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Development: Quirks

Every character needs them. You can’t have stereotypical, cookie-cutter characters, like the ones you see in so many movies.  I know, what sells, sells. Hollywood won’t change what works. 182 more words

Are we there yet?

  • Where are they going?
  • What’s inside all of the suitcases?
  • What do you notice about each of the family members?
  • Who do you think is asking, ‘Are we there yet?’?
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How well do you know your character's pain? by Bren Kyveli

A few months ago I wrote a short story about a gangster who was beaten and left for dead and forced to walk back into the city to exact his revenge. 408 more words


The Importance of Questioning

by Riah

I recently discovered that my main character—my first official main character, who grew from a role play, was a Mary Sue.

This is an issue. 937 more words

On Writing

Q is for Quiet & Quest

is for QUIET and QUEST.  QUIETLY she crept down the worn path strewn with the remnants of her past.  A doll in a wrinkled gray coated blue and pink dress stared up at her.   226 more words



If you haven’t noticed, this story is being told by an unreliable narrator. But then again, what does that even mean? If I’m the sole source, the primary source, then isn’t my interpretation the truth? 142 more words


Voice of The Other

As a writer, I explore the human condition and human behavior. People fascinate me. As I create a character, I ask myself a lot of questions — in fact, I have a list of questions that I go through several times until I feel in my bones that I’ve gotten a character right.  773 more words