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Teacup 5 - Charcoal

Not a great medium for this subject — maybe if I were doing a whole thing and wanted some hazy look, but I’m not happy with this. 107 more words


Fly Away

Sometime I feel extremely inspired to paint, at other times, however, I don’t. I painted this after around a month a of suffering through an artist’s block. 146 more words


Current Skin Care Routine

Since my last skin care routine post I have changed the products that I have been using and started to see a really good change in my skin. 248 more words

Experimenting with features

I have started by sketching facial features quickly, then producing more detailed sketches to follow.

This is to help me progress into my full portraits where they will be completed. 33 more words

#37. 23 February 2017. Still fresh.

This is a roll of wallpaper taped to the wall, and drawn very large with a fat piece of charcoal. The hues are oil pastel. I grabbed the first interesting shape I saw, a discarded plastic sandwich casing and held it awkwardly in my left hand to draw. 31 more words

Still Life


My hand felt like what this drawing looks like after I finished it.

In this piece I wanted to focus on realism. The image was black and white already so it made it easier to understand the grades of shading needed. 58 more words