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Bone Study

            I chose to use the scull and the spine as part of my bone study. I chose a position that was dramatic and menacing, in a way, to add to the idea that this skeleton is occupied by an evil spirit. 88 more words

Non-Time Based

Self Portrait

           I used this photo for my self portrait because it shows how I have learned to become more comfortable with who I am. I used value to give my self portrait texture, contrast and shape without having to use various lines. 46 more words

Non-Time Based

Charcoal Girl

I’ve written a novel about a girl who loves charcoal and I feel better now that I have tried it.


Rainy Day Thoughts...

It’s a cool cloudy day here on the Gulf Coast and I have a small break in the work. I have naturally used my time wisely and drawn a sketch of Khal Drogo. 228 more words


Blackhead Removing Strips

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but when it is late at night and I can’t sleep I search YouTube for different videos. 716 more words

Being Girlie

Part 2, project 2, exercise 3: Still life with natural objects (step 3: sketching of objects)

2 May 2016. With my newly discovered skill of keeping a sketchbook diary properly, I embarked on the next step of this exercise, making sketches of the objects to get acquainted with their properties and having a look at negative space created by placing them. 334 more words