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Find Your charger- Passion

Beep..beep..Low battery. Please charge your battery else you will lose your work- This is the message we get from our mobile. In Life too, frequently we get the same message  from our body, mind and soul. 317 more words

Cute Babies

Battling my Nemesis - The Alternator

This evening has seen the latest episode in the soap opera that is my serial ownership of cars. I’m not complaining about this car in particular, but generally my cars are great until they suddenly develop a fault that’s expensive or going to seriously increase the running costs and I have to find a new one. 238 more words

Andrew Clayton

Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2015

Sitting down to a lovely table enhances the enjoyment of a meal with friends, and I do enjoy making a table pretty.  The challenge is to make it different each year, using the same elements.  452 more words


Andromeda Power - ORCA Inceptive EV Rescue Charger

Say goodbye to “range anxiety” with Andromeda Power’s ORCA Inceptive EV Rescue Fast Charger.It provides 20 miles range (5 kWh) in as little as 9 minutes. 16 more words


Use for half used batteries

If you’re like me,and you use a vibrator, you change the battery or batteries when the va va voom has gone from them.  The temptation of the power of a new one leads to the discarding of batteries half finished.   231 more words