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Feeling very grown up....

Illustration by Charles Keeping

Illustration above by Charles Keeping

And am blogging at midnight again! How sad is that! Had a great day yesterday talking to The Textile Group At Droxford. 762 more words

Introducing the Heroic Age of Illustration

It’s commonplace to talk of illustration having a Golden Age – in Britain, it’s usually the age of Rackham and Dulac; in America, the age of Pyle and Wyeth. 325 more words

The anti-Narnia: Elidor by Alan Garner

M is for Manchester.

I avoided the books of Alan Garner as a child. A 1970s Armada Lion edition copy of Elidor sat on my shelf, always taunting me. 1,009 more words

A-Z Of Places

Review: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes ( Poem)

Title: The Highwayman (Poem)

Author: Alfred Noyes

Published: 1906 (Blackwood’s Magazine)

Star Rating: 5/5

I remember reading this fantastic poem at school, when I was about nine years old, and having to act it out for a History or English lesson, and perhaps at the time, I didn’t appreciate it’s quality and it’s pure excellence. 192 more words


Joseph's Yard: Charles Keeping...

My new job finds me in Spitalfields, an area I know pretty well from evenings and weekends spent there experiencing its undoubted charms for the last 20 years or so, but it’s interesting being able to now discover its lunchtime delights… Not the least of which are more varieties of food than you could ever imagine, a huge second hand vinyl market every third (I think) Friday and an even bigger second hand/ tat  market… Which is where for the princely sum of £1, I came across this rather marvelous little book… Written and illustrated by Charles Keeping and published in 1969, its the simple story of a boy whose back yard is barren and full of rusty old junk. 181 more words

Things I Like...

The First Gothic Novel

Jackie, as usual, drove me to and from New Milton for my trip to London to visit Norman for lunch, and Carol afterwards. I took my usual routes from Waterloo to their respective homes. 512 more words

The future is bright the future is textile art

I cannot believe I only have 12 hours left of the magic that is the knitting and stitching show.  If you see one thing you must see Renate Keeping ‘s work. 188 more words