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Marvel - Dr Faustus


Dr. Johann Fennhoff was a brilliant psychiatrist and manipulator from Vienna, Austria. He used his skill of psychological manipulation to force his enemies into positions in which the would kill themselves. 68 more words


You Must be Tropin'

This is all about tropes in books! The bad, the horrible, the overused.

Disclaimer: All of these are not absolute to their categories. Just like anything else, you can have a “bad trope” as long as it’s done in a creative way. 1,153 more words

Writing Tips

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby Review

Okay, let me just start off with saying if you have not read this book before, please run out to wherever books are and read this one as fast as you can. 671 more words


The Widow of the Willows

Over the course of my research I learned about many different people — so many that not all of them could be included in the final book. 115 more words

What Shapes Them?


Nope, not talking about physical attributes (tall, petite, rail thin, built like an ox) today, but rather what shapes a person. Or, more specifically, fictional characters. 904 more words


Luke Skywalker - INFP

Luke Skywalker is one of Star Wars’ most important and beloved characters. So it’s no wonder that fans are heavily invested in seeing him portrayed in a way that rings true for his personality. 2,498 more words

Star Wars

Things I Wish I Had Known, Part II: The Embarrassing Stuff

In my previous post, I covered a lot of topics that I considered to be “things I wish I had known” when I started playing DDO… even with a lot of pen and paper background.  1,691 more words