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Summer Style

I think we can all relate to a time when we have left our house looking amazing, outfit and accessories on point. Then there’s that awkward moment, someone else had the same idea as you, whether it’s one of your friends or just some random girl walking down the street. 133 more words


Sport In Action Urban Trail Race 10k Review (Wednesday 20th May 2015)

The Urban Trail Race 10k was yet again another evening race but luckily this one was a little closer to home…2 miles to be exact. 1,082 more words


What's the point of it all?

I don’t believe in a god or in a strict notion of reincarnation (whereby my soul is reborn intact in another form). If pressed I would have to say that I believe the molecules and atoms that we are composed of return to the earth and are recycled into life in another form whether that is plant or animal life. 1,498 more words


INTERVIEW: Jos Franciscus from Cord Perth

Jos Franciscus and I set this interview up over email. That’s not unusual for me – it’s how I set up most of my interviews – and I suspect, after hearing about her busy week of media meetings and interviews, it was pretty standard for Jos, too. 1,082 more words


A Beggarly Monologue

I have traveled to quite a few places over the years and in all my travels, I have met a wide variety of people. But very few of them have had any impact on my life and amongst those select few are the beggars who haunt the railway stations and bus stations. 608 more words

Short Stories

Christmas Boxes For Rats

Christmas Boxes For Rats!

Today we will be bring you ideas on what you could include in a both to give to Rat rescue centres, or centres that also have rats for re-homing… 222 more words

Animal Rescue

This boy gets it!

First of all, way to go mom-to-this-little-boy!  Good job.

Second, this boy gets it.  He understands something it takes others a lifetime to comprehend – if they even get it at all.  18 more words

So Cool!