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Meet-up on June 8th

Ladies, we will meet-up on 6/8, fronm 1-3 @ Panera.

Saturday, June 9th is World Wide “Knit in Public Day” – for those interested, join us from 11:30 – 1, in the cafe of the White Plains Library.

Meet-up on Friday, June 1st

Ladies, we will meet-up on Friday, 6/1 from 1-3 p.m @ Panera.

Meet-up on May 4th

Ladies, we will meet-up on Friday, May 4th from 1-3 pm. @ Panera.

Piece by piece

I can’t say enough how nice it is to have a dedicated sewing room with everything set up all the time — I can walk in and piece a few units at odd moments during the day, and it really adds up! 228 more words


Chunky Crochet Critter Interlude

I’ve got plans for more basket experiments, but I had a bunch of unfinished crochet critters that needed my attention, so I took a few days to complete them. 403 more words