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greatness in the making

Today in class, we dedicated our time to making our video. We checked out a tripod and reserved the study room and got down to business. 101 more words


Do You Have Artists' Block?

Then this sight probably looks familiar to you. But don’t worry. Once the Artists’ Blockā„¢ comes out for your mobile device, you’ll kiss those ultramarine blues goodbye. 23 more words


Combined Blog

This blog post consists of a couple weeks worth of hard work and sweat…


Actually this won’t be to long.. 169 more words


In that I realize I am apparently Oblivious to Everything

I have just realized that my posts have been posting to the site under my name, and not to Charettes Loves Pizza. That is why you all will see like three posts from me at once. 53 more words



So today we were extremely productive in class. We checked in in the morning, drew up a storyboard with 14 panels plus sub-panels, created a vector file of dimensions, bought masonite, cut masonite, filmed and edited three scenes, appreciated some doughnuts, and are currently sitting at a table in the Thinkbox with our file in the queue and our boards ready to go. 37 more words


I'm too tired for this

So an update on where we currently stand: we got quite a bit of work done this week with individual assignments we created, including developing the pieces and structure of our scale model and an outline of the script. 48 more words


It's Real

We’ve got the essential oils, we’ve got the script, we’ve got the prototype for the bottles. We’re rolling in it. This is going to be a great project that everyone can actually try out for themselves. 49 more words