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POV Preference: I or He?

Do you prefer reading in third person or first person?

Why? And for what genre?


Plot points: can you brainstorm?

Today, I finished 28 plot points for my new novel. One, hopefully, for each chapter. I don’t always write that many, but I didn’t want the novel to have “soft” spots, so I wanted to see where the twists fell and how the tension built. 292 more words


Tales of the Firewing: The Build Up of Antera (Journalister)

If you are interested, there are a few stories that I have been working on and building up to that I have posted on Journalister. When you post your works on Journalister, each entry is protected from being copied, and thus stolen, by any other user on visitor on the site. 71 more words



The stories that I got hold of and wrote down are not happy with me. They have been grumbling for quite a while, but I didn’t understand what they wanted. 131 more words


3 Reasons Writers Should Watch Television.

I’ve read advice in the past that writers should either cut down on watching television or don’t watch television at all. In order to get more writing done, we need to prioritise and make the most of our time. 558 more words

Debbie Johansson

A Fabulous Dilemma

When I wrote my first book, I got within inches of the finish line and quit. I couldn’t be bothered with the edit, most likely because I believed this was a pointless hobby and no one would ever read it. 508 more words


A - Z April Challenge - It's A Theme!

I can blame my post of yesterday (Perverts and Weirdos) for helping me decide on a theme for A-Z April 2015. When I signed up I went with the “Adult Content” classification just in case. 153 more words

Isabella's Random Life