Double Feature: Chef & The Hundred-Foot Journey

As a spouse of food blogger wife who is dreaming to have her own bakery, i recently had to watch food channels and cooking shows. Eventualy i became familiar to cook and different cuisines. 446 more words


Star Wars


Tensions between France and the United States are running at an all time high after President Obama sent John Kerry and James Taylor to smooth over diplomatic relations last week. 511 more words

İki film birden: Chef ve The Hundred-Foot Journey

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Yemek blogu işleten ve hayallerinde gelecekte pastane sahibi olmak yatan bir eşe sahip olmam vasıtasıyla yemek kültürü ve aşçılık ile ilgili kanallar ve programlar izlemeye alıştım. 525 more words


100% successful comedy shows can get standing ovations but then fail as blogs

I thought I was onto a winner for today’s blog. Seeing a show AND comedy news from Germany.

It was not to be.

I once heard French singer-songwriter… 586 more words


Yesterday When I Was Young

My fascination with the relatively unfashionable Charles Aznavour continues. Not forgetting Dusty Springfield, who took a swing at this in the late 60’s. Having sung it in a rather laid back way, I realised that it needed a much more emotional approach. 25 more words

Martin Colyer

Candy (1968)

Candy is a naive, doe-eyed school girl with long blond hair and a luscious, tempting body who fell from the sky….

… and that’s all you need to know before going on to watch in bewildered amusement – and amazement – as Candy embarks on a journey of discovery, meets strange people, is unwittingly(?) seduced into sexy encounters by cunning men who manipulate her using all kinds of tricks; to which Candy succumbs because she is a nice girl and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. 523 more words

Film & TV

Sunday Sleep In ~ "La Boheme" ~ Javier Elorrieta Quintet.

Madrid, Spain born film director & composer Javier Elorrieta stepped out of cinema and slipped into his other passion, singing. Hooking up with four jazz musicians they all put out a great rendition of the 1965 French Classic, La Boheme. 84 more words