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Conserving Darwin’s Fossils| Digital Collections Programme

Comparing the surviving fossil mammal specimens collected by Charles Darwin during the Voyage of the Beagle with original drawings and casts of the specimens from 1837-1840, it is clear that some have sustained significant damage in the 185 years since they were collected. 648 more words

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Sex and Sexual Selection

Why bother with sex?

What’s the point of gamete production, fusion and gametes and recombination of homologous chromosomes when we could pass on our genome directly to the next generation in an asexual manner?

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'Where Australia Collides with Asia' - Bill Dalton's Book Review

This ambitious, sweeping history surveys both the cataclysmic shifts of continents and also the lives of some of the world’s greatest scientist-explorers. The story, as told in the book’s Prologue, begins as the Australian land mass breaks away from Antarctica 50 million years ago – a gigantic raft of flora and fauna from Gondwanaland adrift on a slow-motion journey north towards the equator. 829 more words

Ranking the Horrible Histories Songs: Part Four, 20-11

We’ve made it to the top twenty! And I fear this is where it starts to get controversial, because I’m pretty certain you’re not all going to agree with my rankings. 939 more words

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Olivia’s Night at the Museum

The Natural History Museum gets about 5000 visitors every year. The beautiful minerals, the terrifying T-Rex, the magnificent mammals, the child-friendly interactive learning bring in visitors of all backgrounds from around the world. 2,820 more words

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Small Is Beautiful—Or At Least, Weird

… among small groups there will be greater variation …
—Howard Wainer and Harris Zwerling.
The central concept of allopatric speciation is that new species can arise only when a small local population becomes isolated at the margin of the geographic range of its parent species. 2,248 more words
Michael Berubé

The Distraction Drug

My parents limited my media diet as a child. I was allowed one hour of PBS on weekdays, an hour of cartoons on the weekends, and Disney VHS tapes on occasion. 954 more words