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#1230 - Long Weekend Story


As I said before, last weekend was another long weekend here in the Netherlands. But unlike the previous weekends where the weather was nice enough to go outside, the following photo pretty much sums up how it was last weekend: 831 more words


TAR 5 episode 7 ranking

Leg seven

Previously on TAR: Bowling Moms caught up to the other teams and regained their money. When they arrived Mirna fought with Colin & Christie over a cab. 6,259 more words

TAR 5 episode 4 ranking

Leg four

What most people do when I post a link to my blog.

Previously on TAR: Alliances are broken.
MIRNA: They’re buying tickets for you. 4,725 more words

TAR 5 episode 3 ranking

Third leg

Previously on TAR: Ten teams left Uruguay. Mirna tango’d. Mirna nearly missed the boat. Alison and Donny turned on each other. Jim & Marsha felt set up by the Bowling Moms. 3,942 more words

All about 'The Amazing Race': Part 2

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so I’m going to write about some of my favorite TAR teams now. And I promise the next post will not be Survivor or TAR related. 631 more words

The Amazing Race