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8th January 1914. Slums.

Today saw the death in 1914 of Richard A Cross who was twice Tory Home Secretary between 1874-80 and 1885-1886, and particularly noted as the instigator of the Artisans Dwellings Improvement Act 1875, which had allowed clearance of slum areas. 548 more words


Victorian London Walks

The Jack the Ripper Walk is London’s most well known walking tour, but there are lots of other Victorian history walks one can do. Here are 5 of them: 696 more words

Servicing super-diversity

This is my latest COMPAS blog post. You can read the original here. The photos are by me.

In the 1890s, philanthropist Charles Booth… 1,164 more words


Field Lane and larceny, then and now

Field lane was once a narrow alley that led to Saffron Hill (once fields and gardens belonging to Ely Place and filled with actual saffron), and formed part of a tangle of the narrow lanes and courts that contained some of London’s most desperate poverty. 816 more words


Searching for underlying structures and social patterns

The first guideline, for creating the sociological imagination.

Ken Plummer defines social structures as “patterns of predictable human actions which cluster around key problems in living”. 237 more words

Society And Politics

New Whitechapel Without Jack the Ripper Walk

There’s so much more to Whitechapel & Spitalfields than a Victorian maniac’s reign of terror. And many of our Jack the Ripper walks clients comment on how interesting they found all the social history surrounding the murders. 141 more words

Poor being forced out of Hoxton and Shoreditch, says Charles Booth in his new study of the area

At the beginning of the twentieth century the burgeoning furniture industry, which was long established in Hoxton and Shoreditch, led to the clearance of several residential areas, for the construction of several warehouses. 144 more words