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30th March 1840. The Poverty Line.

Laissez-faire had become a discredited notion particularly after writers such as Samuel Smiles’ Thrift (1875): ‘When typhus or cholera breaks out, they tell us nobody is to blame…nobody adulterates our food …nobody makes poachers, thieves and drunkards…it is embedded in two words laissez-faire’. 444 more words


Harkive: 'The Loafer. What Shall We Do with Him'

This month we continue our series of examples of Margaret Harkness’s periodical publications during her active engagement with socialist politics in Britain in the late 1880s and early 1890s. 1,386 more words


Artist Research: Ewan Eason

Whilst looking at art online, I have come across an artist of interest to me. Ewan Eason, who studied at Bath Spa University. His series of works, ‘Mappa Mundi’ (meaning Chart of the World in Latin) is an interesting idea, in which Eason has removed writing from maps to leave only the shapes of the streets, etc, thus making it into an abstract image. 156 more words


Gobbets of the Week #32

It is now a month since The Boss of Bethnal Green was published, and for the first time there seems some space to reflect. The weeks have flown by. 396 more words


A Victorian Walk Around the Corbett Estate

A month or two ago it was noted in another post on Running Past, that there had ‘probably never been a single sale of land around Hither Green and Lee that has been more significant than the sale of North Park Farm by the Earl of St Germans in 1895 as it allowed for the development of was initially known as the St Germans estate, now generally known as the Corbett estate.’ This post picks up the story a few years after the sale after development was well under way, but far from being completed. 1,168 more words

Lewisham History

…100 Years since Charles Booth - Video of installation

I thought I would make a small iPhone video of the installation at Oxford House for my archive and to show those who can’t make it to Bethnal Green. 39 more words

…100 Years since Charles Booth Opening and Photofusion Salon 16

The opening for the Social Change in Tower Hamlets…100 Years since Charles Booth  went very well. I was very pleased with how the final installation looked. 173 more words