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Power Hogs

If your phone is getting older, iPhone or Androids, you are probably concerned about the battery power that you currently have. Have you noticed that it now takes you longer every day to get charged up? 236 more words

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Opinion: Should Apple improve iPhone battery life, or just battery cases?

As this photo of the original Mophie Juice Pack and Tylt’s Energi for iPhone 6 shows, iPhone battery cases haven’t changed much over the years. They’ve existed for almost as long as iPhones, and remained ubiquitous due to Apple’s continued focus on thinness over longevity. 1,183 more words

IOS Devices

SNES Controller Modified to be Completely Wireless

was looking for a way to wirelessly control his Fire TV unit. He could have just went with one of many possible consumer products, but he decided to take it a step further. 191 more words

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Snow White

By Gimper Vogel

My two small dogs yank on their leashes as we walk down the street, side stepping bystanders and other dogs. Even though it is winter there is not a splash of white anywhere. 218 more words

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Battery Health Survey

Another independent self reporting study is available about the battery life of the Model S.  This new data again shows that the Model S batteries are holding up well.  268 more words

Model S

How Do I charge this electric car?

So I learned the hard way, even when people say “there’s free charging” Its not as easy as it sounds, not that its not free, but you again gotta plan. 154 more words

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