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ON THIS DAY: November 24, 2017

November 24th is

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Horse Welfare Day *

National Sardines Day

Eat a Sandwich Day *

Native American Heritage Day * 1,117 more words


November 24, 1859: Insulting Monkeys

Charles Darwin was not expecting a seismic event when on November 24, 1859, he introduced a little volume with the catchy title On the Origin of Species. 322 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Have Birds evolved from Dinosaurs in the Holy Bible?

In one research finding:

The theory of evolution states that all living creatures arose from a single cell by natural processes over eons of time, and God had nothing to do with this process. 1,848 more words


machine learning methods are useful for ABC [or my first PCI Evol Biol!]

While I am still working on setting a PCI Comput Stats, having secure sponsorship of some societies (ASA, KSS, RSS, SFdS, and hopefully ISBA), my coauthors Jean-Michel Marin and Louis Raynal submitted… 60 more words


Traditional Lifestyles in The Arctic At Risk From Climate Change

With a melting Arctic, traditional lifestyles of indigenous population in the region are at risk of suffering, or completely disappearing. While yet home to millions of people, the Arctic region is one of the most scarcely populated places upon Earth. 323 more words

Change Leadership

“I have steadily endeavoured to keep my mind free so to give up any hypothesis, however much beloved (and I cannot resist forming one on every subject), as soon as facts are shown to be opposed to it.

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