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Planets Dressed as Girls, Running Home

As practical, contemporary Americans, we have gotten used to science in our lives, with all its quite remarkable ambitions. Just think about it. Everywhere in the media, we have men and women attempting to predict the future climate of the whole planet. 4,259 more words

Reading Poems And Books Of Poetry

Help needed: Darwin on confirmation bias

Apparently, Charles Darwin said that when he heard something that did not fit his theory, he wrote it down, otherwise he tended to forget it. 118 more words


Evolution: Always Learning And Never Able To Arrive At The Knowledge Of The Truth

The theory of evolution has consumed our culture because people do not want to acknowledge God.

A world where there is nobody to answer to suits the individualist, self absorbed pursuits of the West and it is a convenient excuse that I once held dearly myself. 1,077 more words


Copyright takes the Cake

Copyright is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma to me – and yet I know I should try to understand it, because for any historian, access to sources – documents, pictures, other media generally – forms the basis of what we do. 468 more words


Pleasing the public

In the last couple of days at least two people have told me how much they have enjoyed Looking for Deathand, of course, that has given me enormous pleasure. 528 more words

C S Lewis on the Evolution Myth

I am working on a long essay, might become a Kindle book, on C S Lewis’s contribution to the creation/evolution debate. He has often been claimed by the theistic evolutionist side in the church, and there is some support for this, but with Lewis being as complicated as he was, and with the issue being firmly on the back burner during his day, its not as simple as that. 3,458 more words

C S Lewis

Charles Darwin - From an ordinary boy to scientist extraordinaire

“Charles Darwin wasn’t very smart by the ordinary standards of human acuity, yet there he is buried in Westminster Abbey“. When I heard this on a talk given by Berkshire Hathaway’s, Vice Chairman Charlie Munger at the Harvard Law School, my interest to know more about the life and works of Charles Darwin grew intensely. 958 more words