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10 Controversial Cases Of Vigilantism

Some of the most popular characters in fiction are individuals who take the law into their own hands. When the legal system isn’t working, it’s easy to identify with a heroic vigilante who decides to fight crime on their own and seek justice on those who have done wrong. 118 more words

On Getting Married, Thomas Aquinas, and the Fine Art of Procrastination

So, a friend of mine gave me a free copy of the game Europa Universalis. It came out of nowhere, he literally just messaged me on facebook to ask if I wanted a copy. 961 more words


grey whisper 

there’s a whisper to my presence that makes the old ladies smile and they look up at me from time to time to tell me a quick line about the benefits of turnips, or the gardenias growing in the back, or maybe, Old Hickory, a charming bookie who likes to watch fireflies dance to the sound of his sister’s guitar. 8 more words

Part 3

So, I posted part two of my detective story. It’s not really meant to be a series. Really just something quick to write with a couple of characters that I like. 949 more words

Out of the Darkness: Chapter 16 Discussion

Heading into this chapter, there is a whole world to explore for Nameless.  I knew there were some major holes in his education outside of the obvious.   1,222 more words


Made of Stronger Stuff

Characters require more than empathy to be compelling. They must exhibit potential to grow beyond themselves and seize a story for themselves. Quirks and oddities may help them stand out from the crowd at first but by the end those are flat qualities, easily swept away by the story’s currents. 182 more words

Creative Writing

Cain Aeron

“ This madness, this obsession – it gnaws me, craves me, and I desire it.”

Without a doubt, Cain is the most dangerous person within the Hunters.  43 more words