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Bouldering on the Ridiculous

A Journey into Scotland : Bibliography Part Four

Geography and Geology

Bouldering: Definition: The sport of climbing without ropes or other technical gear on boulders or relatively small rock faces. 1,632 more words

A Journey Into Scotland

Earth’s Climate Evolution – a Geological Perspective on Climate Change

A guest post from Colin Summerhayes, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge

Before we can understand how humans may be changing the climate, we need to establish a baseline. 746 more words


The Origin of ‘Deep Time’

I first came across the phrase ‘deep time’ in a pair of books I copy-edited for the Geological Society in 1998. I realised at once that… 344 more words

Empire was an idea, not a geography

The power of an idea split the USA from a culture similar to its own. and Pakistan from India. Empire was also an idea of the Enlightenment and Christendom. 1,780 more words

Indian History

The Painfully Seated Camel

Camels often sit down mighty painfully. Perhaps their joints creak. Perhaps early oiling might prevent permanently hazardous aging. Or perhaps these sentences are just simple mnemonics and we are trying to remember the names of the geological periods.  878 more words


Does science prove that the earth is very old?

Why do some people who claim to be Christians, believe the world is billions of years old?

The Geologic Column

The Geologic Column is a diagram of sedimentary rock layers with the organisms that were fossilised in them (representing the imaginary evolutionary timescale).1  The rock layers have names like the Cambrian, Silurian, Jurassic and Devonian. 469 more words


Le sfortunate vicende di Gideon Mantell, "papà" dei dinosauri

Chi più chi meno, tutti gli appassionati di paleontologia conoscono a menadito la storia geologica delle più grandi (in tutti i sensi) mascotte della loro disciplina, i dinosauri: dalle specie più celebri agli stili di vita, dai ritrovamenti più belli alle teorie sulla loro estinzione. 1,639 more words