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Drawful the Awful Part XX: Breakfast of Champions

Drawful the Awful is the ongoing series/novel in progress following the pursuits of the dragon, Drawful, who is awful at being a dragon, and his “kidnapee” the Princess Brooke. 818 more words

Novel Writing

Tuesday's Top 5: Characters I'd Like To Be Able To Call If I Needed Help

You know how in Superman people call out for help and he hears them and then just zips to their side, particularly if they happen to be Lois Lane? 586 more words

It all started with a man and a mouse

How can you talk about a company without talking about how it all started.

As many as you know, Disney started with a man named Walter Disney and his brother as he came out to Los Angeles to began Walt’s dream of creating movies. 384 more words


Writing Prompt Exercise 8

She had followed the woman for days and at last her patience was paying off.

This woman seemed to sneak off the same route every single day, it was finally time to make sense of exactly what she was doing. 1,045 more words


A Story Away from Reality

When given the freedom to imagine, the most difficult choice is to bravely take that challenge of allowing the mind to experience such ideas that may be too powerful and transformative. 472 more words


Taboo Or Not To Taboo

A guest post by Jo Zebedee, author of Abendau’s Heir, Sunset Over Abendau, Abendau’s Legacy, Inish Carraig, and the brand new dark fantasy release, Waters and the Wild. 745 more words


What Really Happens When You Base A Character On Someone You Know

Many of my characters are constructed from people I knew, or know currently, in my real life (hi, Jamie!). As I’ve said before on my blog, I have a peculiar knack for reading people’s body language and energy casings, and this results in some fascinating (to me) tinkering over character formation and subsequent arc development. 1,089 more words