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With the increasing use of such communications technologies as smartphones and the internet, people are increasingly communicating by shortening phrases into acronyms. This can be either due to the fact that text messages have finite lengths and that Tweets must be no more than 140 characters, or just people wanting to do more in less time. 370 more words

The Origin of Speeches

A filmmaker donated a big box of DVDs to the Art College so I took a few home. One was CREATION, directed by Jon Amiel, produced by Jeremy Thomas, telling the story of Charles Darwin’s struggle to write his magnum opus in the face of his deeply religious wife’s opposition, and while reeling from the death of his eldest child. 491 more words


Biology & Philosophy: How Our Culture Shapes Our Knowledge

Science differs from arts and literature, in that the knowledge gathered would exist whether humans studied it or not.  Paintings, music, and novels require artists.  DNA replication, the succession of ecosystem, and the evolution of a species are automatic processes, more than capable of carrying on without human interference.  1,269 more words

Arts And Humanities

Setting me up

Mark Knopfler wrote Setting me up, drawling in a high pitched accent.

I had written half a post for today’s blog, but it didn’t feel right. 752 more words

Evolution, Darwin, Wallace and Patrick Matthew

This video says about itself:

Forsdyke Evolution Academy 01-14 Patrick Matthew

12 October 2011

The second of a series of 12 videos on natural selection from a historical perspective.

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Old insects

Natural history museums often have large collections of dead animals. These animals are called specimens and are very important for a lot of different scientific work. 244 more words

Sasha's Travels

Meet Jeremy England -- 'The Next Charles Darwin'

OZY: On a sunny afternoon, at a bustling cafe less than a mile from Stanford University’s Palo Alto campus and more than 5,000 miles from his home, an assistant professor from MIT is telling me about science. 116 more words