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Why Study Circles Work

Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali uses 3 principles for remembering important information: Imagination, Association and Communication

During the week Prof Timothy Skinner of CDU’s School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences was in Melbourne and met with Tansel Ali the four times Australian Memory Champion. 249 more words

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5 Top tips to remember names and faces

Did you know Cognitive Psychologists have discovered that face recognition occurs in a specific part of the human brain but in order to remember a person’s name we need to link the face to the name and then retrieve the names from our memory, which is a much harder task. 474 more words

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Chunking to improve memory

Chunking is a technique that helps you remember more things. We know that most people can remember 7 bits of information with reasonable accuracy but when we use chunking we can remember many more chunks of information. 498 more words

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The neuroscience behind memory

Let me introduce you to Prof Frank Longo, a Neurologist who lectures and researches at Stanford University. If you are seriously interested in how memory works and how we know, then this lecture will give you the best introduction to the science of memory from a world expert. 161 more words

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