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More Dreamwatchers

A couple weeks ago I announced my upcoming webcomic. It’s still happening.

Today I’d like to tell you about another of the characters. Those who spend time with her call her Jazzy. 87 more words


(Written August 30, 2015)

Ah, cold summer night!
Why do you torment these tired eyes,
That have too long kept watch for you?
O pale demon of moonlight! 195 more words


Peter's Booty Haul - How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

The results from our recent poll are in and if I could just drag you away from your busy lives for a minute or two I’ll share them with you. 346 more words

Game Play

Lady Warden

Maira is the leader of Sharn’s anti-magic police force, the Blackened Book. When first encountered she tasks the group with investigating what she thinks may be the location of a secret creation forge deep beneath the city in the Ruins of Dorasharn.


Why Overwatch Fans Are Obsessed With 'Shipping' Its Female Characters

(Source: kotaku.com)

Since release, Overwatch has spawned reams of fan-created content, which is unusual for a game that has no single-player story mode. A sizable portion of this content centers specifically around the women characters, who are, in the fandom’s eyes, all totally dating and kissing each other. 2,011 more words


Ferguson Mobile All-Stars

Logo and flavor illustrations for our the 2nd anniversary of Ferguson Mobile. Customers have been shopping with us successfully on their mobile devices for two years, so we decided to celebrate a little. 73 more words