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The weight of paper

Note: I’m taking a few days off, so I’ll be republishing some of my favorite pieces from earlier in this blog’s run. This post originally appeared, in a slightly different form, on December 12, 2015. 1,183 more words


Nineteenth Century History: 1860-1870 {Charles Darwin and other Scientists of his Time}

The nineteenth century was a fascinating time for scientific theory and new discoveries, from Russian, Dmitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, (which arranged all the known elements according to their atomic weight), to Louis Pasteur’s discovery that microscopic organisms caused disease, exciting progress was being made in all areas of science.   384 more words


Does this universe suggest a God?

In this essay I will attempting to concentrate on the argument from design and whether or not the existence of regularity and order in this world (Universe) provide compelling evidence for the existence of God. 2,821 more words



Answer only the question posed,
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The first answer will undoubtedly… 144 more words


The work of the private shy: What evolutionary sense could it possibly make for humans to be bashful?

Charles Darwin was confounded by an “odd state of mind” that he recognized in himself and many others.


Why did it exist? He could work out how lust, greed, love, etc. 1,526 more words


Favourite Quotes from Charles Darwin's "The Descent of Man" (1871)

“It is impossible not to regret bitterly, but whether wisely is another question, the rate at which man tends to increase, for this leads in barbarous tribes to infanticide and many other evils, and in civilised nations to abject poverty, celibacy, and to the late marriages of the prudent” 303 more words

Human Evolution

London, England: Memorials, Sightseeing and the Scenic Route

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London, England


Prior to our trip back to London, we stopped by the Natural History Museum. I must say, this is my favorite museum out of this entire experience! 303 more words