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Seiah, about their friends
This is the place where I found my family

A table for five, with Sam at the head
Ready to adventure in a world of mysteries… 384 more words



Sam, about those who see them poorly
When people say that I’m not serious
That I don’t ever think before I act
I want to tell them, show them what they miss… 117 more words


It's a long way to the top if you want to write a novel

After two years of writing, drafting and re-drafting, I sent my ‘university’ novel to a commissioning editor for feedback. The highlight of her response? Being told my manuscript has ‘great promise’ and is written in a style reminiscent of one of my favourite writers, John le CarrĂ©. 122 more words


Prompt 60-Selfish

In what way are you selfish?

Youko was good for Mika. Yuri could tell that the moment her sister returned home from her first mission in the Makai. 904 more words


Power of Love

You think you know where I’m going with this one, right? Something poetic about the power of romantic love. While that is important, I’m going to be talking about non romantic love – instead of the I’ve found my soulmate, it’s about the power of caring. 221 more words

The Art of Being Liked: A Character Poem

Well, I felt like it had been a while since I’d written a poem. And I was also working out the backstory to my character from… 533 more words

Serial Stories


Cassie, about her mind
A thing I hate about my mind
Is its ability to remember throwaway comments
Words said in a moment
Meant to be gone in the next… 184 more words