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Matrons at Play

I’ve been going through old photographs searching for a particular one, but soon found myself on a bird walk down memory lane.  Due to the haphazard condition of my photo storage, I came across this photo that at first glance I thought I had no connection to.  458 more words


Goodbye for now --- but WAIT, WAIT, not yet!

Well, here’s a perfect ending to a perfect (in its own way) experience here on WordPress.com.

In my haste, I posted my blog’s farewell a bit prematurely last night, trying to meet my self-imposed deadline. 110 more words


Book Review: Broken

I like stories that take you on an emotional roller coaster ride while you’re reading through them. However, I do not like tales of suicide or self-mutilation, and so when I was asked for a review of this book, I almost declined before I even started. 626 more words


Firefighter Event Week 2 LIVE!

Hey there Pyromaniacs!

Week 2 and the Final Week of the Firefighters Event is now live in our silly lil games. So what did it bring? 328 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

The Problems With Computer Generated Images

While the credits rolled up the screen and the epic music roared in our ears, we shuffled out of the theatre. Rotten tomatoes, my favourite movie review site had given the sci/fi a solid 75% which was actually pretty good, hence our presence in the crowd. 461 more words


Character Building - The Tier Method

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Greetings, Movie Buffs!

So one thing has finally happened for me: A few months back, I sent out a small mass email to a few contacts to get feedback on a project I’m working on. 1,143 more words


Decisions, decisions…

Today it finally hit me. It happened just like that – out of nowhere – on my way to work, while I was on the 453 and the birds were singing their morning spring songs outside when… 585 more words

Book One