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It's Been A While

It seems like it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything new up on the blog.  Oh, wait, that’s because it has been.

I’ve been juggling a lot of things in real life and in-game, so here’s a little bit of an update on the small army of characters that occupy my digital distractions from everyday existence. 1,255 more words


Skip's Quips: Giving 'The Big Chill' a Cool Reception

I must’ve been the last person standing who hadn’t seen The Big Chill yet when I tuned in to the movie for the first time a couple of days ago. 167 more words


The Writing Life- People Watching

What are characters? Your cast, your actors, the most important parts of your story? Well, yes, that’s all very true. But there’s a more basic answer than that. 523 more words

The Writing Life

Quest for Stuff Quick Walkthroughs: Fine Arts District

Hello there Clammers!

The Blimp is FINALLY ready to travel!  With the introduction of the Blimp District, The Fine Arts District, TinyCo has finally unlocked the keys to the blimp and time travel is upon us!   1,122 more words

Tips And Tricks

District 11: What can you make Olivia do?

Sorry guys, I am forgetful and completely forgot that I hadn’t already done this post. *Slaps self on hand*

Anyway, self reprimanding aside, here is the task list for Olivia.



What had passed as ten long years for the King and his family had passed quickly for Daniel, a young traveler. He was tall standing an impressive six feet two inches with a shaggy blond mop of hair that fell around his pale ice blue eyes in a light mess. 3,412 more words


Character: Harper Cole

Harper made her first appearance in Pwned as one of the last people to see murder victim Declan Brown, and she was a good friend to Lexy in… 59 more words