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3 Charity Shop Finds!

My good friend and blogging buddy Hayley (Mermaidmoonchild) always looks amazing and every time I ask her where she got her clothes from shes says charity shops! 337 more words

The Dreaded Jeans Talk & Easy Alterations

I recently had an extremely insightful hilarious conversation with my grandparents about the whole ‘you bought those jeans with holes in’ or ‘you’ve been ripped off, half your jeans are missing’. 366 more words


2018 is a mixed bag sew far.

2018 has gotten off to a pretty rocky start in some ways.

The leak in the bathroom has been temporarily repaired but the floorboards under the shower are ruined and the whole thing will need to come out and be replaced. 168 more words


Embroidered Book Cover: Emma

All four ingredients for this redo came from the same charity shop just after Christmas

The book, the fabric scrap and the threads were 25p each, so a total of £1… 63 more words


Half Price Sale

Happy New Year.

The St Finnbarr’s Charity Shop is holding a Half Price Sale until 19th of January.

Doors open at 10am Monday January 8th – all are welcome.


Toward a more thorough understanding of The Headless Plastic Pig

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. 19 more words

Scottish thrift at its best

Just spotted this afternoon.


Who asks for a discount in a CHARITY shop?

(I’m assuming the sign is not referring to some good-hearted haggling which is probably fair game for special, unique, or ambitiously priced rarities… 65 more words