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Summer 2016 ~ Part 1


Although it is only July, this summer has been filled with many projects and new pieces. Here are some of the many I have made so far this summer. 102 more words


Laki-My sweet little sister. Actually Lakshmi, but Laki is how we fondly call her. I love all her childhood pics. But this one is an all time favorite. 23 more words

Charcoal 'n' Graphite

My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings sketch.

Hey, I’m still here.

Or, my words are still coming here.

I’m actually in North Carolina.
So that’s that.

I’m leaving now.

The Loomis method

This week I got introduced to the masterful books of  Andrew Loomis. One in particular caught my attention: Drawing The Head And Hands. New York: Viking Press… 53 more words


Charcoal Still Life

This is an invented still life in charcoal and chalk. It is a happy outcome of a play session in which I basically start with a shape in mind, in shadow and light, and drew away. 278 more words