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Can a writer learn about life from their characters?

Sometimes the movies and books that we appreciate the most stick out in our minds because of the lessons that we learn from them. Probably the most obvious example comes from Winston Groom in the character of Forrest Gump. 472 more words


Guest Post: 'Character agency: grab your readers, don't let go' by Sofie Bird

Welcome and thanks to our second guest poster of the month, the fabulous speculative fiction writer Sofie Bird. I got to know Sofie via Twitter, and knew right away that she is one of my people. 1,598 more words

Writing Advice

Being a Better Writer: Starting Romance

As you might have noticed if you’re one of those who waits on the morning of, today’s post is a little late. My apologies. I wasn’t quite as quick to arise this morning because I was catching up on sleep. 2,430 more words

Being A Better Writer

Write with emotion

Silk’s Post #133 — It has been an emotional year, and not half over yet.

The world has had its punishing cataclysms, some delivered by nature, others by the hand of man. 1,382 more words



Draft Character Under Development

Rangers a part of a body of armed guards who patrol the wild regions of the worlds. They are experts at tracking, hunting and living off of the land – the often make it their life’s quest to eradicate one type of creature. 169 more words


Compassionate Father

Hi everyone! Happy Father’s day! I’m so thankful to be here today and to share this morning with you all. If you are a father, would you mind raising your hand, if you are able? 1,451 more words


Creating Characters

We’ve all been there. You have this great idea for a novel, but, for some reason or another, you’re struggling with the characters. If you’re a beginning novelist then perhaps your first question is “how do I create a compelling character?” Or perhaps you’re just having some minor problems with consistency in your characters or characters’ motives.  1,097 more words