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Alfred R. Wallace and the importance of networking

Alfred Russel Wallace, despite being unknown to most, was the one to first come up with the theory of natural selection. Wallace didn’t have an easy start, with poverty forcing him to leave school at age 13. 406 more words

Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, Part 1 of 2

An archipelago located 600 miles off South America’s coast, the Galapagos Islands are a cluster of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Due to their remoteness, the islands have been difficult to access for hundreds of years, rendering the life that does exist to be unique, like nowhere else in the world. 608 more words



Humans did not evolve from chimps, gorillas, or orangutans. However, according to Darwinian evolution, humans are related to modern apes in that we shared a common ancestor. 1,292 more words

Biblical Inerrancy

Our Confident New President

Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.   —  Charles Darwin From his book: “The Descent of Man 28 more words

Little Turtle is pretty much ready to leave the hot, humid greenhouse, but The Girl is too entranced by these enormous staghorn ferns!


The Girl cannot resist a greenhouse, even when the temperatures outside are already sweltering and the humidity inside becomes unbearable. This particular greenhouse was at… 7 more words


Scenes From a Regency Childhood - glimpses of a young Charles Darwin

This little boy is Charles Darwin, aged 7, painted in 1816. It is difficult sometimes to remember that great men and women, whose images we are so used to seeing when they are in their prime, actually had a childhood! 266 more words