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C S Lewis-equivocal evolutionist or closet creationist-part 4. The Pilgrim's Regress

Conversion-The Pilgrim’s Regress

I will now pass over his childhood, cramming for Oxford with the rationalist tutor William Kirkpatrick, his experience in the trenches of WW1, early years at Oxford and his conversion, to the first book Lewis wrote after his return to faith, … 3,792 more words

C S Lewis

Evolution Debunked Part 2: The Fossil Record

In the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin wrote:

“Geological research, though it has added numerous species to existing and extinct genera, and has made the intervals between some few groups less wide than they otherwise would have been, yet has done scarcely anything in breaking down the distinction between species, by connecting them together by numerous, fine, intermediate varieties; and this not having been effected, is probably the gravest and most obvious of all the many objections which may be urged against my views.”

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Remarks on the evolution of species: gradual or sudden?

This is not a raging debate. If it were, we would have heard about it, and that’s definitely not the case. But it was raging 150 years ago, when was published for the first time Darwin’s book… 1,459 more words

Burgess Shale

Our Revolution Against Evolution

One can make different interpretations of the Darwinian theory of evolution, and several of these interpretations continue to preoccupy and divide even the specialists in present evolutionary debates. 1,984 more words


You Can Bust Crime With Darwin And Dickens If You Pre-Order 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate'

Video games holding cool, fan-favorite characters back as pre-order bonuses is not a new phenomenon, but the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is taking a unique, appropriately historical approach to pre-order exclusive characters. 186 more words


"Darwin's Shocking, and Revealing, Subtitle" Unfortunately, prophetic

Wednesday is for Thinking

The pictures of Margaret Sanger look so innocent. It is hard to imagine what evil lurked behind her eyes and in the recesses of her psyche. 494 more words

Wednesday Is For Prayer

Neanderthal’s and Social Darwinism: Perverting Science?

1, July 28, 2011

Among the ongoing battles in anthropology and paleontology since the mid-Nineteenth Century to now, is the distinction between the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon Man. 1,120 more words