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Tolerant Calvinist Characteristics (1)

As one reads further and deeper into this diverse Reformed Tradition, the more damnable wickedness is discovered. And speaking of damnable wickedness, Berkhof details certain “Historical Views respecting the Necessity of the Atonement” (p. 1,180 more words

Tolerant Calvinists

Charles Hodge on Pantheism

Relevance for today:  basically the same as Hinduism or New Age (connection to Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust).

My pagination is from the 2011 Hendrickson Reprint, vol. 196 more words


Preaching: The Great Thing To Be Done First

“All modes of preaching must be erroneous, which do not lead sinners to feel that the great thing to be done, and done first, is to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, and to turn to God through him. 62 more words

Two Theologies

This, from Charles Hodge:

“The true method in theology requires that the facts of religious experience should be accepted as facts, and when duly authenticated by Scripture, be allowed to interpret the doctrinal statements of the Word of God.

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Charles Hodge

Hodge, Systematics, and Scripture

“Theology, therefore, is the exhibition of the facts of Scripture in their proper order and relation, with the principles or general truths involved in the facts themselves, and which pervade and harmonize the whole.” 943 more words


What is Saving Faith?

In his Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge says the following about the importance of faith:

“As so much prominence is assigned to faith in the Scriptures, as all the promises of God are addressed to believers, and as all the conscious exercises of spiritual life involve the exercise of faith, without which they are impossible, the importance of this grace cannot be overestimated.” (Vol.

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The Westminster Shorter Catechism