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Annie's song - Anuritha kha Illicg

Annie’s skin crawled with the stares of the morning commuters. The sole shocking abberant among the massed perfection of evolution’s prime product. Ever since Annie’s body had failed to take on the accepted adult form, horror, scorn and disgust had dogged… 443 more words

Alien Characters

Lil Girl's House

This is still in progress and needs a bit more color, but I couldn’t wait to share it.
Originally, it was intended to be the house for the monster book, but I decided it is far more fitting as Lil Girl’s house because it is so whimsical. 17 more words


Dream a Little Dream

A funny thing happened on the way to my next novel.

It took me three years to write my first book.  I self-published it before it was ready, and had to spend the next several months playing a game of Learn-As-You-Go as I scrambled to fix all of my mistakes.  759 more words


Monsters! { from an old sketchbook :) }

 ink brush pen on charcoal paper.  Just flippin through some old sketchbooks for inspiration and found these little guys! :)


A Tale of Editing and Insanity

Day 1: I have killed off a character. Well, not killed so much as erased all traces of his existence. Sorry, Quade. You didn’t fit into the story like I originally thought you would. 1,202 more words


Where Vows are Laid to Rest: Character Sketch.

‘Where Vows are Laid to Rest': Character profile for the story lead. Until I can pay an artist to draw my characters, or until I can draw them on my own, I’ll be using faceclaims. 137 more words


Books for the Sick Bed

I am not a happy person right now. I can’t even remember to feed the cat, let alone plot my upcoming story. And when I am trying to sleep, the story I need to leave alone for now keeps popping into my brain. 645 more words

Experiences Of A Late Blooming Writer