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Pink on Impeccability

A.W. Pink writes:

“The Lord Jesus Christ could not sin because He was the ‘Holy One of God.’ Before He was born into the world it was said to Mary, ‘The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also…

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Charles Hodge

Analytical Outline Geisler's Ethics, pt 1

Begins with a survey of different ethical options, briefly noting their shortcomings (Geisler 17-22).

Christian View of Ethics

  1. Based on God’s Will
  2. Is absolute
  3. Based on God’s revelation…
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Struggles of the Corinthian Christians

The Corinthians were as much exposed to temptation on this subject as the Israelites had been, and were quite as liable to fall into idolatrous practices.  182 more words

Book Of 1 Corinthians

On God's Sovereignty

The doctrine of the sovereignty of God in the choice of the objects of His mercy should produce: (1) the most profound humility in those who are called according to His purpose.  140 more words

Book Of Romans

Gospel Rejection and Blindness

“The sun does not cease to be the sun because the blind cannot see it. If any person cannot see the sun on a clear day at noon, they must be blind. 131 more words

Charles Hodge

Charlges Hodge on Infant Church Membership and Covenant Nurture (Part 2): The Duty of Ministers of the Gospel

“Does a pastor desire to render his own ministry as profitable as possible to the young people of his charge?  He cannot take a course more directly adapted to attain this object than to attend to them; to meet them frequently and in private, and as a body; to catechize them; and to render them familiar with his person, and his modes of thinking and speaking; and to imbue their minds with those elementary principles of divine knowledge which will prepare them to hear him in the pulpit with intelligence, with respect, and with profit… There can be no doubt that one great reason why so many young people receive so little profit from the regular discourses of their minister, is, that he has taken so little previous pains to gain their attention by previous instruction; to prepossess them in favor of the substance and mode of his teaching; to fill their tender, susceptible minds with those simple views of gospel truth which he carries out, and impresses in his more studied discourse from the sacred desk. 1,212 more words

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Charles Hodge on Infant Church Membership and Covenant Nurture (Part 1): Promises to Parents

“The faith of the parent touching the child’s relations to God are eminently important. It belongs to him- is only lent to us for a heavenly training. 612 more words

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