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Charles Hodge on the Beatific Vision

While I was reading Charles Hodge on the consummation, I was struck by his succinct description of the beatific vision of believers. I think it is helpful. 344 more words

Beatific Vision


Charles Hodge:

All her triumphs over sin and error have been effected by the word of God. So long as she uses this and relies on it alone, she goes on conquering; but when any thing else, be it reason, science, tradition, or the commandments of men, is allowed to take its place or to share its office, then the church, or the Christian, is at the mercy of the adversary.

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Charles Hodge on the Perspicuity of the Scriptures

Following the Puritan William Ames’ excellent teaching concerning the doctrine of the Scriptures are some helpful words from Princeton theologian Charles Hodge that the central message of Scripture is clear and understandable (“perspicuous”)– 322 more words


The Demands of the Law are Satisfied by what Christ Has Done. The Doctrine of Justification. Part Two

 Taken and adapted from “Justification”
Written by Charles Hodge

All men are naturally under the law as in the prescribing of the terms of their acceptance with God; and further, no obedience which sinners can render is sufficient to satisfy the demands of that law. 5,540 more words

Essential Questions of the Law and its Object as it Surrounds the Doctrine of Justification. Part One

Taken from “Justification”
Written by Charles Hodge

When the mind is enlightened by Divine truth…

…and duly impressed with a sense of guilt, it cannot fail anxiously to inquire, “How can a man be just with God!” 3,693 more words

Pulp Fiction Overdose

In the movie Pulp Fiction, Bruce Wallace’s wife overdoses on cocaine, going comatose to near death before she is rushed to a drug-dealer’s house to be stabbed in the heart with a six inch syringe of adrenaline. 270 more words


Hodge's Heretical Atonement

The infecting influence of Charles Hodge (1797-1878) permeated Princeton Seminary for about 56 years. During this time “he instructed some 3,000 students” (Dr. Curt Daniel, … 1,323 more words

Charles Hodge