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Game of Phones

Opposable thumbs. A human adaptation that differentiates us from most of the animal kingdom. I think I saw Darwin’s grandson Googling images of turtles from the Galapagos Islands. 410 more words


Readings on Evolution

“Evolution is a light illuminating all facts, a curve that all lines must follow.”  Teilhard de Chardin

“What is evolution if not creative adaptation and the progression of our own souls?” 1,396 more words


Especially for Families-Evolution


Conscious Parenting: The True Evolution Of Human Consciousness Happens At Home


While most scientists and most Unitarian Universalists today accept the story of evolution as an answer to today’s Big Question, they also recognize that creation myths were a wonderful way for ancient peoples to answer their own big questions and explain the world. 1,688 more words


Visit with an icon of biology

At the Natural History Museum in London yesterday, renewing acquaintance with the father of evolutionary biology Charles Darwin. 28 more words

Ken Livingstone, Socialism and Hitler

The highly intelligent, determined socialist revolutionary Ken Livingstone is in the news again for comment he made about Hitler and the Jews, basically ‘….Hitler was a zionist in favour of Jews going to their own homeland until he went mad and killed 6 million of them.’ 316 more words

The Enchanted Islands

Anyone who travels to the Galapagos Islands will quickly understand why they are nicknamed “The Enchanted Islands.” On land and below the water, thousands of unique species gather to share these islands. 354 more words

Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

Readers reading #5

The Poor Poet (1839) – By Carl Spitzweg (1808 –1885). Neue Pinakothek (New Pinakothek), Munich, Germany.

For some context – the following were published in 1839: 61 more words

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