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You've Come a Long Way, Daddy: A Personal Evolution Story

When I say Personal Evolution Story, I mean that literally: this story has to do with me and my dad, and with evolution–as in, Darwin’s Theory Of. 784 more words

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Here is a little history lesson on evolution.

Evolution is was first explored by by a man named Charles Darwin.

He traveled the world and in the Galapagos Islands he observed that species  were similar but also distinctly different from one another. 568 more words


Week 3

Over the weekend, we were assigned to read Chapter 19, Descent with Modification, and complete a worksheet of questions on different philosophers, terms and concepts. The chapter pretty much expanded on a lot of concepts we had previously covered in class, like homozygous dominant and heterozygous, things like that, but also went much further into depth and talked a lot more on natural selection and how populations evolve, not just individuals. 225 more words


Thomas Henry Huxley

The publication of the Darwin and Wallace papers in 1858, and still more that of the ‘Origin’ in 1859, had the effect upon them of the flash of light, which to a man who has lost himself in a dark night, suddenly reveals a road which, whether it takes him straight home or not, certainly goes his way.

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Thomas Henry Huxley

Language Could Be Humankind’s Most Impressive Technological Invention

Humans have speculated about the emergence of language and linguistic diversity since Antiquity. Perhaps the earliest reference to this question is in the book of Genesis in the Judeo-Christian Bible. 1,101 more words


Remembering: Charles Valentine Riley

Charles Valentine Riley (1843-1895)

September 18 is the birthdate of British-American    entomologist     Charles Valentine Riley. Riley pioneered the scientific study of insect pests and their impact on agriculture.   1,038 more words