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Ancient Anime: Nekomimi

In order to understand well anime, we have to ask ourselves when and where anime actually started. 206 more words


Image - Part one

Her favourite mask is a bat made of sequins but she wears make-up too. She says she’s sad and she wants to die so they call her fake and she says she’s happy so they call her smug. 329 more words


Graveyard District (11) Walkthrough: Downtown Loretta Brown

Hey there Clammers!

It has been a while since we have seen a New District in our games, but TinyCo did not disappoint with this one. 207 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

Is Trailer Peeta the REAL Peeta?

One subject that’s been debated in the fandom since the theatrical trailer release has been… Peeta. Because we will always want to talk about Peeta, and analyze every last detail about this character. 509 more words


Tess's Tale by Donna Joy Usher

I read this book as part of a pre-release reading group I signed up for. I was surprised I made the cut, usually I do not get to my emails for days. 131 more words


Shooting Blanks

Before taking Dora for a walk this morning, I decided to combine this everyday task with another that I have been lax with lately, daily devotions. 351 more words


Challenge: Royal Court Book Tag

I wholeheartedly accept this challenge from Gwen at Apprentice, Never Master, as I said I would do when she first told me about it. I’ve decided that this must exclude picture books and any media besides books—because it is a book tag. 1,947 more words