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Dr Finlay’s Walking Stick: Fin meets Charles Darwin and …. his maker

Fin’s Twenty Fourth and Final Adventure

May 24th 2017

National Walking Month

What a fascinating final day for Fin and his adventures.  He would meet with Charles Darwin who is pictured on the £10 note, he would look at all the pictures from his friends at HollyBush School and he would learn about a co-operative model of existence as opposed to a competitive one. 258 more words

Tales From The Farm

Four Human Pinnacles

I think:
the pinnacle of human wisdom was achieved by Heraclitus,
the pinnacle of human understanding by Buddha,
the pinnacle of human insight by Darwin, 65 more words

Charles Darwin

People and places

The world is indeed a beautiful place. Its mysterious dark blue oceans, Amazonian forests and structured cities and cultures, there is beauty in everything we see in the world. 692 more words


The Voyage of the Beagle: Charles Darwin's Journal of Researches

The Voyage of the Beagle: Charles Darwin’s Journal of Researches by Charles Darwin

Synopsis: Charles Darwin’s account of the momentous voyage which set in motion the current of intellectual events leading to… 321 more words


ڇا اوهان ڄاڻو ٿا ـ باھ ۽ کاڌي ٺاهڻ جي شروعات

موکي ميڊيا جي تعاون سان سائنس جي دنيا باھ ۽ کاڌي ٺاهڻ جي شروعات بابت هڪ ننڍي ويڊيو (ڇا اوهان ڄاڻو ٿا) پيش ڪئي آهي. هن ويڊيو جي اسڪرپٽ بدر ابڙو جي ڪتاب ”ماڻهو“ مان کنئي وئي آهي جنهن ۾ شروعاتي دور جي ماڻهن باھ ٻارڻ ۽ کاڌو ٺاهڻ ڪئين سکيوان جي وضاحت ڪئي وئي آهي ـ

 انهيءَ بابت وڌيڪ اوهان هن ويڊيو (باھ ۽ کاڌي ٺاهڻ جي شروعات) ڏسندا ـ

A Notable Addition to Lincoln Lore

  For a couple of years in the ‘90s I worked for a theatre at Lincoln State Park (www.indianasabelincoln.org)  in southwestern Indiana that presented an annual summer musical, … 1,171 more words

Abraham Lincoln