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For this article, my standard photo sharing uses on this website DO NOT APPLY.  These photos are under copyright by Tesla Owner and cannot be used elsewhere.  2,765 more words

Model S

Magic Gadget — Floating Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank

Not only a Bluetooth speaker, but also a power bank for smartphones.  Floating sound box, also can be fixed on the wall.  Magic gadget.  What do you think? 141 more words


GMYLE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Patch Module

The GMYLE Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Patch Module for iPhone is an add on that allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone and give you the capabilities of a Qi enabled phone. 202 more words


Energica Ego numbers and records: our Swiss dealer made 3142 km at the Wave Trophy!

Energica Ego took part of the Wave Trophy 2015 with our Official Swiss Dealer, Extablish AG (by Adrian Von Bueren)!!!!

The Wave Trophy is the largest international event dedicated to electric vehicles, a real tour that runs from Plauen (Germany) to Switzerland, through Berlin and Bern. 57 more words

Energica Ego

Charging your phone could soon be a thing of the past

NEW YORK — Imagine never again having that frantic feeling that your smartphone battery is about to die.

Amazingly, charging your phone may soon be a thing of the past: Technology companies are developing a way for your gadgets to power up while they’re sitting in your pocket. 669 more words


On 23 June 2025, what I want is

for either the device or device charger to allow me to specify specific battery percentages at which charging starts and stops.