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Anyone familiar with the original PnP will know how difficult it is to roll an 18.

.               % chance
score          on 3d6… 410 more words

Baldur's Gate

Non-Random Chargen

Optional system for creating a character without any of that icky randomness:


ST 8, DX 8, IN 8 plus 8 points to divide between them… 414 more words


Cthulhu: Starting Characters

A little idea I had about how new groups of investigators could be given an initial connection to the mythos and/or each other is to give them all a one point experience of the Mythos that left them with unsettling dreams. 942 more words


Fantasy Races

To choose to be a member of a specific nonhuman race, you have to meet the minimum attribute requirements, and not exceed the maximums; points over the maximums can be redistributed to other stats, including to stats that otherwise wouldn’t meet the minimum requirements. 574 more words