meg Donohue

Since I enjoy reading a wide range of fiction, my bookshelves overflow with the stories of all sorts of characters. 440 more words

Chicklit Authors

Book of the Month May 2015 (Wrap-up)

Hey guys,

so this is (as you can probably tell by the title…) the wrap-up of the Book of the Month of May, which is basically where we tell you our opinions about the book. 288 more words


Elephants Galore (2015)

Elephants have always interested us. Perhaps it is their size, or just their looks in general.

Long trunks and wagging tails in a body that weighs tons. 321 more words



A togas worth of ornate drapery in her hair, soft tawny curves lit gold in wandering feline shapes- where pearly cloud-light met in painted fingers the stony curve of one cheek. 55 more words


The Weekend Ahead

As I am about to start my weekend officially , I have been looking at what is on the plan for this weekend.

+ Yuki has graciously finished my crafting turn-ins for LTR. 629 more words


Be afraid, be very afraid.

Woke this morning at 4.00, when I didn’t have to… :-(  though my son needs picking up at 4.30 tomorrow morning. After I couldn’t get back sleep, my mind started work on my novel. 290 more words