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Quote of the Day #7

Miei cari,

la frase del giorno – era un po’ che non ne mettevo – è del celebre biologo Charles Darwin  (quello de “L’origine delle specie” per intenderci) e l’ho scelta perché è breve ma incisiva. 78 more words


Darwin Day 2016 in Brescia

In occasione delle iniziative che ogni anno vengono organizzate a livello mondiale per ricordare la data di nascita di Charles Darwin (Darwin Day, 12 febbraio 1809), il Centro Filippo Buonarroti, assieme al Comune di Brescia, al Gruppo di studio Galileo 2020 e a Proteo Lombardia, organizza sul tema una serata col Prof. 82 more words


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Evolution in 60 Posts - Part 17 - Alfred Wallace - Co-founder of Evolution

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While Darwin huddled up in his study, gently coddling his theory of evolution for twenty years, another young man, Alfred Russel Wallace, was traipsing through the sweating South American and Asian countryside collecting biological samples and thinking thoughts very similar to Darwin. 1,091 more words


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“Quick sketch of Charles Darwin”


“1:50 am

I still cant sleep. Ive become sleep deprived from stress about sleeping tossing and turning in bed about all the tasks i want to accomplish, the light motivators for my day or the things i cant stand about myself in the dark. 361 more words

When I look back upon my childish years

George John Romanes died young, he was only forty-six when he died in Oxford, having been born in Ontario in 1848; he was an extraordinary man, a friend of Darwin, and actually invented the term neo-Darwinism,  he spoke German and Italian fluently, and was a published scientific writer. 141 more words


Christ's College Cambridge

Religion in Family History

While in Cambridge earlier this month I visited several colleges at Cambridge University.

I previously wrote about A Visit to Pembroke College… 460 more words