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Charity : Poetry

Charity is the donation

by the poor

to get dream fulfill

for the luxury of rich 


© Jesi 2015


“Learn how to do good”

When you are with someone, you have to see a soul: a soul who has to be helped, who has to be understood, with whom you have to live in harmony, and who has to be saved. 165 more words

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Lake Washington Ship Canal/H.M.Chittenden-Gardener

Date Added: 07/30/2015 Location: Seattle, WA Description:


Volunteers are needed summer, spring and fall 2015

Volunteer will assist the garden staff, under the direction of the horticulturist, with spring and fall clean up of botanical garden. 32 more words

Lorne Coyle

Perry Lake-Visitor Center Volunteers

Date Added: 07/30/2015 Location: Perry, KS Description:

Visitor Center Volunteers:

Perry Lake is seeking volunteers to help with staffing the visitor center in the summer months (flexible on arrival and departure). 60 more words

Lorne Coyle

Lower Granite Lock & Dam-Park Host Swallow Park

Date Added: 07/30/2015 Location: Pomeroy, WA Description:

Park Host at Swallows Park:

Dates: August 2015 through October 2015, the exact dates are negotiable

Duties – There are two primary parts/duties for this position during the Summer season. 57 more words

Lorne Coyle

Clinton Lake Project Office-Campground Maintenance

Date Added: 07/30/2015 Location: Lawrence, KS Description:

Campground Maintenance:

Volunteer will perform various light duty maintenance work to include: painting, staining; light carpentry work (repair/replace rotted or damaged boards on privies, shelters, picnic tables, etc.); replace screens in park restrooms and shower facilities; pruning, weeding flowerbeds, planting and watering trees/shrubs; etc. 21 more words

Lorne Coyle

Burnsville Lake - Bulltown Campground Host

Date Added: 07/30/2015 Location: Burnsville, WV Description:

Bulltown Campground – Campground Host:

Greet visitors and answer questions about NRRS and other programs. Ensure campground entrance gate opens in the morning and is secure at night. 68 more words

Lorne Coyle