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Acquiring Skills

Roll 2 times the first term of enlistment, then once per term afterward, on whichever tables you are eligible for.  Get an extra roll upon being Commissioned, and another upon each promotion.   623 more words



Like Traveller, you attempt to join a service (or get drafted if you fail), see if you survive, get commissioned or promoted, gain skills and training, and then optionally reenlist.   432 more words


A Return

Well I am sorry I left things hanging, website where sometimes people read stuff. I was really getting into Sker, and then I had a shattering revelation. 460 more words


Netflow - top talkers

I got a request from a friend to describe the Netflow top talkers feature.
Netflow is a Cisco proprietary protocol that is used to see which… 644 more words


Unique Things, Icons, and Awesome Characters

Well, those neighborhood boys that I ran through a quick tutorial with are all gung-ho ready to play 13th Age! They’ve started reading the rules, and I was amazed when they came back with really good One Unique Things (“Uniques” for short), Icon Relationships, and Backgrounds. 980 more words

Let's Hear It For Random Chargen

Just about to start a new M&M 3E campaign (woo! Green Ronin!) but had no ideas at all what to play. Thinking I’d probably get something that wouldn’t inspire me much, being way too general or not my style, I was trepidatious and skeptical when I took my d20 and rolled on the excellent random chargen that comes with the GM’s kit. 699 more words

Game Theory