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New ideas from #charitymeetup

Who inspires you?

What new skill would you like to learn?

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

What legacy do you want people to remember about you? 522 more words


The Street Stops Here

There are times when you realize how much some people sacrifice to help others. If you want a little inspiration, or you love basketball, then find… 205 more words

Everyday Life


We have been investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We have been testing the effect by jogging, jumping, star jumping and skipping on the spot. 9 more words

Wombridge Primary School

Pulse rates

To get ready for the sponsored skipping next week we have been investigating the effect of exercise on our bodies.

Here we are trying to find our pulse to test our resting pulse rate.

Wombridge Primary School

Bring on the turtles! What does it take to be a Charity of the Year

There was a plethora of Charity of the Year (COTY) announcement throughout January as companies shared details of their new long term employee fundraising partners. 430 more words


One of the wonderful things about the Muscle Mechanics family is that we have always stood up when one of our own has needed our support, we are in that place now. 80 more words

Personal Trainers

Prepare to bite your nails off!

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Eye of Fear: An Anthology

Stories by Best-Selling and Award-Winning Authors: Lauren Algeo, Marisa Oldham, Angie Martin, Sloane Kady, Gledé Browne Kabongo, Shay Lynam, Heather Osborne, Sandy Richards, and Jalpa Williby. 63 more words