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Zen and The Art of Composting

I love making compost as much as I love actually putting it in my garden. Last week found me turning my bin of cooking compost. The process of putting the pitchfork in, bending my knees and swinging my torso to drop the load into a new pile reminds me of Tai Chi. 682 more words

Making Black Gold

Phillip E. Johnson: "PROCESUL LUI DARWIN"

Procesul lui Darwin

Traducere: Mihai-Silviu Chirilă

Editura Anacronic

Această investigație convingătoare și succintă taie ca o lamă prin presupozițiile neodarwiniste.

—Publishers Weekly

Phillip E. Johnson… 338 more words


A Beautiful Law of Nature

Abbott Handerson Thayer (August 12, 1849 – May 29, 1921)

“Less Thing-Like”

Abbott Thayer was a lifelong wildlife advocate whose artistic focus never strayed far from his personal fascination with the natural world. 675 more words



In Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan, there is a passage about those scientists who are associated with the big ideas. These “brand names” of science share a certain characteristic for Taleb. 236 more words

#6: 50 Shades of Darwin

Originally released 25th March 2013

Its our evolution special! Mia quizzes Rhys to see how much he knows about evolution (never a good idea) and Rhys poses to Mia a radical way of spicing up the origin of species. 10 more words


More utter bollocks about evolution and sex

You have to laugh (see Psalm 2) or else you’d cry. The latest bit of evo-prop is to do with idle speculation about how ‘evolution’ produced lesbianism. 599 more words


Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies and The Origins Debate.

Linley Sambourne’s cartoon ‘Man is but a Worm’, appearing in Punch in 1882 in depicts the evolution of man; from worm, to ape, to an archetypal top-hatted Victorian gentleman, concluding with an image that had fast become an emblem for evolutionary theory – the bearded Darwin himself. 1,484 more words