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Fast Guy Problems: Chasing Champions 2015 at the Fueled by Fine Wine Half

I have to be honest here, one of the biggest things that keeps me running is the feeling of going fast. Not just all out sprinting, but hitting that sweet spot where all of the bodies systems are in sync to get in a mode that I call ‘cruising’, the actual pace dependent upon the distance. 544 more words

Half Marathon

Kicking it up a notch.

Today, I decided to run a slightly longer route than the 6.5 km I had run on previous days. I figured it would be two or three extra km, but if my running watch is to be believed, I ran 11.6 km in 54 minutes today. 81 more words

I'm In...now what?

8.01 in 93 min – total = 115.48

Moving past the 100-mile mark is an accomplishment even if it took me into March to do it. 485 more words

Running: an update.

So, since opening the running season last Wednesday, I’ve been running three more times and ran about 6.5 km in about 30 minutes each time. I forgot to stretch properly after the first few times, so my legs were aching with lactate before the weekend, but I feel pretty great after last night’s run. 72 more words

Running season opened!

The streets are finally dry and the weather outside is gorgeous, so I went out and ran 5 km. Still a long way to a half marathon, but hey, I have 7 months :-) 6 more words

Run for charity

The white cane has proved a useful tool to millions of blind or visually impaired individual. By using the white cane, the blind/visually impaired would know the situation around him/her, whether he/she is in the usual place or in a new place. 110 more words

#Fab30 Colour Run!

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if I could steal a couple of minutes to talk about a good cause…

As you’ll know from a previous blog post of mine, I support a charity called Once Upon A Smile. 430 more words