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Anyone familiar with the original PnP will know how difficult it is to roll an 18.

.               % chance
score          on 3d6… 410 more words

Baldur's Gate

Non-Random Chargen

Optional system for creating a character without any of that icky randomness:


ST 8, DX 8, IN 8 plus 8 points to divide between them… 414 more words


Cthulhu: Starting Characters

A little idea I had about how new groups of investigators could be given an initial connection to the mythos and/or each other is to give them all a one point experience of the Mythos that left them with unsettling dreams. 942 more words


Fantasy Races

To choose to be a member of a specific nonhuman race, you have to meet the minimum attribute requirements, and not exceed the maximums; points over the maximums can be redistributed to other stats, including to stats that otherwise wouldn’t meet the minimum requirements. 574 more words



Aging is rough in fantasy/medieval times. When you hit age 30, and every decade thereafter, you have to roll for each of ST, DX, and EN, vs. 70 more words


Optional Character Details

Figure out as many or as few of these as you choose.

  • Age Roll 1d4 and add 12 for your starting age
  • Siblings Roll 2d6. The higher die is your total siblings, the lower die is your surviving siblings.
  • 545 more words

Mustering Out


One roll per term of service, plus one roll for every two in rank (so rank 1-2 one extra roll, 3 or 4 two extra rolls, etc.) 327 more words