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When RMS Titanic plunged beneath the starlit Atlantic on the early morning of April 15th, 1912, she left more than fifteen hundred souls behind her, thrashing and gasping desperately for their lives in the freezing cold water. 2,137 more words

Ocean Liners

No.51: Charles Lightoller RNR

One of the early Wreck of the Week entries looked at Charles Lightoller, a Lancashire lad who went to sea, and I’d like to revisit his story by looking at his wartime service, as we anticipate the commemoration of the First World War. 385 more words


    The roaring sound of thumping metal on the forward haul of the ship told me the anchor was released to the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. 3,535 more words

    1. My Short Stories

    Titanic 10 PM 14 April 1912

    At ten o’clock First Officer Murdoch relieves Second Officer Lightoller as the officer of the watch. Lightoller makes his after watch tour before going to his stateroom to get some much needed sleep. 488 more words


    Titanic's Top Secret

    Like how the Da Vinci Code stunned everyone, another writer is trying to surprise the world with the most popular Steam ship’s, Titanic, all-time controversy. 334 more words


    Did the Titanic Steer Into That Iceberg?

    Or is this new tidbit of information just a way to sell some novels? 389 more words


    Titanic Sunk By Steering Blunder, New Book Claims by Richard Alleyne

    Titanic Sunk By Steering Blunder, New Book Claimsby Richard AlleyneDaily Telegraph It was always thought the Titanic sank because its crew were sailing too fast and failed to see the… 231 more words