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Professor Severus Snape and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

**Serious spoiler alerts for both Harry Potter and Hamlet in this post!  Do NOT read this post if you may ever, possibly, in the most remote future, even consider reading… 2,123 more words

Authors I Love


It feels like these 36 days have flown by so fast …

To sum up – for the last 10 days, I decided to take a more personal approach than I did with the first 26. 182 more words


Ronan and Kavinsky (The Dream Thieves) Chapter 12

Let’s just get straight into it. It’s quite a bit.

“By the way, Joseph Kavinsky isn’t someone I want you being around,” Declan added. “Don’t snort.

789 more words

Who is who? By Hadya

Who is who?

Who are you in the Scottish play and why?

Which character acts like you or  looks like you if possible?

Where are you ,are you at the banquet or somewhere else? 41 more words

Severed Lands: The Road to Paradise feature art

Here is the feature art for the game my friends are working on. It might be used as the game’s icon for startup.

ESRB did not actually rate this game. 38 more words


Who do you want to die if you made the story up? By Hadya

Who would you want to die and why ? Who should die and why?

Who is fit to be a king more than Duncan?

Comment down below to answer.

Hats to Disappear With

  • What is the title referring to?
  • Why is the man putting the hat on the troll?
  • Where did the hat come from? What does it do?
  • 28 more words