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Aliens Did It!

A wonderful, perceptive piece on the disturbing origins of the “Ancient Aliens” phenomenon.

By K.E. Roberts The idea that alien astronauts visited the Earth at some point in primitive human history, endowing us with imagination and ingenuity—and possibly our genetic code—has become the cult religion of a hyper-materialistic Western world that consecrates nothing beyond its own egomaniacal gadgetry…

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Metal Undercover - Chariots of The Gods - Ages Unsung

The songs are tight and well-written, the production clean and crisp, and the melodic rhythms and leads soar at exactly the right place in the mix…The music in fun and engaging and the playing feels vibrant and alive. 6 more words

Chariots Of The Gods

CSOTD 12/5/16: The Christmas star as a UFO?

Today, Chris deBurgh is best known for his 1987 hit song “The Lady in Red.” But years before that, he put a unique spin on the events that occurred in Bethlehem two millennia ago. 394 more words

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