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Coffee time

It’s official  – this has been the darkest May on record. The least sun for this much May ever recorded.To think I was reading the weather news to escape the Election news…..A little more coffee seems in order. 72 more words

Vincent Van Gogh

Patient Trust

Above all, trust in the slow work of God.
We are quite naturally impatient in everything
to reach the end without delay.
We would like to skip the intermediate stages. 163 more words


"How many attempts, now happy, now unhappy!... He who has not felt the difficulties of his art... "

“How many attempts, now happy, now unhappy!… He who has not felt the difficulties of his art does nothing that counts.”

— Jean Siméon Chardin, French, painter


Chardin Research

Chardin 1699-1779 French Still Life Artist.

My first impressions of this painting is that the ratio of objects are set out very well. For example a tall object sets your eyes to it. 407 more words

Still Life Paintings

Still life refers to the representation of objects, natural or manmade, through the medium of art. Still life can be a celebration of the objects depicted or even the short lifespan of these objects. 340 more words

Artist Research

Two Books, a Movie, and your WOD Walk Into a Bar

Here’s a movie for you: Bone Tomahawk.  People are dismissively calling this a “Horror Western.”  It is a Western and it is Horror, but it has zero in common with something like the abysmal… 417 more words

Martial Arts

More Spiritual Evolution

Your Spiritual Evolution Starts Now” is one my more popular posts and also one of my personal favorites because, in one little 300-word essay, I express the seed of an incredible idea — a Unified Evolutionary Theory that encompasses both scientific and spiritual evolution. 586 more words

Martial Arts