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The Big Issue's Big Noise Festival

We’ve been busy with some work for The Big Issue‘s The Big Noise Festival which we can’t wait to share. As well as cutting a promo for the festival we visited the headquarters of London-based charity to interview CEO Stephen Robertson on the festival as well as interviewing one of the vendors working hard on the street. 71 more words


Why fundraisers should employ alternative marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd

At the end of this month I am running Berlin Marathon to raise money for charity (Whizz-Kidz).

I’d like to say I’m doing this for completely altruistic reasons, but I’ll be honest: I’m not. 925 more words

Social Media

Pencil Top Flowers the perfect pre-spring promotional gift

Turn a pot of pens on a desk into a decorative vase of flowers – well not quite, but a decorative promotional vase of flowers which are also pens! 92 more words

All about venues

The Nonprofiteer was talking to a friend who had just scored an amazing venue for the fundraiser of which she is chair: a church close to all forms of public transportation and parking, with a youth group willing and able to provide valet and food service and an adult auxiliary willing to take responsibility for the building so her agency doesn’t have to pay for a security guard.  212 more words


The disappearance of yet another painless way to give

One painful side-effect of a shrinking consumer economy is a reduction in the money remitted to charity through buy-this-and-we’ll-donate-that schemes.  If people stop buying jewelry, that will inevitably include the diamond-crusted pink ribbon pin (proceeds to breast cancer research).  181 more words