The Art of Reinvention: Paul Thomas Anderson & His Influences - SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER!

Truffaut, hot off THE 400 BLOWS, his masterpiece of adolescent dread, completely changes directions with SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER, a film influenced by Hollywood gangster movies that trades in claustrophobic framing for black-and-white Cinemascope grandeur and invention on a small scale. 152 more words

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Brigitte Bardot and Charles Aznavour

24 Femmes Per Second: nouveaux postes de belles femmes chaque semaine; weekly posts of beautiful women; posti settimanali di belle donne; wöchentliche Beiträge der schönen Frauen; vecko inlägg av vackra kvinnor.


Mourir d'aimer - Review

Name: Mourir d’aimer (To Die of Love)

Release Year: 1971

Language: French

Director: Andre Cayatte

Running Time: 1 h 47

Rating: PG

Genre: Drama

Plot Summary: … 1,139 more words

Movie Reviews

Shoot the Piano Player (1960)

Directed By – François Truffaut

Screenplay By – François Truffaut & Marcel Moussy

Cinematography By – Raoul Coutard

Starring Charles Aznavour & Marie Dubois

92 min. 39 more words


Le grand Charles Aznavour est de retour au Palais des Sports, après 4 ans d’absence !

Le Best Western Parc des Expositions  vous souhaite un excellent Lundi ! Le grand Charles Aznavour est de retour après 4 ans d’absence ! Réservez vite votre séjour et du 15 au 27 septembre 2015 participez à une des 6 représentations exceptionnelles qu’il donnera en France, au Palais des Sports, le Dôme du spectacle à Paris ! 57 more words

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25th wedding anniversary tribute to my trishy

Earlier this year my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. This video is a tribute to her and our great love.  The song is “She” by Charles Aznavour. 117 more words