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The biggest problem with electric vehicles - Charging

As I’m planning my electric motorcycle build, I of course have to plan for charging too. I decided to go with a 2.5kW onboard charger… 913 more words

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Bullshit PSA: Sony ripping off its customers again...

So they weren’t content with simply charging for us. Nor were they content with promising free games only to get rid of them after your PS+ subscription ends with the hopes that their customers will never find out (which isn’t hard to do considering the gullibility of the masses these days) and now they’ve decided that because PS+ has become so popular (due to the fact that people actually paid for that crap) they have decided to increase the price tag. 704 more words


Samsung Galaxy Note7 Wireless Charging Battery Cover

Manufacturer: Samsung

Size: 3,100 mAh

Colors: Black

MSRP: $89.99

The Good: Great design, no cables, light weight, looks sleek

The Bad: No fast charging which is a really deal breaker, smaller battery than the Note7, barely charges your phone 50%, only useful in emergency situations… 296 more words

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Lithium-Ion Battery Info

Hey guys, I just want to share additional information regarding our Lithium-Ion battery. Hopefully you will read the post thoroughly so doubts will be debunked. This post is really worth it and you will learn many things :)

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Sony is charging $25 for a feature on the PlayStation 4 controller that should already be included

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Sony recently announced a new product that you can plug into a USB port on your computer that will let you use your PlayStation 4 controller when you’re playing games on your PC. 245 more words


Cleansing and Charging//


It’s always a good idea to cleanse an object before using it. Especially crystals, objects you intend to charm, etc. I would also advise cleansing frequently used objects such as cell phones, crystals, and charms. 239 more words

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