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Keller and Princeton - Another Perspective

Protoprotestant is a fellow who — I think — once commented here and had some brush with the NAPARC world. He blogs at The Pilgrim Underground and The Pilgrim Path/Proto-Protestantism. 791 more words

Because Someone Has To Provide Oversight

Charles Hodge learns spiritual affections are given by God

As a young man of 22, Charles Hodge, the great Princeton theologian, was extremely self-reflective about his spiritual affections. He intently searched his emotions and thoughts to gauge his spiritual state. 232 more words

Creosote of Calumny

Charles Hodge writes:

“The Mediator between God and man must be sinless. Under the law the victim offered on the altar must be without blemish. Christ, who was to offer Himself unto God as a sacrifice for the sins of the world, must be Himself free from sin.

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Charles Hodge

Princeton and Tim Keller in the Land of Oz

When Dorothy awoke in the Land of Oz, she experienced a world completely different from what she knew. In a similar way, if B. B. Warfield, Charles Hodge, and Gresham Machen were transported to 21st century Princeton, NJ, they wouldn’t recognize the place. 489 more words


Short pithy gems from Charles Hodge

To be in Christ–is the source of the Christian’s life.
To be like Christ–is the sum of the Christian’s excellence.
To be with Christ–is the fullness of the Christian’s joy. 116 more words

Truth And The Word Of God

Give Thanks

“Foolish talking and jesting are not the ways in which Christian cheerfulness should express itself, but rather “giving of thanks” (Eph. 5:4). Religion is the source of joy and gladness, but it’s joy is expressed in a religious way, in thanksgiving and praise.” ~ Charles Hodge…

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